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Finding Nemo (U) 0... (Andrew Stanton/Lee Unkrich. US. 2003) Voices of Alben Brooks. Ellen DeGeneres. Alexander Gould. Willem Dafoe. Brad Garrett. Allison Janney. 100min. Pixar‘s latest now that they are free from the umbrella of Disney is the delightful tale of a little fish and his daddy‘s attempts to find him when he gets scooped out of the water by a human. Clever. funny and better than The Little Mermaid (just). General release.

The Five Obstructions (15) 0”. (Jorgen Leth/Lars Von Trier. Denmark. 2003) 90min. Theatre documentary directed by Lars von Trier and Jorgen Leth. An investigative film joumey in which old boy documentarian. [-eth. allows Trier to set him rulebook obstructions as he tries to revisit and recreate one of his first films. The Perfect Human /I)et perfekte menneske (1967). a document on life in Denmark. A fascinating experiment in a dogme stylee. Glasgoii' Film Theatre. Glasgow.

The Flower of Evil (La Fleur du Mai) (15) (Claude Chabrol. France. 2003) Benoit Magimel. Nathalie Baye. Melanie Doutey. Suzanne Flon. 104mm. Chabrol's latest is a multi-generational rural family thriller. Pan of the French Film Festival. Glasgow Film Theatre. Glasgow; Filmhouse. Edinburgh.

French Men (Le Coeur des hommes) ( 18) (Marc Esposito. France. 2(X)3) Bernard Campan. Gerard Darmon. Jean-Pierre Darroussin. Marc Lavoine. l()7min. Four men who have been friends for 25 years suddenly face a series of life changing events one spring. Pan of the French Film Festival. Glasgow Film Theatre. Glasgow; Film/rouse. Edinburgh. The Gleaners and I (Les Glaneurs et la Glaneuse) (U) “.0 (Agnes Varda. France. 2001) 90min. Les Glarteurs is a peculiar film. ()n the one hand it‘s a jolly insight into the lives of an unknown social group in Europe. on the other it's a profoundly depressing document of a medieval method of survival that ought not to exist in 21st century Europe. The titular gleaners are those people who subsist on the leftovers of society. Varda joins her subjects on the glean around France. and paints an affectionate picture of the ingenious methods used to overcome hardship. A cheerful. often witty portrait of an unfonunately common practice. Pan of the French Film Festival. Glasgow Film Theatre. Glasgow; Filmhouse. Edinburgh. Goodbye Lenin! (15) 0”

(Wolfgang Becker. Germany. 2003) Daniel Brtihl. Katrin Sass. Maria Simon. l2lmin. Charming comedy drama which won the Blue Angel Award at Berlin. Set initially during the dissolution of GDR in 1989 when Alex's mother slips into a coma after an almost fatal heart attack. She awakes in 1990 and East Berlin has already changed considerably. Alex is determined to protect her from any kind of shock. CCA, Glasgow. The Great Dictator (PG) 00” (Charles Chaplin. US. I940) Charles Chaplin. Jack ()akie. Reginald Gardiner. Henry Daniell. Billy Gilbert. Grace Hayle.



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32 THE LIST 13—27 Nov 2003


Frances McDormand takes a toxic big chill in Laurel Canyon

Caner [)eHaven. Paulette Goddard. l25min. Wonderful cleaned-up re-issue of late Chaplin classic. Chaplin plays two roles a meek Jewish barber with amnesia and a Hitler-style mad dictator. Very funny indeed; this is birthplace of sight and sound gags that Les Dawson got away with using for years. Unusually for Chaplin this is also strangely moving and prophetic. I'ilttthouse. Edinburgh.

Holes (PG) 0... (Andrew Davis. US. 2003) Sigourney Weaver. Jon Voight. Tim Blake Nelson. Shia l.chouf. Khleo Thomas. 1 17min. A wrongfully convicted boy is sent to a desen detention camp where he digs holes and listens to spooky stories. Bizarre. episodic and oddly endearing this is one weird Disney family flick that escapes from the usual cliches of the genre. Selected release.

I, Caesar (Moi Cesar) (PG) (Richard Berry. France. 2003) Jules Sitruk. Maria de Medeiros. 95min. French urban fairytale about a young boy who sets off on an adventure across the channel. Pan of the French Film Festival. Glasgow Film Theatre. Glasgow; Filntltouse. Edinburgh. In America (12A) 000. (Jim Sheridan. lreland/L'K. 2002) Samantha Morton. Paddy Considine. Sarah Bolgcr. Emma Bolger. Djiinon Hounsou. 105mm. Reeling frotn the death of a child. man and wife Irish emigres Johnny ((‘onsidine) and Sarah (Monon) hit tnodern day Manhattan with their young feisty daughters in tow

v ' nut snow OORS7PM BAND ON STAGE 8PM


Christy and Ariel. They have just about enough money to hole up in a crumbling junkie infested block in the city's Hell's Kitchen area. A deceptively simple tale of grief. redemption. acclimatization and friendship as Johnny. a jobbing actor and taxi driver struggles to keep his brood's above the breadline. Moving drama from the director and writer of In the Name of the Father. General release.

In the Cut ( l8) .0 (Jane Campion. US. 2003) Meg Ryan. Mark Ruffalo. Kevin Bacon. 1 l8min. Frannie Avery (Ryan) becomes a witness in a murder investigation and then begins an erotic affair with detective James Malloy (Ruffalo). A young woman has been mutilated in a pattern of serial killings and Frannie may have seen her in a seedy Manhattan bar on the night she was butchered. But what Frannie saw in the bar‘s darkened cellar was the victim giving a man with a distinctive tattoo on his arm a blowjob. So. when Malloy comes calling to her apanment and she notices the same tattoo. Frannie begins to suspect the cop's the killer. Pretentious. cringy erotic thriller adapted from Suzanne Moore‘s trashy novel and dressed up as an. Selected release.

IntersteIIa 5555 (PG) .0

(Kazuhisa Takenouchi. Japan. 2003) 68min. Animation Battle of the Planets homage seems to be the way to go for Daft Punk since their sales staned dipping. This hour and a bit promo seems to hit all the wrong buttons but you have to admire them for trying to traverse the boundaries of self promotion. See review page 25. Cameo. Edinburgh.

Intolerable Cruelty ( 12A) 000 (Joel/Ethan Coen. US. 2003) George Clooney. Catherine Zeta Jones. Billy Bob Thomton. 99min. The Coens' latest is a return to the screwball comedies of yesteryear. With this cast it's going to be a success but this is their weakest film to date. It's your typical lawyer meets goldigger romantic comedy. A lot of fun. but closer in studied. slightly cheerless spirit to Hut/sucker Proxy than anything they have done in the last few years. General release. The Italian Job ( IZA) G.” (F Gary Gray. US. 2003) Mark Wahlberg. Charlize Theron. Edward Nonon. I 10min. Wisely. the producers of this remake have junked almost everything but the heist theme. a couple of character names and the Minis. Theron plays one of these gorgeous safecrackers who only exist in films. and Wahlberg‘s scowl is used to good effect. for once. ()nly Norton. twirling his Dick

Dastardly moustache without an ounce of credibility. comes out as anything other than a winner in the last set of wacky races round the streets. drains and skies of LA.

t But the cars remain the stars in this Mini

adventure. ()deon Wester Hailes. Edinburgh.


It's Easier for a Camel . . . (II Est

Plus Facile pour une Chameau...)

(l8) (Valeria Bruni Tedeschi. France. 2003)

Bruni Tedeschi. Chiara Mastroianni.

l 10min. Bitter sweet drama about a rich

young Parisian of Italian extraction who

tries to make sense of her life while keeping

' depression at bay. A son of Gaelic Pro:ac

Nation. Pan of the French Film Festival. Glasgow Film Theatre. Glasgow; Film/louse. Edinburgh.

Ivan (the) (Alexander Dovzhenko.

USSR. I932) Pyotr Masokha. Stepan

Shkurat. 90min. The man is a god. and this

is your chance to see his first sound film

that successfully integrated poetic imagery with the docudrama film fonn. Dovzhenko is better known for Earth but this is easily as interesting and as impressive. See preview page 23. (‘01. Glasgow;

Filmhouse. Edinburgh.

Jerry Magulre (15) (Cameron Crowe. US. 1996) Tom Cruise. Cuba Gooding Jr. Renee Zellweger. 138mm. Cruise is perfect as spons agent Maguire. who suddenly finds himself out of a job when he writes a

mission statement calling for his colleagues to rediscover the sincerity of the business. With only one client on his books (Gooding) and the loyal Dorothy (Zellweger) for affection and suppon. he soldiers on and. of course. becomes a better person for it all. Crowe‘s picture of an America crippled by a lack of genuine intimacy gives the film a maturity that‘s

rarely seen in feelgood star vehicles. ()deon

A! The Quay. Glasgow: Glasgow:

i Jet Lag (Decalage Horaire) (12)

(Daniele Thompson. France/UK. 2002)

Juliette Binoche. Jean Reno. Sergi Lupez. Scali Delpeyrat. 90min. An exhausted businessman (Reno) and a beautician on the run (Binoche) collide in a Paris airpon and slowly. wearily fall in love. Popular French

romantic comedy from 2002. Pan of the

French Film Festival. Glasgow Film

Theatre. Glasgow; Film/muse. Edinburgh.

0 Kill Bill: Volume 1 (18) oeooo

(Quentin Tarantino. US. 2003) L'ma

Thurman. David Canadine. Lucy Liu. Daryl

Hannah. Vivica A Fox. Michael Madsen.

l 10min. A long time in the coming.

Tarantino‘s two-pan manial ans sword

fighting epic gets off to a roaring rampaging

stan with Vol I. Tarantino wears those influences on his sleeves: Chinese/Japanese manial ans flicks. blaxploitation and anime.

Something of a depanure from his previous

films in that there is no sman era defining

dialogue here. just glorious bloody driven narrative. A must for anyone with a passion for the left field low budget joys of people like Argento. Jodorowsky and any of the directors who came out of the Shaw

Brothers studios in the 70s. General release.

Laurel Canyon (18) “.0 (Lisa

Cholodenko. US. 2003) Frances

McDormand. Christian Bale. Kate

Beckinsale. Natascha McElhone.

Alessandro Nivola. 104mm. Frances

McDormand. gives one of her best

performances in years as the seducer.

veteran record producer Jane. a sexual free

spirit whose current. main squeeze is a

much-younger British rock singer. Erotic

sparks fly when her puritanical psychiatrist son. Sam (Bale). and his equally uptight fiancee. Alex (Beckinsale) are forced to share Jane‘s house in the Hollywood Hills.

Laid-back. mature and sexy and mature

entenainment. See review page 25. L’GC‘

Renfrew Street. Glasgow. Glasgow; Ster

Century Cinema. Edinburgh.

The League of Extraordinary

Gentlemen (12A) 0 (Stephen

Norrington. L'S/Germany/Czech

Republic/UK. 2003) Sean Connery.

Naseeruddin Shah. Peta Wilson. Tony

Curran. Stuan Townsend. Shane West.

1 |()min. Diabolical version of Alan

Moore‘s great graphic novel. General