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Life Kills Me (Vivre me tue) ( I5) (Jean-Pierre Sinapi. France/(iermany. 2002) Sami Bouajila. Jalil Lespert. Sylvie 'l‘estud. Simon Bakinde. 89min. l'ncompromising drama detailing the story of two brothers who are born in France btit are of .\loroccan descent. From the director of I‘N‘J's superb L71eusy Rulers (.\'uIimutle 7). so don't expect an easy ride. Part of the French l'lllll Festival. Glasgow Film 'I‘lieulre. Glasgow; Film/muse. lirlinlmrglt.

The Lizzie McGuire Movie (l')

0. (Jim l-‘all. IS. 2003) Hilary Duff. Adam Lamberg. Hallie 'l'odd. Robert ('arradine. Jake Thomas. Ashlie Brillault. ()Jniin. l’ilm version of popular Disney children's programme. Nice Li/zie goes to Italy and meets a dirty pasta-mtmcher boy but it‘s OK because a wholesome Yank is around to protect her. For soft-brained youngsters only. ('(‘I lz'rlinlnu'gli. Edinburgh.

Love Actually ( IS) 0.. (Richard Curtis. l'K. 2003) Bill Nighy. (iregor l‘isher. Hugh (irant. (‘olin l‘irth. Martine Mc('utcheon. Liam Neeson. limma Thompson. 1 10min. ('urtis sets otit to prove the fairly anodyne point that love is actually all around us in all its many forms. but to do this he indulges a huge cast and several different story strands. So we see a new Prime Minister bachelor ((irant) fall in love with a Number 10 tea girl (.\lc(‘utcheon). And then there is the story of the broken— hearted writer ((‘olin Firth) who falls for his

Ageing rock God Billy liastern liuroiwan cleaner. ()n top of this limma 'l‘hompson. Alan Rickman. Keira Knightley. Andrew Lincoln. Liam Neeson and Laura Linney all pop tip to play out their roles as either object of. or giver of. the sweet gill ()l~ love. Lightweight and enjoyable if a little ov er-populated romantic comedy. This is actually fairly impressive considering it is writer ('urtis’s first time in the director's seat. See review page 27. (iellel‘ul release.

Ma Vie ( 15) 0.. (Olivier l)ucastel. Jacques Martineau. l‘rance. 2003) Ariane .r\scaride. 105mm. |)ucastcl and Martineau follow up their w ell-receiv ed Urn/e (le I‘ellt with this sweet story about a teenage boy who is given a home movie camera by his grandmother as a means of examining his family life. the world around him and his sexuality. See review page 27. I'll/IIIIUHH'. I'Jlinlnujeli.

Man’s Gentle Love (Le Doux Amour Des Hommes) ( IS) (Jean-l’aul (‘iveyrac. lirance. 2003) Renaud Becard. (’laire l’erot. Marie-Josephine ('renn. Serge Bo/on. 80min. Promiscuous Raotil doesn't believe in love until he meets Jeanne but then she goes and disappears on him. Part of the French l‘ilni l‘estival. (iluvgmr I'ilm 'I‘lieulre. (ilusgmv; I’ilmluiuve. l'ftlinlmrgli. Marie-Jo and her No Lovers (Marie-Jo Et Ses Deux Amours) (l8) (Robert (iuediguian. l‘rance. 2002) .-\riane .v\scaride. Jean-Pierre l)arroussin. (iei‘ard .‘vley Ian. Julie—Marie l’armentier.

Mack (Bill Nigy) and his babes find Love Actti

ally 124mm. Robert (iuediguian and his cra/y collective are back with another semi-tragic small town tale about strong women. weak men and the gap that will ever be between them. Part of the l-‘rench l-‘ilni l’estival. (iluvgmr I’ll/n llieulre. (iluvgou‘: l'ilmltnuve. lat/inlmrgli.

Master and Commander: the Far Side Of the ( l2.'\) (l’cter \Vell'. LS. 2003) Russell ('rowe. Paul Bettany. James D'Arcy. lidward \Voodall. (‘hris Larkin. |3Smin. Big budget sea fearing yarn about Ship Surgeon Stephen Maturin (liettany ) and Navy (’apt. Jack Aubrey ((‘rowc) who attempt to sail out to the far side of the world during the Napoleonic Wars. This is Weir's first film since The Truman Slum and it has been selected to be this yeai'\ Royal l‘ilin. l’rev icws only. l'(i(‘ It’en/reu' .S'Ireel. (iluvumr. (iluvgmv; Dominion. Iii/inlmre/i.

Matrix Revolutions ( IS) 00.

(Andy \Vachow ski. Larry \Vachow ski. LS. 2003) Keanu Reeves. Laurence Fishburne. llugo Weaving. ('arrie Anne .\loss. Monica liclluci. l32min. ‘l‘he trilogy concludes as war breaks out on the scorched liarth as the machines invade Zion. ('omatose at the end ol' Relmuletl. Neo (Reeves) is now stranded in limbo between the human and machine worlds: although not jacked-in. he is somehow able to access both dimensions siintiltatieously. More dangerotIsly. renegade computer program. Agent Smith (llugo \Veav ing). has assumed human form. broken

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free from the machines which once controlled him. and is now pursuing a private. nihilistic agenda of his own. There are just l2 hours to save humanity from complete annihilation. The conclusion to the trilogy. it reminds (is what we loved about the original. The ambiguous/enigmatic/ confusing ending provides ample fodder for post-film arguments about the meaning of Neo's messianic quest. the ultimate fate of his arch nemesis. Smith. and the bizarrely unreliable predictions of The ()racle. See review page 24. (ienerul release.

The Medallion (PG) 0 (Gordon (‘han. llong Kong/LS. 2003) Jackie ('han. Lee livans. ('laire l‘orlani. Julian Sands. John Rhys-l)avies. 88min. In The .lletlullion. a formulaic follow-up to The ’I‘uveilu. ('han plays a llong Kong police detective who joins tip with livans‘ Interpol agent in Dublin (3) to track a gangster (Sands) who‘s snaflled the medallion of the title: an ancient liastern relic that bestows superpowers on the wearer. After being granted the Use of its magic. Jackie becomes a medallion man who's able to fly through the air and leap tall buildings in a single bound. lians of martial arts movies will doubtless be excited by the presence of Samnio llung as tight choreographer and (iordon (’han (Beds! ('ups) in the director's chair. Yet the disappointment for anyone old enough to remember as far back as (‘han's groundbreaking Drunken .llusler is a bitter one. See review page 20. .Seleeletl release. Miranda ( l5) 0 (Marc Munden. LR. 2003) (‘hristina Ricci. John Simm. Kyle .\lacl.achlan. John Hurt. 90min. Simm plays lirank. a librarian who wears Hawaiian shirts and speaks his mind in a no nonsense way. Of course. the object of his desire Miranda (Ricci) is not what she seems. and Frank is soon deeply involved with some crooked businessmen. 'l‘he liilm ('ouncil who. yet again. pour our public money into the work of a first-time

scriptw i'iter (Rob Young) who you wouldn't trust to write a prc-school nativity play. John Hurt and ls'y Ie .\lcl.achlan turn tip to pocket a few grand from the public purse loo. See review page 20. (’(K' Ren/i‘ew .Sll'eel. Glasgow; Glasgow; I'(‘l lirllltlnnjelt. Iz'tlinlmrg/i.

Mirrorball: Japan (tbc) (Various. Japan. 2003) 70min. .\ltisic promo magic from the land of the rising sun. film/muse. I'Iilinliureli.

Morvern Callar ( 15) 0.... (Lynne Ramsay. l'K/(‘anadaL 2002) Samantha Morton. Kathleen .\lcl)erniott. 97min. Small town hedonist and check-out girl .\lorv ern ('allar (Morton) awakes one morning to find her boyfriend has committed suicide. When she linds the finished manuscript of her boyfriends novel she puts her name on it. sells it to a publisher and goes on holiday with her best friend Lanna (.\lcl)ermott). Initially. the vacation is little more than a jaunt to Ibiza. but (‘allar soon finds her expectations of life change cv en as her friend remains devout to her sliitheel life iii a dead end town. Ramsay. co-scrcenwriter Liana Dognini and