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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre ( l8) .0. (Marcus Nispel. US. 2003) Jessica Biel. Jonathan Tucker. Iirica Leerhsen. Mike Vogel. Eric Balfour. Andrew Bryniarski. 98min. Remake of Tobe Hooper's 1974 original with more kids. tnore gore and not a lot of air to breath between the slayings. It‘s actually a pretty decent remake. if you like this kind of thing. but then any film that is inspired by this true life horror story is going to look good after the travesty that was Ed Gein. General release.

That Day (Ce Jour-La) (18) (Raoul Ruiz. France/Switzerland. 2003) Bernard Giraudeau. Elsa Zylberstein. Jean-Luc Bideau. Jean-Francois Balmer. 95min. A macabre comedy frotn Raoul Ruiz. one of contemporary cinema‘s most elegant eccentrics. A scheming and avaricious family plot the downfall of the young and beautiful Livia. sole heiress of an immense fortune. Part of the French Film Festival. Glasgott' Eilrn Theatre. Glasgott',‘ Film/rouse. Edinburgh.

Three Colours: Blue (15) O.” (Krzysztof Kieslowski. France. 1993) Juliette Binoche. Benoit Regent. (‘harlotte Very. 100mm. A young woman tries to isolate herself from friends and any notion of affection following the death of her composer husband and child in a car crash. but she cannot escape from the fragments of his unfinished composition. in which she played a major part. An expressive and symbolic film that is also emotionally satisfying. Binoche's award-winning performance. in a film of profound beauty. is the best of her career. (;f1’71()r(’lllll(;lz. Glasgow:

Three Colours: White (15) 0000 (Kr/.ysztof Kieslowski. France/Switr/Poland. I993) Zbigniew Zamachowski. Julie Delpy. Janusz Gajos. 91min. Another masterful piece of cinema by Kieslowski. much less lyrical and visually poetic than his most recent works. This time the theme of the trilogy is

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‘equality'. as a Polish hairdresser sets out to get revenge on his French ex-wife. GilrnorehillGl 2. Glasgow:

Three Kings (15) 00000 (David 0. RUssell. US. 2000) George (‘looneyx Mark Wahlberg. Ice Cube. 1 Hmin. At the butt end of the Gulf War. four US soldiers who have seen no action whatsoever and don't even understand what the war is about. follow a treasure tnap to where Saddam Hussein has hidden stolen Kuwati gold. A masterpiece of inhumanity. Russell‘s witty script and super sharp direction captures the futility of the situation. This film begs some of the most pertinent political questions ever asked in an American movie it's amazing it got past congress. ('arneo. Edinburgh. Thunderbirds are 60 (U) 0... (Gerry Anderson. UK. I966) Scott. Virgil. Alan Brains. Lady Penelope et al. 90min. The first and wittiest of the Thunderbird spin-off movies. The 21st century version of the Shadows more than makes up for what is otherwise little more than the dragging out of one of the TV episodes. A must for all Gerry Anderson fans. ('(‘xL Glasgow:

Time Code ( 18) “0 (Mike Figgis. 2000) Saffron Burrows. Salma Hayek. Stellan Skarsgard. Jeanne Tripplehom. 97min. Another audacious. experimental feature from Figgis. interweaving four improvised stories shot in real time and projected on to a split-screen simultaneously. The characters‘ lives criss- cross in time and space. as they enter and leave different locations. interact face-to- face or on the phone. and slowly converge upon the office of indie film production company Red Mullet lnc.. where a tyrannical director is in the final stages of casting his new movie. lntellectually invigorating. technologically bold and -- perhaps most surprisingly given the technical nature of the project always emotionally involving. See Rough (‘uts page 22. Cameo, Edirtburgh.

Tokyo Marigold (PG) (Jun lchikawa. Japan. 2001 ) Rena Tanaka. Yukiyoshi ()zawa. Yoichiro Saito. 97min. Life. love and romance in modern day Tokyo lchikawa style. Eilrrthouse. Edinburgh.

0 Trilogy: One (15) .0000 (Lucas Belvaux. France/Belgium. 2003) (‘atherine Frot. Lucas Belvaux. Dominique Blanc. ()mella Muti. Gilbert Melki. Patrick [)escamps. l l 1min. After nearly fifteen years behind bars. revolutionary terrorist Bruno Le Roux (Belvaux) escapes. He heads straight back to his cell’s base in the city Grenoble. He intends to settle some old scores. regroup his old team and hook tip with his ex-Iover ((‘atherine Frot). But things ain't what they used to be. most of his allies are dead and those that are still alive have settled into a life of middle class denial. Bruno has to devise a plan but first he needs to shake the vicious cop Manise (Melki) from his tail. The beginning of Belvaux‘s remarkable Trilogy of films. whatever you believe to be the truth in this film will not be the truth you believe by the end of the third film. Sheer brilliance. See feature page l4 and review page 23. lfG(' Renfr'ett' Street. Glasgow. Glasgott‘.‘ l,'G(‘ ('inernas Edinburgh. Edinburgh.

Try to Remember (Se Souvenir des Belles Choses) (15) (Zahou. France. 2002) Isabelle ('arre. Bernard (‘ampan. Bernard Lecoq. Zabou. Anne Le Ny. l l()min. A humane comic love story about Claire. a shy woman in her thirties who since she was struck by lightning has become increasingly forgetful. She checks herself into a rural memory-loss clinic where she finds support. friendship and. perhaps. love. Part of the French Film Festival. Glasgow Eilrn Theatre. Glasgow: Eilrnhouse. Edinburgh.

0 Victory on the Right Bank Ukraine (Pobeda Na Pravoberezhnoi Ukraine) (the) (Alexander l)ovzhenko. lfSSR. 1944) 73min. 'lhis powerful feature-length documentary focuses on the Red Army's western advance after the Germans had been driven out of l7kraine. Despite the triumphant tone of the film. it also vividly captures the destruction caused by the enemy. Another Dov/.henko masterwork. See preview page 23. (‘('.'l. (r‘lasgott-; Eilrnhouse. Edinburgh.

Warren Miller’s Journey (PG) ((‘hris Patterson. US. 2003) tbcmin. Follow up to Warren Miller's Storm in which we watch this aging superman take on another series of extreme conditions. For more information visit' I-"ilrrt Theatre. Glasgow; Dominion. Edinburgh. Werckmeister Harmonies ( 12A) .0... (Bela Tarr. Turkey. 2002) Lars Rudolph. Peter Fitz. Hanna Schygulla. l-lSmin. Hardcore Hungarian miserabilist Tarr offers his most accessible work to date. with this study of a small town caught in the grip of revolutionary fervour. Things start going

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wrong when a truck with a giant stuffed whale trundles into town. and when an unseen character called the Prince makes obscure yet portentous claims. Tarr‘s vision isn‘t necessarily hopeless. While man is but a dot on the cosmic landscape. art can be a soulful magnification of that realisation. ll'er't‘krneister Harmonies is a strangc. enchanting piece of work. ('arneo. Edinburgh. The Wild Thornberrys (t') 0.. (Cathy Malkasian and Jeff McGrath. LS. 2002) Voices of Tim Curry. Lynn Redgrave. Rupert liverett. 85min. Like the popular children‘s TV cartoon. the movie follows the adventures of young liliza Thornberry who‘s been granted the power to talk to the animals a handy trick when your parents are wildlife documentary filmmakers. This titne they're in Africa where a team of hi- tech poachers have their evil eye on a herd of 1000 elephants. By combining a nail- biting story with a satire of family foibles. the film is constantly engaging and not a little rewarding. ( ’('1 Edinburgh. Edinburgh; (,'( 'l ( 'l_vdelrank. ( 'lvdebank.

Young Adam ( 18) 0000 (David Mackenzie. l'K. 2003) liwan McGregor. limily Mortimer. Tilda Swinton. Peter Mullan. 93min. Mackenzie remains loyal to the dark. existentialist spirit of Alexander Trocchi's 195-1 novel about Joe. a nihilistic drifter who seems only to find connection with the world through sleazy sexual encounters. Shot in seedy green and grey hues. the film opens on the (‘lyde where Joe (McGregor) is working on a barge owned by lilla (Swinton) and her husband Les (Mullan). The men are in the process of dragging a corpse of a young woman from the water. an act done with particular care by Joe. thus hinting at his complicity in her demise. A flawless and coherent adaptation of a dark and disturbing tale and a work of haunting beauty. (‘('A. Glasgow.

Young Lili (La Petite Lili) ( IS) ((‘laude Miller. France/(‘anada 2003) Nicole Garcia. Bernard Giraudeau. Jean- Picrre Marielle. l.udivine Sagnier. l04min. (‘laude Miller seamlesst transposes ('hekhov‘s The Seagull from late 19th century to modern day rural France. The basic theme is how life fuels the art of cinema. The backdrop is the country hotne of celebrated actress Mado and her immediate family and friends. It is a work of whimsy. passion and visual lushness. Part of the French Film Festival. Glasgow Eilrrt Theatre. Glasgow: Film/rouse. Edinburgh. A led and No Noughts ( IS)

0... (Peter Greenaway. UK/Netherlands. l985) Brian Deacon. liric [)eacon. Andrea Ferreol. 1 15min. Wracketl with grief following the deaths of their wives in a freak accident. a pair of twin brothers become obsessed with the cycle of of birth. death. decay and putrefaction. An early indication of Greenaway‘s extraordinary visual qualities. and his unwholesome interest in decay . . . Edinburgh l‘ilrn Guild. Edinburgh.