I Blues Sunday |.aurie\ liar. 34 King Street. 553 7133. 3 4pm. l-‘ree. See Sun to.

I Perdido Budda. 143a St Vincent Street. 343 33l3. 4 7pm. l-‘ree. See Sun Hi.

I Campbell Considine and Stuart Harrison \Va\} O‘Connor-K. 44 \Vc‘xl (ieorge ~Slt'L‘L‘l. 554 5l54.

4 (rpm. l‘ree. See Sun lo.

OAlec Dankworth Trio 'I'i-on 'l’heatre. (i3 'l‘rongate. 553 43(17. 8pm. £7 l£5l. See Thu 31).

I Paul Towndrow Trio Blacki'riaix. 36 Bell Street. 553 5034. ‘).3()pin. l‘ree. See Stilt lo.


I Jazz Afternoon ()Iorom. 33 (‘HSIIL' SII‘L'L‘I. 447 3733. l 411111. i'hl'L'L‘. See Sun lo.

I Toto’s Jazz Trio 'l'lie (ioll‘il‘awrn. Duke Slt'L‘L‘l. l.Cllll. 3.30 4.3(lpm. l't'c‘L‘. See Stilt lo.

I Maximum Rhythm 8. Blues l'xhet' llall. l.othian Road. 338 l 155. 7.3(1pm. £l3.5(l £17.51). .'\\\emhlage oi some ol' the Rh} thm'n‘BIuex scene‘s pioncct‘x including the .\lanlred\. :\|an I’rice. l’l’ Arnold and ('olin Blunxtone performing claxxic hits.

I Mckenzie-Medbje Duo and Guests llenr)'\1aH ('ellar. .S’ Morrion Street, 4(37 5300. 8.30an £5. ()nl} Iidinhurgh gig hemeen l'S.v\ and l);ttlt\l1(ltllc\ h} this \a\oplioni\t and guitarist. l’la}ing here \xith Sign} Jacohxdottir ipercl. liu an \‘emal lhaxsi and electronica h) l‘red ‘axtro' l’ttl'\t)tl\. I Bill Kyle’s Sh“ Hot Jazz Quartet ()\}gc‘ii Bar & (irill. 3 5 lltlll'lllttl'} Street. 557 0007. 0pm. l‘ree. SCL‘ Stttt lb.

Monday 24


I Maximum Rhythm and Blues Ro}al (‘oncert Hall. 3 Sauchiehall Street. 5.53 3000. 7.3(lpttt.

£13.51) £17.51). See S1111 33.

I 4 Jazz (ia\in\ .\lill. 3 (ia\in\ Mill Road. Milngaxie. U50 3355. 8pm. liree. See l-‘ri l4.


I Jam Session 81) Queen Street Bar and Restaurant. 8t) Queen Street. 33651197. ()pm midnight. l‘ree. See .\Ion l7.

Tuesday 25


I Millar-Spencer-Travis llenr} \ Ja/I ('ellat'. S .\l()t't'i\nlt Street. 4h? 5301). 8.30pm. £5. See 'l‘ue l8.

Wednesday 26


I Dave Milligan Trio lleiii'}\1a// (char. 3 Mot‘t‘ixon Street. 40? 530(1. 8.311pm. £5. l’ianixt \lilligan and lil\ trio \thil} a melodic ja/l selection taking in \[tttttlttl'tlx and original compositionx.

I Fleamarket Funk (‘ahat‘ct Voltaire. 36 3X liltttt‘ SII‘L‘L‘I. 33H (il7(i.

l lPlll 311111. l'hliL‘L‘. SL‘L‘ \VL‘tl l‘).


I Jim McOuat Quartet liar lX5. Buchanan Hotel. IS5 Buchanan Strect. 333 7384. 7pm. l-‘ree. See Thu 13.


I Niki King Quintet llenr_\\ .la// ('ellat‘. S .\l(1[Tl\Ull Street. 467 53th). 8.3llpm. £7. (’ontemporar} \Utll and nu» ja/l \1lk‘x l'rom l’errier .laI/ .’\\\ard— “inning singer. Niki King.

I Jafla lluman lie-In. 3 S West ('roxxcausetxa}. (ioZ axon. ()pm. l‘ree. Jal‘la. standing l‘orja/x and tank and latin and limited h} American \ocalixt JL‘\\ :\ltt‘attt\ ltoxl this \\ cchx \ltim caw ol~ underground Nu Soul and l’unk

Folk &world

Events are listed by date, then city. Submit listings at least ten days before publication to Ruth Hedges at ruth@list.co.uk, by post or by fax on 0131 557 8500. Listings are compiled by Ruth Hedges and Norman Chalmers.

Thursday 13


I Calasaig MW at the Star. S1 .'\ndre\\ \ in the Square. ol'l~ Saltmarket. St Andre“ \ Street. 543 (ill3tl.t\’pm. £7 (£51. .\ltilti-inxtrumental. entertaining Scoh hand.

I The Zulu Open Mic ()‘.\‘eill\. Sauchiehall Street. 353 3915.

‘)pm midnight. l‘ree. \Veekl} open mic night.


I Mary Gauthier (‘)ucen\ llall. (.lCl'lx Sll'c‘g‘l, (103 gill”. Thillplll.

£9 U l. Sharp oltwt‘uttintt ol lite and \\i'} humour l'rom the l.otli\iatt;t horn counti'} \onguriter.


I Countdown to Celtic Connections Rina] ('onceri llall. Sauchiehall Street. 353 Siltlll. 7.30pm. £11) l£.\’l.\'irtuo\o guitarists 'I‘omm} limmanuel and .lohnn} l)icl\itt\ott.

I Dominic Kirwan Ro}al (‘oncet't llall. Sauchiehall Street. 353 801111. 7.30pm. £l3 £lo. Ireland‘s popular entertainer \lllgx a mi\ ol lo\ e \ottg\. halladx and counlr}.


I Jay Farrar and Peter Bruntell (‘)llL‘L'll.\ llttll. (.lt‘l'h Slt‘c‘L‘l. (“t3 3(ll‘)..\’.3llpm. £lil £l3. .-\lt.countr_\ \ittlttd \\1ll1 a touch 1th I'UCl\. SCL‘ [H'L‘\1L‘\\.


I Carol Laula l’aixle} :\1'l\ (‘enire .\'e\\ Street. SST llllll. ".3llpm. £3 (£4.50). l’ure \oiced (ilaxgou \Ultg\lt‘c\\ \\ill1 ltL‘t' imtt littlld.

Glasgow I The Zulu Open Mic Brunswick

The Poozies play Countdown to Celtic Connections at the Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow, Fri 21 Nov )

(‘Cllttt‘x Sauchiehall SII‘CL‘I. 3.3l 1330.

4 7pm. liree. See Thu 13.

I Glasgay Ceilidh St Andrew’s in the Sqtiare. ol‘l~ Saltmarket. St Andre“ ‘s Street. 33l 7311.3.8riiii midnight. £l3 (£10). (ilaxgafl is hrought to a Close

\\ ith this dance in aid of Lesbian and (ia) Snitchhoard. .\ltl\iL‘ l'rom \lacapella.


I Scottish Harp Day and Concert .'\|e\ander (iihxon ()pera School. RS:\.\l|). (’oucaddenx Road. (‘oncert at 7pm. £5 1L3). lnl'orination 37118314. .'\l|-da_\ “orkxltttpx. talks and information on the Scutlixlt small harp. 'l‘he exening concert features Wendy Stenart. Gar} West and Rod Paterson lharp. pipes & \ocalxl \xith Karen Marshalxa} and Iain l’raxer lharp and liddlel and tour-piece hand ('loud .\'ine. I The Zulu Open Irish Trad Sessions \\’;t\_\‘ ().('oltltot"\. \chl (ieorge Street. 354 5l54. 4 7pm. Free. .'\L‘Ull\llL‘ littllx.

I Kesha (’ale ('oxxachok. Rtlxxiun ('ultural ('entre. King Street. 553 (1733. .S’.3()pm. £3. Nigel ('lark lguitarl. ()leg l’onomarex (Violin) and l.e\' .-\tl;t.\

l\ iolinl perl'orm a mi\ of Rtlsxitttt. g}‘px}‘. ja/x and kle/iner.


I The Listening Room The Blue Illa/er. Spittal Street. 33‘) 5030. 8pm. Suggested donation £3. :\cot1\tlc sounds an the autumn \L‘ilutlt continues with l)a\ id Rohct'txott.

I Tom and Barbara Brown Wee l-"olk ('Iuh. Ro}al ()ak. lnlirmar) Street. 557 3970. H.3(1pm. £3. 'l'raditional and cotttcmporat‘} songs.

I La Panda Facundia l-Ll Barrio. \Vc‘xl Port. 33‘) 88115.1 lpm 3am. l-‘ree. I.i\ e Spanish folk and flamenco.

l'ollou ed h} l’iexta Latina.


I The Zulu Live Music Bash The Stand. Woodlandx Road. (187060116055. 7pm. £3.50. liclectic music and comedy. lixer} l'ortnight.


I Me Suena Tu Cara The Doric 'l‘axern. Market Street. 335 1084. 8.3tlpm. l‘ree. .-\lt'o/szttti\lt/Bt'tt/ilizttt hand.

z ; I liSt‘

folk & world listings Music

THE 01 I, I

I The Poozies They may take their name from an ancient pub in Robert Burns Mauchline. but these four women are not stuck in the past. EIectro-harp, wild fiddle and mongrel lrish/ Scandinavian accordion underpin the vocals when the Poozies play Countdown to Celtic Connections. Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow, Fri 27 Nov.

I Fiddle 2003 This festival celebrates one of Scotland's three principal traditional instruments and you'll hear the harp and pipes there too. A weekend of workshops. ceilidhs and concerts, it has become as much a social event as a musical one. Wolfstone. Kathryn Tickell and Jerry Holland are but a fraction of what's on offer. See preview. Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh. Fri 2 7—Sun 23 Nov.

I The Eamonn Coyne Band Fronted by the Edinburgh-based banjo player (pictured) from Dublin. is a dream team assembled for the occasion. Capercaillie's Michael McGoldrick plays uillean pipes, and joins Flook bodhran maestro John-Jo Kelly and guitarist Kris Drever. Edinburgh Folk Club, Wed 26 Nov.

13- 2/ Nov 20013 THE LIST 61