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Mon 10th - Sat 15th Nov @ 7.30pm


by Ariel Dortman

STG present one of the great modern dramas - a claustrophobic cat-and-mouse thriller set in the aftermath of the savage Pinochet dictatorship in Chile. raising moral questions and

refusing easy answers.

TicketszMon-Tues {6/3 Wed-Sat {9/450 From Collins Gallery 0141 548 2558

Wed 26th Sat 6th Dec @ 7.30pm (not Sun 30th)


by Benoit Brecht and Kurt Weill

Beggars on the street. Capitalism and world poverty. STG’S revival of this classic of the 20th century musical theatre has a modern thrust. a dynamic that meets the jazzy energy and

sheer imagination of the grotesque. sleazy. greedy. comic and vibrant underworld of

p Mac the Knife. Polly Peachum I!

' 5- -- and Pirate Jenny. -- 0"

x, TicketszMon-Tues £6/3 Wed-Sat £9/4.50 t- From Collins Gallery 0141 548 2558

The Cutting Room, Citizens’ Theatre, Glasgow

Sat 22nd Nov @ 8pm-



Works by Scarlatti. Bach. Beethoven. Chopin. Liszt -

featuring the Sonata Pathetique.


From the Ramshorn 0141 5552 3489


Glasgow G1

Glasgow, Tramway continued

themselies. 'l'rauh ll\L‘\ iconographic and shocking iniager} to turn e\plore the incomprehensihle aspects of life. l’erlormed iii l-‘rench \\ ith subtitles.

. . . at the Dawn of the 8th Day Thu 27 Sat 3‘) .\'o\. 8pm. £5 (Ur. \liilti-iiiedia performance artist Mark 'l'ra} nor explores the concept of repetition in this Dark lights commission. l‘ascinatcd h} the influence of modern media and the nu} it affects our concept of the uorld around tis. he examines the reierheraiion of eients. p|a_\ing \iith time. \}lic‘lil'tllllc‘ll} and the \agaries of chance.


(i3 'l‘rongate. 552 4207.

The Haunted Man l'niil 'l'hu l3 .\'o\. 8pm. £8 £11 (£5 cm. Jimmy ('hisholm stars in a one-man Performance of John (‘lifford‘s Dickensian masterpiece. \Klilc‘li gii'es a fascinating and moving glimpse into the mind of a creatii e genius.

Ursula Martinez l-‘ri l4 .\'m. 8pm. £3 run. As a single. childless \ioman. fast approaching ~11). the coined} actress anticipates her future. through a series of llilL‘H lL‘\\\ \\ itli old \ioinen. Martinez pits her paranoia against some harsh uords of \\ isdoin from those in the bus pass hracltet.


Arches Citizens Main Citizens Circle Citizens Stalls Cottier CilmorehillG12 King’s

Thursday 13 . An Audience With

'l'he (‘ultine Room - The Queen of Spades

l’ii\.ilc l.l\t'\

Oh What a Night!

Friday 14 I An Audience With l he (‘ultine Room T the Queen of Spades

l’ii\.ilc l.i\L'\

[p and l'iitlci

Oh What a Night?

7 Saturday 15 Sunday 16 Monday 17

See Rock 4 Pop ‘l'hc ('iittiiie Room The Queen of Spades

l’ti\.ilc I fit"

l'p .llltl l'ntlci

Oh What a Night?

Tuesday 18

See Rock + Pop

Wednesday 19

Jesus Christ Superstar :Jesus Christ Superstar

70 THE LIST ‘1‘; 2f No. 98/41

Traverse 1 'li’averse 2

The Slah Bo) s

PaViIion 5W “wk - l"‘l‘ st-t- Rock . l’op ('Ine Ilaltluiii's iota-n

I Death and the Maiden 1 Death and the Maiden Death and the Maiden sL-L- in”

Theatre Royal Iim Ballet initial-m it» Ballet lithlltlt'lit it“ HAHN initial...

Tramway . Maria Dolores Maria Dolores

Tron l'lic Haunted .\ than .\larliiic/ 5.... RM . imp Legend of King Arthur W Church .'\ll 'lli.iiJ.i// I .-\ll ’l’hatJa/I "”" H” “W m“ Festival Theatre its Ballet 'i'm-aat-m its Ballet ‘ri-mticm \l‘lif-ul's l’aii} ~'\l‘|.‘-‘dll'\ I’d”) -'\l‘|:-'d|'\ PM) I (Lin; Slims (Ling? Shim Playhouse Royal Lyceum ism i... mu... i... Him i...

The Slab Boys The Slah BU)\

'l‘he Slab Ho) s The Slab BU).\