Cut Chemist

mb, Edinburgh, Sat 15 Nov

‘Moving away from its traditional Tuesday night student-grabbing slot for Zone evening only, Motherfunk is celebrating in more ways than one. Not only is it the seventh birthday of the always dependable midweek funk club, but it’s also the launch night of Jazzman Records’ Midwest Funk album.

To tie in with both, there’s going to be very special guest DJ appearance by Cut Chemist, a member of Jurassic 5, Ozomatli and sometime DJ Shadow affiliate. ‘He’s a big funk collector and DJ,’ says Fryer. ‘He’s always keen to get the music the exposure it deserves. He’s asked for a scratch mixer, though, so I reckon there’ll be some hip-hop in there.’

A fitting celebration for a night that’s written its own chapter in capital clubbing lore. ‘We’ve always just set out to be a club where the people who play really love the music,’ says Fryer. ‘Put it this way, if we were to try and start Motherfunk now, it wouldn’t happen, it’s so hard to establish something these days, unless you’re doing a jiggy R&B night. So we’re really proud of where we’ve managed to get to and the audience we’ve established. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, as they say.’ (David Pollock)

I Bubble Breaks at Nichol lidwards. 10.30pm 3am. £2. Weekly. Body Movin' Productions presents Bubble Breaks. droppin‘ bombs of R&B. breaks and hip hop with lidinburgh’s newest DJ sensations l’artners‘n'('rime and their trademark boilersuits.

I Cab Fridays at (’abaret Voltaire. 10.30pm 3am. £4 before midnight; £7 (£5) after. Weekly (not 2| Nov). New weekly cltib rummages about in the worlds of funk. sotil. ska. reggae. classic hip hop. R&B and disco. The Mighty ()nes perform their dancelloor friendly reggae and ska ( l4 Nov) while Rumba ('alinte bring a bit of live jazz and funk to proceedings alongside lfltragroove's (iareth Somerville on the dex (28 Nov ). I CC Blooms at ('(' Blooms. l().3()pm 3am. Free. Weekly. DJ Ally does the decks duty at this gay night with her inimitable selection of high camp and disco classics. moving on to pumped-up house and dance as the evening progresses.

I Club Hed at the Honeycomb.

llpm 3am. £l(). l4 Nov. New night of progressive house and breaks with Jonathan Lisle (Bedrock) making his Scottish debut for their launch night. And when folks like Sasha and John Digweeed are singing your praises you know it's gonna be quality.

I Dirt-Houz at ligo. ltlpm 3am. £5. 28 Nov. New night from Diverse Frequencies and l’NR and their iisual brand of pumping techno from the Dirt- lloul. residents Sek‘onl. liuk-Nut. Morph (live). l‘iddla and Ramkanman.

I DJ Lynsey Todd at Berlin Bierhaus. llpm 3am. liree. l4 Nov. Spinning disco and funk all night long. I Dogma at Studio 24. lt).3()pm 3am. £ll) (£8 members). 14 Nov. Monthly. Hard as nails and as (uidei‘ground as moles. techno til. the lllglle\l order as (it!) le Still joins the ranks making her first Scottish appearance littl' the years. St't' [)I't’t'fr'ii'.

I Dr No’s at Studio 24. llpm 3am. £5 (£4). 28 No\. Monthly. The original Jamaican ska and classic rocksleady night migrates to Studio 24's intimate upstairs space. now featuring the Dr No's liotisc band.

I El Barrio at lil Barrio. lllpm 3am. l-‘rec £5. Weekly. See 'l‘hu.

I El Segundo at the Bongo (‘lub 10.30pm 3am. £4 before midnight: £(i after. l4 No\. Hip hop jam from DJ lixtra (Mixiili)gists/l’enpushcrs). Blag l (Mischief) and Je/ ix Sonny plus a touch of (an from DJRedo in the lounge (where elsc'.’).

I Evol at the liquid Room.

Illnitlpm 3am. £5. Weekly. lidinburgh's longest running indie night. having just




turned 12 this Aug. With the usual mix of the best current and classic alternative. crossover tunes. it's an institution already and with the recent addition of the back room. playing host to Mr & Mrs Mogwai. the future looks like a happy place for all things livol.

I Finsternis at the l’leasance (’abaret Bar. 9pm lam. £3. l4 Nov. The lighter side of goth (if such a thing truly exists) with a mix of dark ambient. neo-classical and ethereal tracks from l’etit Scarabee. Deception Boy and (ihost Dancer plus special live guests Naevus. a Welsh neo- folk band with a modernist sensibility. ('heck \y'ww.linslerliisxirgtlk for more info.

I FreakLab at Sttidio 24.

10.30pm 3am. £7 (£5 Dogma members). 28 Nov. Monthly. A new night from the folk at Dogma on a mission to explore new territories and experimental sounds. With no constraints on musical style. each night will flow differently yet smoothly through every genre from freaked out house. tech- funk and disco to drum & bass. fucked tip breaks. twisted dub and dirty electro.

I Free Range at Wee Red Bar. 10.30pm 3am. £| before midnight: £2 alter. Weekly. As long as it's good they'll play it: funk. D&B. hip hop. (ills. 7(ls. disco. metal. country. punk. blues. 80s. ()(ls. dance. old skool. you name it.

I Globalista at the Bongo ('Iub.

l()pm 3am. £(v (£4 £5). 28 Nov. DJs Jaffar

(Senegal). linrique (Sonderumba) and Zuppa liiglese (Bogota) the folk behind Arakatacal are back with more African. Latin. ('aribbean. Salsa and Arabesque beats. ‘()ne world. one club. all tribesf

I The 60-60 at (‘octeau Lounge (downstairs at ligo). l lpm 3am. £6. 2| Nov. Monthly. Swinging (ids garage (of the rock variety sorry to disappoint any So Solid wannabes). soul. mod. soul. R&B and slea/y listening. The righteous Tall Paul Robinson and Angus A (io-(io remain resident with special guest Slim Jill) Spectre.

I Henry’s Late Nights at llenry-‘s Jan ('ellar. midnight 3am. £5 £6. Weekly. Top quality jazz and DJs from Henry ’s JaI/ (‘ellaiz l-‘unky soul from the Tony King ('ollective ( l4 Nov).

I Incognito at City at City: lidinburgh. l lpm 3am. £5. Weekly. Rob T spins the best in R&B grooves for your pleasure.

I Manga at Honeycomb. l lpm 3am. £ll) (£8 members). 28 Nov. Monthly. Manga don't follow the crowd they lead ‘em with their irresistible drum & bass sounds. 'l'liere's no letting tip as Shy l’X drops by on guest duty. Manga's pie-club session the Bass'l‘rap is at Bambu every Hi from ‘lpm with DJ (i-Mac and guests. lior more info check ()788-707-otlol or

vvvv w

I Modern Lovers at ligo. llpm 3am. £3 before midnight: 5 after. 5 Dec. l'p- beat mix of Northern Soul. deep funk. hammond iii” and retro soundtraxs served up by your hosts ('raig Jamieson and Andrew Divine (Divine. liunk Room). 'l‘hird birthday party so a free mix (‘D is on the cards to remind you of the good times.

I Nu:0rder at ()piuni. 5 9.30pm. £5 (£l off with flyer). Weekly. New night for l4 l7 year olds. focusing on what the ()pium does best metal. rock. punk. ska. emo. alternative and grunge. No alcopops btit free drink refills.

I Nuklear Puppy at ligo. l lptn 5am. £ ll) (£8 in camouflage: £9 students). 14 Nov. Residents Jason (‘orte/ and Phil York keep the hard dance flag flying in the capital. With their ('amotillage Party Part 2 in association with Paul Maddox ('l‘idy 'l'rax) and lid Real (Nukleul).

I Got! at Studio 24. llpm 3am. £5. 2| Nov. 'l'vv isted house and phunked-up techno from resident David Myers (Mingin' ) and monthly guests on rotation. This month. Brett King (Joy) takes to the decks with his own brand of chunky. funky house. Please note that Doll is a night that caters for gay. straight and ‘in between' people.

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Connexions The fact that Manga and Mischief are joining forces would be enough to warrant a Hitlist in itself. but add in a Prototype Records tour and Dogs on Acid (bringing Grooverider and DJ Fresh with them) and it’s one of the gigs of the fortnight. The Venue. Sat 75 Nov.

Detected in the House More big housey action from Defected and this time it's the turn of Liquid People. who just love a bit of ‘good house music with a hip hop attitude’. Ber/in Beirhaus, Sat 75 Nov

Motherfunk The Tuesday night institution goes all Saturday night on yo ass on its seventh birthday with Cut Chemist in the headline slot. Plus there’s the Midwest Funk album launch all rolled into one. See preview. The Honeycomb, Sat 75 Nov.

Say Samba! Bringing the essence of Brazil to the long cold nights of Edinburgh. DJ Patife is joined by Cleveland Watkiss for some live vocals and fiery drum & bass. Cabaret Voltaire, Thu 20 Nov.

Sound Sauce Chapter II More great music for a great cause (Edinburgh Sick Kids) from Sound Sauce, mixing up everything from techno to drum & bass. The Honeycomb, Thu 20 Nov.

Big Beat A bitter sweet pill to swallow as it’s a massive tenth birthday party combined with their final ever night. Let's make sure they go out with a bang, especially as Rueben Wilson is live. See preview. Cabaret Voltaire, Fri 27 Nov.

UTI presents: A Neon Tongue The underground techno shindig reaches its fourth birthday. Terry Mitchell and Rob Stow (pictured) help provide the crunchy. acidic celebrations. Studio 24, Fri 27 Nov.

I Opal Lounge at ()pal Lounge. ltlpm 3am. £5. Weekly. l-‘unked up vocal house and dance classics front Stevie (i and (‘allum Murray.

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