Christmas Art and Craft Sat IS Nov—Sat 20 Dec. A wide selection of arts and crafts by local tnakers including watercolours. oils. wood turnings and carvings.


2060 Pollokshaws Road. 287 2550. Mon—Thu & Sat [0am—5pm: Fri & Sun I lam—5pm.

Whistler and Burrell Until Sun 18 Jan. An exhibition of over 20 works by Whistler. collected by Sir William Burrell.

Whistler in Venice Until Sun 18 Jan. An exhibition of around 50 etchings and pastels by James McNeil Whistler. created during his l4-month stay in Venice in 1879. Finding himself in dire financial straits. Whistler. along with his model and mistress Maud Franklin. took refuge in the Italian city. Here he produced an extraordinary body of work which captured the magnificence of the ornate palaces to scenes of everyday life.

THE HIDDEN GARDENS 'l‘ramway. 25 Albert Drive. 0845 330650L Tue Sat 10am—4pm; Sun noon-4pm.

The Hidden Gardens Scotland‘s first sanctuary garden dedicated to peace created in collaboration with nva organisation. landscape architects (‘ity Design Cooperative. the local community and a team of artists. Transformed from a derelict industrial site adjoining Tramway. this is a contemplative garden with dedicated artworks.


6I—63 Netherlee Road. ('athcart. 637 2129. Daily |.30-»5.30pm. £3.20 (£2.20). 3L8 Art Club L'ntil Fri I4 Nov. An exhibition and sale of work by the 3Ls (Learning in Later Life) Art (‘Iub

HOUSE FOR AN ART LOVER Bellahouston Park. 10 Dumbreck Road. 353 4773. Daily 10am—5pm. £3.50 (£2.50).

Hugh Gillan [Tntil Sun 30 Nov. Recent paintings by (ilasgow School of Art graduate. Hugh (iillan.


L'niversity Avenue. 330 422l. Mon—Sat 9.30am—5pm.

Lord Kelvin: A Life in Science I'ntil Wed 3| Dec. An exhibition of the scientific instruments. inventions and patents used by (ilasgow‘s famous professor of physics. William Thomson. The Passionate Collector: George Rae’s Fossils L'ntil Sat 2() Dec. An exhibition of (ieorge Rae‘s fossils. an amateur enthusiast who collected throughout his life and became a research fellow at the Hunterian Mttseum.


Glasgow Green. 554 0223. Mon—Thu & Sat l0am—5pm; Fri & Sun I lam—5pm. Joan Eardley: Paintings and Drawings L'ntil Sun l6 Nov. Paintings and drawings by Joan Iiardley. drawn from the (‘A(“s permanent collection. The selection features her familiar portraits of Glasgow children. land and seascapes inspired by the fishing village of (‘atterline where she lived in later life. Doorway to Trade L'ntil Thu 2() Nov. Work by Sadia (iul Ibrahim who explores the sense of loss for a heritage rich in architectural beauty. Part of Black IIIstor)’ Month.


PoIIok Country Park. 2060 Pollokshaws Road. 6I6 64l0. Daily 10am 4pm. The World in Blue and White L’ntil Sun 30 Nov. £5 (£3.75): fatnily ticket £13.50. An exhibition of ceramics dating between 1320 and I820 from members of the Oriental (‘eramic Society.

Edinburgh Galleries


75 Bread Street. 477 4528. Mon --Sat noon—5pm.

Lovers and Lobsters Until Sat 29 Nov. Paintings and sculpture by Ian Thompson. James Page and Wayne Rayy.


6 Dundas Street. 557 4050. Mon—Fri 10am-6pm: Sat I lam—-2pm. Scottish Paintings L'ntil Sat 29 Nov. A selection of paintings including works by the Re. John Thomson of Duddingston. John Philip. Sir Francis (irant. (ieorge Houston. IIoratio McCulIoch and Sir William (iiIlies.


36—38 Blair Street. 220 6|76. Weapon of Choice: Pulp Propaganda Until Thu ll Dec. Multimedia displays and projections by designers at Edinburgh-based creative agency Century 23.


38 Home Street. 228 4141.

Plane Spotter Until Wed 26 Nov. Local artist Shti Lorimer presents a series of screen prints and appliqttes inspired by B-52 bombers.


2 Market Street. 529 3993. Mon Sat l0am~5pm.

Editions Alecto: A Fury for Prints L’ntil Sat l0 Jan. A celebration of two- and three-dimensional graphic art in this exhibition which highlights the work of pioneering print publishers. Iiditions Alecto. which produced contemporary artists' prints in Britain dttring the 60s and 70s. Artists who worked with Alecto include David Hockney. Iidttardo Paolo/.zi. Patrick (‘aullield. Richard Ilatnilton and (iillian Ayres.

The Great Book of Gaelic L'ntil Sat 24 Jan. (‘ontemporary (‘eltic culture is celebrated in this exhibition about The (irml Book. a 21st century Bonk ofKe/ls. which brings together the work of more than 200 visual artists. poets and calligraphers from Scotland and Ireland. Featured artists include John Byrne. Will MacLean. ('alum (‘olvin and Steven Campbell. Monumental Edinburgh tfntil Sat 24 Jan. A celebration of Iidinburgh's monuments and public sculpture ranging from the Roman (‘rainond Lioness to the lilm Row pigeons on Leith Walk.


22—28 (‘ockburn Street. 220 I260. Tue-Sat noons-5pm.

New Work Scotland Programme 10 Until Sun to Nov. Now in its fottrth year. a new season of the critically acclaimed New Work Scotland Programme which showcases the work of young. up-and-coming artists selected frotn Scotland's four tnain art colleges. First tip is Kevin Ilutcheson and Kristian Korner.

New Work Scotland Programme 1 1 Sat 22 Nov Sun 21 Dec. Next tip in the NWS programme is Iidinburgh ('ollege of Art graduate Iimma (ireenwood who creates complex installations frotn found objects. (ilasgow School of Art graduate Jakob Anckarsvard shows a sculptural piece made from flowers inspired by recurring themes of tragedy and grief. NEW SHOW.


4| Dundas Street. 557 4569. Mon Fri 10.30am 5.30pm; Sat l0.30am 5pm. Christmas Exhibition Sat t5 Nov Sat 10 Jan. Mixed festive exhibition encompassing paintings. jewellery. sculpture. glass. wood and broil/cs.

DANISH CULTURAL INSTITUTE 3 Doune Terrace. 225 7l89. Mon Fri I0am—5pm.

Milena Bonifacini L'ntil Fri 5 Dec. Figurative paintings.


Belford Road. 624 6200 (recorded information 332 2266). Mon Wed & Fri-Sun |0ant 5pm; Thu I0am 7pm. Advertising and the Artist: Ashley Havinden’s Designs and Collections t’ntil Sun 18 Jan. Free. A foctis on the work of Ashley Ilavinden I903 I973. one of the tnost successful advertising artists and designers working in Britain in the 20th century. Designing for Martini. (iillette. Bird’s ('ustard and Sitnpson of Piccadilly. his more familiar work appeared in the I930s with his ‘Drink Milk' and ‘Beer is Best' catnpaigns. The exhibition features over 200 advertisements. sketches. paintings and textiles.

Curator’s Tour of Advertising and the Artist Mon 17 Nov. |2.45pm. Alice Strang and Anti Simpson give a tottr of the Ashley Ilavinden exhibition.

Scottie Wilson and Outside Art L'ntil Sun 14 Dec. Free. An exhibition of ‘()utsider Art'. at French term coined by Dubuffet in I947 to describe work produced outside the established art scene. One such artist was (ilasgow-born Scottie Wilson whose work was admired by the surrealists and was featured in the Paris International Iixhibition of Surrealism in I947.


|8a Dundas Street. 557 5227. Mon Sat 10am 5.30pm.

Festive Season Show .\lon t7 Nov -Wed I4 Jan. (‘hristmas exhibition featuring paintings by Joyce Borland. (iillian (ioodheit‘. Iithel Walker. Jttdith Brigdland and Lin Patttillo.


I I (iaylield Square. 558 71 10.

Wed Sat Ilatn 6pm.

6 Louise Hopkins Fri I—t

Nov Sat 20 Dec. New works by (ilttsgow-bused Louise IIopkins in this. her first solo show in Scotland since I996. Over the past ten years. her work has been concerned with the transformation of pre-existing surfaces. This new body of work includes modifications on maps. sheet music. comic books. lined paper and graphs. See preview and Ilitlist. NEW SHOW.


6a Dundas Street. 558 9363. .\Ion Fri I0am 6pm; Sat 10am 4pm. Scottish Art Portfolio Sat 15 Sat 29 Nov. A tnixed show of paintings including works by John Lowrie Morrison. Terry Barron Kirkwood. (ieorge Birrell. Pain (‘arterx Rhona Lee and Donald Manson.


Lauriston Place. 22| 6000. .\Ion Sat 10am-5pm.

Visible Thought: Rudolf Steiner’s Blackboard Drawings 1919-1924 t'ntil 'I'ue I8 Nov. A rare collection of drawings by renowned Attstrian philosopher. the Rudolf Steiner ( I86I I925). See also Roxy Art ('entre for a progratnme of talks and exhibitions. LAST CHANCE TO SEE.

Industrial Design Workshop Mon I7 \Ved I9 Nov. The Ittstitttto Iiuropeo di Design presents this industrial design workshop taking inspiration from a painting by Antonello dtt Messitttt. a seaside hollsc by Adalberto Libera. a dress by (iiorgio Armani and a spoon by littore Sotlsas.

listings Art


20a Dundas Street. 557 5002. Mon Fri llatn 5pm; Sat 10am Ipm.

Brenda Lenaghan t'ntil Tue 25 .Nov. A solo show of figurative paintings by Brenda Lenaghan RSW.


23 I'nion Street. 557 2479. Tue Sat 10am 6pm.

Christmas Exhibition Sat 22

Nov Sat 31 Jan. A wide selection of prints by around 70 of the workshops artists. featuring works by John Bellany. Donald l'rquhart. Alan Davie and Philip Braham.


88 Lothiatl Road. 229 5932.

No Place Like Home t'ntil Sat 29 Nov. Lisa Petterson presents an ironic comment on domestic spaces.


45 Market Street. 225 2383. .\Ion Sat

I Iain 6pm; Sttn noon 5pm.

Visions for the Future VI t‘ntil Sat 29 Nov. The final instalment of the gallery's acclaimed series of exhibitions featuring the work of Iidinburgh-based artists (’had .\Ic('ail and Patil ('arter. ('arter’s new work. lit/ye olilhtrlou'ss. comprises three installations which itnagine Scotland as uncharted territory to be explored by adventurers. .\Ic(‘ail. who has just completed a four-month residency at Baltic in (iatesltead. shows Life is (ll'll‘t’ll Irv I/ll’ (lr'st'rt' rm- pleasure. the culmination of a three-year project featuring seven sequences of digital prints depicting cycles of life. work and pleasure-seeking. See review.


(iallery 61; Shop. 77 Dundas Street. 556 3I59. Mon Fri I0am 6pm: Sat

10am 5pm.

November Print Exhibition

l'ntil Mon 1 Dec. A selection of Prints by various artists including ('arole Fulton. Mark Hull. (iayle Robinson. Lorraine Robson. Susan Weir and ('olin Duncan.


22a Dundas Street. 556 2l8I. Mon Fri Ilatn 6pm; Sat l().30am 4pm. Regina Fernandes, Katriona Shale and John Watling t'ntil Sat I5 Nov. Regular gallery artists Regina Fernandes attd John Walling show Scottish landscapes in oil. watercolour attd acrylics and newcomer. Katriona Shale. presents lIoraI. figurative and still life studies in oil.

Small Paintings for Christmas Sat 22 Nov Sat 3 Jatt. A seasonal selection of small paintings by gallery artists plus prints. ceramics. jewellery. engraved glass. sculpture. textiles. boxes and Russian craftvvork.


34 Abercromby Place. 558 9872.

Mon Fri I0am 6pm: Sat I0am 4pm. Hockney to Hodgkin Sat 15

Nov “fed 24 Dec. l’osl-vvttl‘ lil'lllsll printmaking featuring works by Bellany. Blake. Hockney. Ilodgkin. Riley. (‘aullieltL Pastnore and I’aoIo/li. NEW SHOW.


6 ('arlton Terrace. 556 444 l. 'l‘ue Sat I0am 5pm.

(9 Ian Davenport \vetl It) Nov Sat 20 Dec. The internationally renow ncd artist Ian Davenport has his first ever solo selling show in Scotland. He has created a new series of vibrant. high— gloss ‘(‘ircle‘ attd "I‘ip' paintings as well as works on paper. l'sing mass- produced materials gloss paint and MDF his works are made to look as industrial and machine-made as possible but closer inspection reveals the artist's hand. See prev icvv and Ilitlist. NE W SHOW.

iii L/‘i' Not. Rikki THE LIST 93