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Events are listed by date, then type. Submit listings at least ten days before publication to, by post or by fax on 0141 353 2803. Listings are compiled by Jane Hamilton.

Book events

George Best: Scoring at Half Time \Valet‘stone's. 153 I57 Sauchiehall Street. 332 ‘)l05. 1pm. l-‘ree. l‘ootball legend. (ieorge Best signs copies of his new book Scoring u! Ila/{'Iirm’. Mortification Borders Books. ‘)8 Buchanan Street. 222 7700. 6pm. liree. Top attthors talk about their tnost embarrassing moments. which have been compiled in a new book. .lIm-Iifit-utimr. Speakers include. Janice (ialloway. A1. Kennedy. l)on Paterson and Bernard .\1acl .averty.


Three Paintings and a Tapestry Bttrrell ('ollection. 2060 Pollokshaws Road. 287 2550. lptn. l-‘ree. Alan Blakey takes this themed tour round the Burrell. The Universe for Beginners (ilasgow Science (‘entre. 50 Pacilic Quay. 420 5000. 7 8.30pm. £5.‘)5. Lecture on the origins and evolution of the universe.

Other events

Voicebeat Annexe. Stewartville Street. 337 3‘)6‘). 7.30 -‘).30pm. l'ree. (‘elebrate world music at this workshop for all singing abilities.

Friday 28 Talks Anthony McHeavy Royal (‘oneert Hall. 2 Sauchieltall Street. 353 8000. 1pm. £3.50 in advance £4 on the day. The head of Kelvingrove .\'ew ('entury Project uncovers new plans to convert Kelvingrove .\1tiseum into a world class visitor attraction. Cafes Philosophiques Alliance 1-'t'ancaise 1)e (ilasgovv. 7 Bowmont (iardens. 33‘) 4281. 4 6pm. £5 (£31. A French discussion group on philosophical questions. A Higher l‘rench is reconunended.

Other events

Glasgow on Ice (ieorge Square. 0871 200 3‘)40. 10am 11pm. £5.50; £4 child; £18 family ticket. (‘hristmas markets. bars and cafes with an open air ice rink at its centre. right at the heart of (ilasgow.

Opening of Museum Resource Centre 200 Woodhead Road. .\'itshill. 276 ‘)300. Mon 'l‘hu 10am 5pm;

Fri Sun 1 Iain 5pm. Free. While the Kelvingrove Art (iallery arid .\ltiseum is closed for refurbishment this museum will give the public the opportunity to view items that only the museum staff previously saw.

Ibrox Writers’ Group Ibt'ox Library. 11 Midlock Street. 427 5831. 5.30pm. Weekly writing group for beginners. Living Cities Prospecthill Square.

18 30 Prospecthill Square. 'I‘oryglen. 423 4876. 7pm. liree. (ilasgow artists the Working Party and 'l‘utin‘s Stalker 'l‘eatro come together for this multimedia event housed in a disused supermarket in 'l‘oryglen. The installation/pet’l't)rmance event encompasses visual art. theatre. dance. art. lighting and video. featuring a special sound commission frotn (iiles Lamb. See preview in 'l‘heatt'e.

Saturday 29


CCA Talks and Tours (‘(‘A. 350 Sauchiehall Street. 352 4‘)00. 2pm. l-‘ree. A tour and talk looking at the ('(‘A and its work past. present and future.

Other events

Glasgow on Ice (ieorge Square. 0871 200 3‘)40. 10am 1 1pm. £5.50; £4 child; £18 fatnily ticket. See l-‘ri 28. Living Cities Prospecthill Square.

18 -30 Prospecthill Square. 'I’oryglen. 423 4876. 2pm & 7pm. liree. See Hi 28. Orient House (‘arnival Arts (‘entre. 2nd l-‘loor. 34 Albion Street. 07876 750466. 8pm 1am. £7 tin advance) £10 t£4). Belly dancers attd musicians take part in this event celebrating Middle liastern culture.

Christmas Fair (ireenbank (iarden. l'ilenders Road. ('larkston. 63‘) 3281. ‘).30am. £3.50 t£2.601. A festive fair where you can pick tip presents and decorations.

Dancing and music of the World St .\1ungo‘s .\1ttseum. High Street. 07754 ‘)04125. .\'oon 4pm. Free. l'nder 30s circle dancing workshop.


CCA Talks and Tours (‘(‘A. 350 Sauchiehall Street. 352 4‘)00. 2pm. liree. See Sat 2‘).

Holy, Healthy Renlield St Stephen's (‘hurch (‘entre. 260 Bath Street. 332 2826. 7pm. 1"ree. 11on (‘ity in collaboration with the ('hurch of Scotland lll\'/AII)S Project provide this monthly space for people to reflect on the relevance of faith in city life today.

Other events

Glasgow on Ice (ieorge Square. 0871 200 3040. 10am l0pm. £5.50; £4 child; £18 fatnin ticket. See liri 28.

Other events

Christmas Wonderland Slabs. Scotland's Theme Park. Strathclyde Park.

Motherwell. 0|6‘)8 333777. llatn ck 6pm. £6.‘)5. A (‘inderella thetned ('hristmas with a big top circus performance and a present from Santa and his elves.

Glasgow on Ice (ieorge Square. 0871 200 3‘)40. 10am l0pm. £5.50; £4 child: £18 fatnily ticket. See Fri 28. Christmas Craft Fair Mugttuek (‘ountry Park. ('raigallian Road. Milngavie. ‘)56 6100. 6.30 ‘)pm. Free. A festive fair with plenty of presents to buy as well as food. carol singing and mulled wine.

Green Drinks Blackfriat's. 36 Bell Street. 552 5‘124. 6.30pm. l‘ree. If you are interested in green issues or work in an associated industry. head down to Blackfriars for a chat with sortie like minded people.

Stop Bush Lauries Bar. 34 King Street. 07‘)85 7‘)7022. 6.30pm. liree. A weekly meeting tackling the issues surrounding Bush. Blair and the war on Iraq.

World AIDS Day Service St Mary ‘s (‘athedraL 300 (ireat Western Road. 337 2862. 7.30pm. Free. A time to remember. rellect and celebrate the lives of those who ltave been affected by HIV/AIDS.

Christmas Wonderland .\l&l)s. Scotland's Theme Park. Strathclyde Park..\1otherwell. 01608 333777. llatn 8; 6pm. £6.‘)5. See Mon 1.

Other events

Glasgow on Ice (ieorge Square. 0871 200 3940. 10am l0pm. £5.50: £4 child; £18 family ticket. See Hi 28. Christmas Craft Fair Mttgdocls ('ountt'y Park. ('raigallian Road. Milngavie. ‘156 6100. 6.30 ‘)pm. l‘ree. See Mon 1.

Greenpeace Mono. 12 Kings ('oul‘l. King Street. 553 2400. 7.30pm. l’rec.




Glasgow life

. Lidia.

The Hidden Gardens in the Southside of Glasgow will be transforming the dark and dreary winter nights into a magical winter atmosphere. Having already metamorphosised the area of wasteland at the Tramway into a sanctuary garden dedicated to peace, the people behind the Hidden Gardens are continuing to bring together the various cultural communities from the surrounding areas with inspiring cultural events. These opened in June with the inaugural Ceremony of Light, and have now incorporated the colourful celebrations of Diwali, Eid al-Fitr and Christmas in their Festivals

of Light programme.

With Diwali now over, it is time for the much loved Muslim festival of Eid al-Fitr which marks the end of Ramadan. Edi is traditionally celebrated by praying, visiting friends and eating, and the Hidden Gardens will bring it all into one location with the Muslim call to prayer as well as a traditional Middle Eastern open air bazaar selling food, jewellery and clothes. After the colourful and vibrant celebrations, the Nasheed Singers will switch on the Winter Lights - an ambient installation of hundreds of reflective and

tree lights around the gardens.

Following on from the Eid festival, the Winter Lights will be illuminating the gardens for a two week period leading up to the Christian festival of Christmas. It’s a visually stunning way of celebrating the many festivals and cultures from around the world and culminating in the magical feeling of Christmas. All we need now is the snow. (Jane Hamilton)

I Hidden Gardens. 25 Albert Drive, 0845 330 3507. 4—9pm. Free. Sat 6 Dec.

Join in the monthly (ireenpeace meetings and do your bit for the planet.

Wednesday 3

Christmas Wonderland .\l&l)s. Scotland's Theme Park. Strathclyde Park..\lothet'w ell. 01698 333777. 11am & 6pm. £6.05. See Mon 1.


Needle Work at the Burrell Burrell (‘ollection. 2060 Pollokshaws Road. 287 2550. Times vary. Free. A tour round the embroidery and needle work exhibits. Places are limited so book in advance.

Other events

Glasgow on Ice (ieorge Square. 0871 200 3‘)40. 10am l0pm. £5.50: £4 child; £18 family ticket. See Fri 28. Christmas Craft Fair .‘Vlugdock ('ountry Park. (‘t‘aigallian Road. Milngavie. ‘)56 6100. 6.30 ‘)pm. liree. Sce Mon 1.

Cafe Flicker (ilasgovv Media Access ('entre. 3rd Floor. 34 Albion Street. 553 2620. 7.30pm. £1. Submit your finished lilm to the (i.\lA(' and they will show it at this lively evening of film. discussion. advice and debate.

Friends of the Earth Friends of the liarth Scotland. 30 llillhead Street. 334 1050. 7.30pm. Free. Help to look after the planet and join in the monthly Friends of the liarth meetings. (‘all to lind out tnore about them.

Christmas Wonderland .\l&l)s. Scotland‘s Theme Park. Strathclyde Park. Motherwell. 016‘)8 333777. 1 Iain 6’; 6pm. £6.95. See Mon 1.

Book events

Arne Rautenberg with Ken Cockburn (ioethe lnslitttt. 3 Park (‘ircus. 332 2555. 7pm. A bilingual poetry reading by Arne Rautenberg. with Ken (‘ockburn

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