Godard: Portrait of the Artist at 70 (Bloomsbury 57255) O...

In many ways. Colin lvtaoCaho l8 tho portoot man to wrlto ahout Joanl uo Godard. A ko; figuro Ill tho politioal struoturalnst maga/lno So/oon during tho 70s. and somoono who's knox'v/n Godard off and on ovor tho yoars. lvlaoCaho (:omhinos woll tho anoodotal mth tho analytio. On tho t'ormor. wo hoar how Godard would play gamos ‘.'./|Ilt Anna Karina hy disappoaring for wooks on ond. that sooond wito Anno Wla/omsky got t'od up ‘.‘.’llll his Joalousy. and how. lll tho prosonoo of tho th:rd koy woman Ill his lilo. Anno Marlo Miowllo. ho would suddonly oomo to lilo.

As for tho analytlo. MaoCaho s good at plaolng (Sodard's work ‘.'/1thln tho history of modornism. dranxnng parallols hotx'xoon his H/stolrols; o'u Clnoma and .Joyoo's l'innogans ‘."/ako. and on how ioyo and doath aro tno thomos that run throughout his \.'..Iork. Suro. no (:ould somotlmos ask tor a hit moro dopth and toxturo. hut this Is still a tlno portrait. llony Mothhin.

(LOMI DY ()()t l t (le()l\l ALAN PARTRIDGE

Every Ruddy Word (Mio‘naol .Josoph S‘ltiflfll 0...

Had papor morohant [)avid Bront not oomo aiong. hothoring ovoryono \‘JIlll his manlo (lanolng. dodgy Jokos and hi: tugging antios. thon suion Alan

P; rtridgo would still l‘lavo hoon Britain's tlnost. most or”lgowortlw oomir: oroation slnoo Basil

l ant/lty. And this

(l()ll(:(3ll()ll ot tho radio and lV sorlpts mako t'or hilauous and tr'aglo roading: though it you'vo nox'or hoard Paitndgo spoak. tho impact may ho marginally lost. And got. ,ou (:an almost hoar familos up and down tho l ast Anglia roglon guoting from this hook ()‘.'(I't thou Christmas pudding You roall; oan. And thon thoio aro tho photos. Oh doar lord. aro thoro photos. Wo havo Alan ill his lél‘.’()lll'll(? oxoroiso shorts: Alan looking somownat ooprossod lll tho lorogrouno whilo

Miok l-luoknall sings Cnrist'nas oarois Ill tho Laokgiound: Alan

I( okzitg piotl‘, p.oaso<l watn huhsoll a:o:‘.gs:o: his siu’.t‘-, Last l'uiopoat‘ glritriond: Alan fook‘ing hoatoo duhng h.s loai‘. goats. Croatwoiy spoakmg, Ai‘ haal lndood. lBl'léltl Donaldson.

iilSlUilK 3A1 NOV! '. ALLAN MASSIE Caligvla

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Allan Masslo is nghtr, famous for his hoautrlully orattod histo' (:aé novois atlout tho ompozois ol Homo. and lllf; :atost ottoit. (It'll/gull}. doos not (llsalmoznt. (Sallgula utter/fl: ’.'.'<,-'.'o (:allang l‘.|.",l lion; hon: on ill’ is iogorsdary to: his oruo’ty. .nsanltfi, and .noost. but non,- Massio attoinptt; to ion/oal tho ioal potsoh honlno tho histonoal '.'lll'ti:"~. and doors so ‘.'.’llll

a clarity of stylo and

\JISIOH that Is lmmodiatoly ongrossing and ahsorhing.

Told from tho point of wow of Caligula's olosost aldo Lucius. tho story traoos tho lito of (Baius lCaligula holng a nioknamo ho aoguirod as a youth) from his happy childhood as tho darling of tho Roman armlos to tho trouhlod and dangorously orratio omporor ho hooamo amongst tho orumhllng dooadonoo to\.'.r'ards tho last days of tho Roman l mpiro loss \.’lf§(2(}l'éll and moro studiod than somo of his othor '\.'.’l'illllt}. (Xingu/a is nox'ortholoss uttorly (tompolllng and tho latost triumph In tho long and distingu:shod oaroor of its author.

[)oug .Johnstonol


The Opposite of Fate 'l-.amingo 5‘153.E)S)i O...

Sovnotnnos a <:ollo(:tion of hot: flotloi‘ ‘.'.'ntings by a ‘.'oh,oralo<l trotion '.'.'rstor (:an tool llko tho discardod sorapings liom tho t‘;.'po‘.'./rltor. a hastily (:ohhfod togothor stop gap on routo to tho noxt noxol. Yot. ‘~.'.’|ill [ho (limos/to of Into a (:ompohdium of proxiousl; put)llshod

:-ssa‘,'s and moro rooont musings you tool Amy lan has pioduood ll(}l lll()f3l pot'xorlzii ‘.'.«'oi'k to dato.

At; a novolist “.‘Jho is ofton aoousod ot <:!oatzng sontinlontalisod ‘autohiograj>hioal' liotion li‘. hooks suoh as [ho Joy / u<;k (Slut). Ian sols out to sato hoi roadors' (:uuosltlos l)‘, hluntly. lyuoally outlining tho oxonts that shapod hor ()~.'.'ll lilo and thoso ol lit}! foromothois, lhosoaio :ittoispoisod '.'.'Ith soino <>t lan's ootonnlnodly |(I()ll()(fl£tf3ll(Z ‘.":(3‘.'.’f; on ho: ‘.’.’()ll\ as a ‘.'/utor and hot status as a plontlhont ()hlnoso Anrouoah. Vu/hilo sonlo


[)RAl'l/ING COIlt—CllON REBECCA MILLER A Woman Who lBloomshury S‘l2.E)S)l .0.

A woman who is most immediately known as the daughter of that grand old man of American theatre, Arthur Miller, and current spouse of actor Daniel Day Lewis, will always attain a certain level of interest in her cultural output, however slight. And ‘slight’ would seem the most fitting description for this slim volume of amusing scribbles by a woman who is actually an acclaimed novelist and film director in her own right.

A Woman Who came into being when Rebecca Miller was challenged by a friend to draw a revealing cartoon based on the description ‘a woman who doesn’t know the meaning of the word awkward.’ Pleased with the resulting goofy, simple yet instantly recognisable line drawing, Miller began to collect related subjects from her friends, her scrawls becoming something of a quirky party piece. Subjects in the book range from the straightforward (‘a woman who has just realised her feet are hot’) with somewhat literal results, to the tricky and complicated. Try, for instance, creating a compelling image out of the phrase ‘a woman who has been in analysis for 10 years and thinks she knows the real reasons for everybody’s actions.’

Admittedly, Miller has produced a series of witty and familiar representations with minimal strokes of her pencil. But there’s something rather self-important about the book’s central conceit that these drawings reveal ‘all the secret, strange things that only women can feel.’ It’s not every woman who can have their funny pictures turned into a fleetingly enjoyable, if rather overpriced, book. (Allan Radcliffe)

A funny, if fleeting, set of doodles

ol thoso plooos aro soomingly unrolatod to 'l‘an's own lito. what omorgos Isa fasoinating. \xiyid and dooply porsonal aooount of a colourful Info and an insatiably ourious mind. lAllan Radolltlol

hut tho brutal irony l8 hard to resist. “Oh my God. this War on Torrorism is gonna rulo.’ oxclaims ono talking hoad. 'I can't wait until the war Is over and there's no moro torrornsm!‘ ‘l wondor who would wm it Truth. Justice and tho Amorioan Way actually got Into a light With oaoh othor.’ pondors anothor. ‘lvly monoy's on truth you can hardly soo him. he moves around so goddamn guiok.' (James Smart)

Iont thomsolvos to satiro liko tho (:urront 'War on Torror'. DaVId Roos hogan his Got Your War On comic strip lll October 2001 and. on tho basis of this collection. has enough no to last a century. 'l‘ho artwork Isn't oxaotly variod With tho samo skotohos of horod offloo dronos appoaring throughout

lit/AH SAl llit DAVID REES Get Your War On (Sorpont's Tail S‘S).E)S)l .0.

With its jargon. hypoorlsy and sublimation of human rights to tho prollt motlvo. tow things havo


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