' The Front

It wasn’t just London that swung during the 19605, you know. Even Dundee was at it. If you find that incredible. check out this Saint Andrew‘s Day treat, in which some of the young ‘uns who frequented the city's hip Haperanda

cafe bar are brought together today and shown the cine footage shot by the

owner, Luciano Soave. Even the Beatles visited Dundee in those days, though having trawled the late night hang-outs of Hamburg, the Fab F0ur

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would have been shocked by the lack of licentiousness on the go: an aspirin mickey finned into a Coke was the height of hedonism. Still. we get the wild man of Scottish football. wee Craigie Brown, popping up as one of Hammy and the Hamsters, the Dundonian beat combo who once tepped the Scottish hit parade. Strange days.

Sixties Scotland is on BBC1. Sun 30 Nov, 6. 15pm.