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The Yard provides indoor and outdoor adventurous play opportunities for chil- . A ' " v ' , 'f ‘“ "a 1.. ' . dren and young people with special needs

in a free play environment.


£7.00 - El [,50ph (paid weekly) EXPERIEN‘ED PLAYWORKER

Sessional Contract Ian - Dec 1004 , , H I! hrs per week @ £1.50 per hour Gift attracts new supporters and raises millions of pounds for a number of

leading charities. Our street based teams in Glasgow work hard but enjoy excellent rewards including great pay. regular breaks and monthly socials. If you're confident with a passion for charity work and like the idea of a strong team environment. meeting new people and facing new challenges every day. call our 24-hour recruitment line now. This could be right up your street.

ReszST. O I 4 I 332 3594

The Yard is seeking a Play Team member to assist with:

° The Teenage Girls Club. alternate Monday evenings. 5pm 9pm

° The Thursday Club which is open access for families. 5pm 9pm

° The Saturday Club which is open access for families. |2.30pm 4.30pm

Applicants will have experience and knowledge of working

with children and young people in a play setting.

Application pack available from:The Yard. 70 Eyre Place. Edinburgh EH3 5E]: Tel: 0| 3| 476 4506 e-mail:

Department of

(‘nnliicl RIAS lot it inh description \tiill‘w riiiuirgiik

.'\ppllc‘;lll0ll\ including (Y b} eminl tn llllClCUtlm r'i;i\.ui'g.tik ur 111 “nt-

, , Closing date for applications :— |0th December 2003 commumty sen/mes Interviews held week beginning :- ISth December 2003 The Yard is committed to equal opportunities and welcomes CounCll applications from all sectors of the community. h ' ° v tr \ ' I -~ '1' GDINBVKGH° 3.3-“- :f ..r,_v_ Hf. '1:,.'._k-.-l‘.[ ' , 1;; TeC nICIan 7 Brunton ' ' Based at Brunton Theatre, Musselburgh ' Theatre ii 39 hrs p/W Musselburgh 3, £13,650 pa ;i Brunton Theatre promotes a Wide programme of work by a range of performing arts H": "NQO‘RPQRAUON 0P . i companies on an annual basis. ~., Al“ "I I fl '5 IN ‘8‘ 0 I [AND .~‘4‘l‘tiii.‘iii}zi i - ~ -. -. . - - - " I'I. " .- .' ' .\ .\ " 55‘s.": .-£"f-.r . An experienced and suntany qualified Techmcnan. you ll a55ist With the technical needs ( 0 I u \u u ")‘s g: -:."<; a of this programme and the technical service that supports arts activity at a local level i. film". P0“ 3 throughout East Lothian. You ll be educated to at least HND level and have a minimum :3; (9.00m _ 5MP,“ Honda, _ Friday) 35% wiggtf ,3: of three years technical experience in an arts enVironment. “L500 “3.000 ... .. Application packs are available from the Personnel Services Division, East Lothian Working \\ itliiii ii bus) e\ent\ :iiitl L‘UlllllllllllculIUII\ tlepiimiienl. tlie Merits Council, john Muir House, Hadding‘ton, EH41 3HA' tel; 01620 827825 (24 hour answering untl (‘tininiiniiciitimis .'\\\I\I;Illl \\ Ill be mpectetl tn prm ide administratin- g service) to be returned by 12 noon on Monday 15 December 2003 It is anticipated that support In the Director of (‘nniinuniciitinns iintl lll\ department. l)llllt'\ : intewiecvs will be h ld k . o \\ ill include «lulu input. ticket pi'ix‘exxing. \\ elmte updating. marketing l e wee commencmg 12 lanuary 2003' lllilll\ll(ll\. I'L‘\p(llltllll;_' In enquiries. and general UtllCC tasks. Please qu°te reference: Ref32211CMS- li\pei'ience nl Micrtmilt ()l'liee products l\ L‘\\L‘llll;ll. An interest Ill iu'clii- 3% lecture is preferred but not L‘\\L'llll;ll, it.“ p

Innixe Meleiitl

East Lothian COUl‘ICil believes in Equal Opportunities Administration Manager

as an employer and service provider The Ru);i| Inctirpm'nlimi til Architects Ill Sctilliintl l5 Riitliind Square

lil)l.\'lil'R(ill lilll Zlili

. I Bar staff re uired- 'l‘el ()IRI 32‘) 7545 l‘;i\ (Ilil 238 Zlh'h' . Ha'm'esse's' (' . . -. I \I. . . .q : t . ) ~ work from home- ('lnxinu tliile Muiitlin 8 December 2003. N0 agencies lzxc‘iting sell eniplu) ed "ml" ' ""‘lgu\ “I "m In l-‘unttixiic opportunity. Make the i '

()DDtll‘lllllll) in it clean. nintlern [\“l'l'lli‘, Ila” turgilw'lmg.nmi -~ 3; '; V i i - \illtlll ceiitrzill) lUL‘tllL‘tl. l'll‘\l . I'“ (9ng foyfi‘f? L”) potential. Ll)()()+ p/iii. l‘ull three inuntlix' rent -l‘i'ee. “m” ‘1 “m” training. I-'I‘/l"l'.

Contact Richard on 338 970- Tel: 0141 959 9636. To advertise in The List call

0131 220 5959 for .' t tal t I. demighacggfggggfia'itv mm o m w W 01 31 550 3060

change mm! Serious earning

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