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THINKING ABOUT Wm Lomimi Your" Tlimm' u I N G Artistic Director / Chief Executive H I N G

salary £26’ooo p‘a‘ he Moray House School of Education is now taking .QDINBVRGH. bookings for this highly-acclaimed refresher course " For one Of the UK'S large“ IOCaI'based which helps support teachers back into primary and "

youth theatres. secondary teaching. Classes will be held on Thursday evenings over 10 weeks from 15 January 2004.

This role offers the opportunity for the right person to formulate and develop strategic policy and artistic vision. It requires compre-

hensive senior-level theatre experience. preferably with young peo- For a booking form and further information __ ple. including directing. leading and management. excellent financial. p|ease contact the CPD Office on 0131 651 / 0/ _'\,‘\\\~ networking. advocacy. motivational and organisational skills. 6348/6263 or email: allan.shanks@ed‘ '\

Deadline for receipt of applications: 5pm Friday I9th December

For a job Description and application pack. please contact:- Dance mmon

West Lothian Youth Theatre.The Playshed. Maree Walk.

Crai shill. Livin ston.West Lothian. Scotland EH54 SBP . . g g Loam to dance I Learn Greek wrth iun! in 1 mth (110 Nick [he (ireek Now on: Tel: +44 Ol506 43 I 727 Fax: +44 0l506 430348 _‘ um 067 0120 or 07952 - l earn to partner dance to any music .IIV‘T‘ I atin (Smarts (p, at”

Ema”: 'nf°@WIYt-Or8 Webs'te: WWW'WIYF'Org - Come alone or V‘.’II.l‘i friends (no need to biirig a partner) 0 Complete beginners welcome every week at all nights

WWI!) i”, W4

I Fiddle and mandolin one In one lessons. Beginners \ielcome. ll‘i\li. Scottish music and iinprmiszilinn. ('ull: ()lJl 57-1 ()0in or email:

jcurrhixwI lltillllilll.c‘tllll

I Learn Spanish now!

C31 ASGCNU Mondays Maryhiil Community man 304 Man/hill Road

Wednesdays; Glasgow Uni Union

a}? Umvermty Avenue V‘Jest and “701 II‘IC'IIH} Hum“ ‘l’cukcr- LDINBUHGH Mondays a Iiitirsdays All 11:168. Icwlx and amp “cl- Marcc :; 55 Grove Street come (business. lrawlling. ziczi- Yuosdays Sr Stephens hail demici. What are mu “ailing dance ' 5’1 Stephens twee? lftockbridge Int“? Tel: 07300 7 I4 003 or PI—H ' II I'll-“S‘Jr-WS CI'IY ~"‘ 13900518“; iiiikexernzi78m litillililll.t‘tilil 8 Smith Metriven Street . piano and Theory Dance Base National Cen're for Dance DUNDI t 2),];qil’sgh Hri 'I‘uiliuii li‘nm l'rieiidl). experi-

k m H m” F m w y m l eiiced RS:\.\II) graduate based . . . . BIS (2 Z) 3 i _ 0 (Ct) . i . 0 . .. . _” seeks a ‘0” "me BOOkaS RecePI'on'SI AHi—Hiii—i-N Tuesdays inc: ('Iiiltm Mills Cum :11”"””~‘i"d‘l':‘l;.'|‘1h“::l“

; n: erut es -.. en":

Calm Head, Peteicuiter H ) guides l-(i. Id: 07757

To work In our award w'nmng dance SIUd'°S° Thursdays The Loft M“ O Donagnues.

Box Office experience would be an advantage, 18 Justice Mill l zine Aberdeen 3'” 7W- _ _ . .

. . s i IHI INC-r iuesdays Opening soon. I Superb singing taition For further information please send an A4 sae to: , 1.. ,. an, nil‘crctl h} pr'iilt‘xxinnul \lligt‘l‘ Vicky Rutherford :t‘r tut;- I--'»t"hl)er':." :- ».. :2 numb-r -w~_.- min: i 13 )‘l'\ \tilh Scottish ()pei'ui. Dance Base National Centre for Dance MONIHI YEART'H’ " t' A“ IK‘CIWKIIIL“ QM‘I'L‘SI. _

f-_ eff-“ff i=”"\>‘-‘l" Iv-Ihv'J-iy '2' 3"” "NH?" Relaxed. ll'lt‘litll} sessions In 14.46 Grassmarket If}? “ff; » central (ilzixgrm. Beginners Edinburgh IL‘Hth . - v a.” {Pu-Irvic-i‘t" uelcoiiie. l’hnne Paul on: (ll-II EH1 2JU WLLK-LND WORKSHOPS: ‘4’")9”. M0” “73” . . 0 H: (Li >l .-'«'i muck urvl ~.'.r:r‘-\:.'i_.~;>‘. "2' .i'i (2w: t. /. or email. C E R 0 C I Learn to sing in u Closing date for applications Friday 5 December Tel' 01324 613 .909 E mail‘ hi@cerocscotland com relaxed. suppurln e em iron- . . ment \\ iih an experienced

Registered Charity NO. SC0225I 2 WWW-cerOCSCOt'and'COm \nice \uirk pi'aclilinnei'.

('uri'eiitl} runnng group class- es and illdi\ iduril tuition. ,»\Il It‘\t‘l\ \\ elcmne. 'l‘L‘lI 0l3l

657 3702.

I Cello and piano luiliun

m T P h) experienced. li‘iendl}. pm- ] I = r N E R S lexsiniiul lezicliei‘ and per- @ Mm“ IL “L L A l (H I NH" H” '2 loriiiei‘. ( hildren ttlltl adult TRAVERSE

Monday Friday December I-S - . . . beginners. I'L‘-lt‘illllt‘l\ and WIRE

Pilates with Karen Grant a ham ‘d in I ‘lll\ :ill \\e|cmne. PRESS & MARKETING OFFICER (Elm: {1ij WWW.

6:00 -- 7:00pm

t . 0""(llil‘5I-153I. it,- i i :1 U l t-k w”) “I J Contempovary wrth Karen Grant lk-I'm'lr ILI- -. -

) ltll app It ( ll i pa ( \V\ ii N5 _ 86pm I Learn Sash“ Learn (3mm! (Ii)[)Il(‘.<lIi()li Will be ii(;‘.(2(_2‘[)It'?(ll. ' .‘ . dance \llslil \\illl u Japanese eliei‘. See . x 1 1 gAl P R ,4 Professronal Contemporary Intenswe I I , m \ “Mm mm In uh“, I :‘\ it ‘.“‘ I. i; k. L; k- ~L. u; n S(.l.( (I t tk) (III (,(.ll (. It In)”, W'th LISI Perry _ pm . w _ _ I

l,, mm H \ 1 q (t ‘t “10,, g .H‘ t: “till \lliiplt lLLlIllItlllL\ .iiid

“Inn/(“Hob h IL!) . ../rIlli )l l\ “I. \ liLL , School graceful \l'\ Iv. h”. “‘0

IZDINBURGH. Izl‘ll /I, I) Oakfield Avenue. Glasgow GIZ hour class. Ingredients includ— Connct. ed. (iil'l \Ullt‘lit‘l‘\ ;i\;iil;ihle.

\ . ., . . ,. (irnups and children \ielcnme. (Jimmy) Dal“? I I“ I?) I)” 9003 “9"” 334 07'6 a (xiii: (NJ! 33: 57m or mu: \E/Cliaélzdance “.lmmmxhi“Hit

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120 THE LIST Pf Nov 1' Der: 70013