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0 I saw you .\Ihairi I'rom Sky'c - Liquid Rooms. l3lh Noy‘. Don't know which spun mc out most - thuila or you - tnaybc both. but I think this could rccur without thuila - do you'.’ Kx [7483/l

V I saw you Spud? l.ct's cat ('hincsc strudcl and custard again in thc \y'cst lind. Supporting mc as cycr. ()thcr Spud xxxx [7483/2

V I saw you looking cool & I'unky - l3th .\'otc Sat 8th .\'oy‘ - you black/rcd hair & gorgcous cycs. mc trying to bc I'unny. l’honc inc. [7483/3

V I saw you on scrccn.. l'cll in onc whcn w c spokc..l'cII in onc whcn wc touchcd..and I'm still I'allin'. I.o\‘c you l.ouisc..your singing girl...always... [7483/4 V I saw you at (iogurburn. controlling documcnts. I miss thc placc. and most importantly you. .\'cy'cr did gct you otit. Any chancc'.’ [7483/5

V I saw you gorgcous guy in thc ('(‘A bookshop. Want to comc homc and rcad somc of my books‘.’ [7483/(i

V I saw you cycryw hcrc I go. you wcrc tltc ciglttics pop princcss. I was thc oy'crly tall art school drop out. I loyc you lots. [7483/7

V I saw you You'rc tbc scxy- ass w aitcr l'rom Strayaigin. (iibson Strcct. I'm thc guy who was in for dinncr on Sunday ‘)th .\'oycmbcr with thrcc gals. (ionny gct in touch? [7483/8

V I saw you at thc liminctn ('onccrt. 22nd Junc - Sandy I'rom (ilasgow. You had your namc tattoocd on your right shouldcr. I had a .\Iickcy tattoo & worc a ycllow' hoodcd top. l’lcasc makc contact. ['/483/‘) V I saw you in 'I'igcr 'I'igcr. l.oy'cly Spanish waitrcss. You taught inc how to .say '(‘ordoba'. I'd likc to lcarn morc. ['/483/I()

O I saw you at thc Shack. Tuesday night. You. Ayr ['td Ian; inc. l-‘alkirk Ian. I stolc your drumstick and would Iikc to giy'c it back. Sorry I'or lcay'ing without you. [7483/l I O I saw you purc unadultcratcd ('onnolly back from thc diI'I'Y Spcw in thc toilct ncxt tinth l)a\'cr xxx. [7/483/l 2

V I saw you cutc hlondc (icrman girl. ['isgc Bcatha \VcdnCsday night. Namc could bc Danicla. You makc mc cra/y. [7483/I 3

V I saw you Jacquclinc on your birthday. .\lisbchay ing. As always. IIopc you gct what u want. You always do! I-'rank x + Iithcl. [7483/I4


124 THE LIST 7/ No; 7‘- [)(x; 7003

tel: 08702 430 935 - WWW.SPEEDDATER.CO.UK

V I saw you thc ncw' hot 'l'indababc. ctttc Irish acccnt. What's your namc. l’atrick‘.’ Rcccipt said Jcnny but I don't think that's you. [7483/15

V I saw you l’ctcr] you w'cc I'oxy' thing in ('omparatiyc la. Do you hayc any idca how gorgcous you arc‘.’ [7483/lo

V I saw you boy with glasscs conccntrating on thc badgcs on my bag. Scc somcthing you Iikcd'.’ [7483/I 7

O I saw you in thc l3lh .\‘oic. do you conic ol'tcn'.’ I do.

I saw you chickcn prctcnding to bc horsc. Ila Ila low you. .\I xx. [7483/l8

I saw you ()hhhh \'-ho -

now hcrc ncar as good as .\lingo-go. You scxy man? [7483/1‘)

V I saw you cal brcath. wiggling it in Blackt'riars. On Sat. Arc [I a horse"? ('omc ridc with Mic baby I'll bttck you till anytimc. .\'xx. [7483/20

V I saw you drinking inc undcr thc tablc in Mosquito. Marco you arc thc most... [7483/2I

V I saw you Donald wcat'ing a wig. man in a wig. always a good cltoicc. Don't bring mc down today. [7483/22

V I saw you but w c ncycr hayc a dcccnt cony'crsation. ('all inc. Did u mcan 2 miss mc'.’ l)an. [7483/23

O I saw you ('hristina Aguilcra in ('latty l’at's. You littcd right in. Did you pull'.’ [7483/24

V I saw you rancid sly dog - \Vcd I3 .\'oy - (il'vl' - did u cnjoy thc tilm‘.’ l was distractcd by thc smcIlIY [7483/25


0 I saw you ('aldcr sitting in thc Bascmcnt. You can flip my switch anytimc. turn mc on! Low Anna M. [7483/26

V I saw you .\Iltaii'i. looking lcss crusty than last timc I y'isitcd Iidinburghf ('an you still yoguc'.’ I.o\’c Bxxx [7483/27 V I saw you bar man I'rom Brcchts. I'm surc I'y'c sccn you bcl'orc. can you scc tnc again'.’ I know you want to scc inc xx [7483/28

0 I saw you loycly slttl snogging tltctu all at thc Bascmcnt - anytimc. baby? I'rotu Brccks boy cxtraordinaircl [7483/2‘)

V I saw you girl in thc .\Iadonna gluy‘cs. slumming in hipstcrs in thc Bascmcnt. I was disbcy'cllcd I'clla picking his nosc in thc corncr. [7483/30 0 I saw you at Planet ()ut IZ/I l/t)3 - You. rcd l-shirt. dark hair. drinking w'inc. \‘cry cutc but mc too shy. .\Ic. short brown hair. black jackct. [7483/3I

V I saw you as I applicd your cyclincr. You. swcct talking - mc. sccptical btit waiting for your call. I Iikc a challcngc. l.ct's do dinncr. Blossom xxx [7483/32

V I saw you dcclaring that you 'nccd a man' in thc .\'cw I‘orcst (’al'c. l.i.stcn babc - mcn nccd yotll All mcn rcading this. contact this bcautil'ul woman and ask hcr out for dinncrlI Hugs. ('os. (That should kccp you I'cd in 2004). [7483/33

V I saw you .\'cil with our bccr gogglcs on and log horn \tiiccs - sorry w c slolc your bcd. .\'o morc pints ot' yodka - promisc. J & .\l [7483/34

V I saw you and your arsc crack Iilling my buns at thc (ilobc ('alc. .\Ic. big moustachc. gct it on with you and 'I'rcy'or. [.7483/35

V I saw you posing. ycry scxy in my l.iying Room? I'm addictcd to your kisscs. on‘c K [7483/36

V I saw you from cht at thc lloncycomh. shaking your scxy arscl It's bccn an ama/ing six months .\Iolcyl .\Iay thcrc hc many morc good timch l.oy'c Slug x [7483/37

V I saw you hairy chickcn Icgs. I know you w car thc tightcst undics. Is your namc Paul from thc (ilobc'.’ [7483/38 0 I saw you sitting in tltc ('ity ('alc. You arc thc bcst looking brcakt'ast I'y'c cycr sccn. I loy'c youll [7483/39

V I saw you wcaring a RAAR t-shirt. banging your Icathcr skull likc it dcnitn sword. l.ct's hlccd .somc mctal togcthcr... [7483/40

V I saw you scxy rcd girl. .-\sa is your namc. I rccall. You gayc mc a look. you stolc my hcart I'orcy'cr. What arc you doing to mc‘.’ l drcam about you. will I cycr c it again'.’ [7483/41

V I saw you in thc l’cartrcc. You. thc Aussic girl bchind tltc bar. IIon-bcan. l loy c your nips. [7483/42

V I saw you actually I didn't scc you cos I had lcl't. btit Bugby in thc poncho. you owc mc IiI'ty quid? [7483/43

V I saw you you scarch coil'l'urcd yixcn. [7483/

V I saw you you grcasy haircd t'op. What kind of krah actually puts '.\I:\' al'tcr thcir namc'.’ [7483/44

V I saw you 'bcautil'ul blond pincapplc'. cating your IIakc scductiycly in thc I’cartrcc [7483/45

V I saw you in IIIC l’cartrcc Friday bcl'orc onc? You brokc your scal bcl'orc minc. I)id thc anatomy cxam go w cll'.’ l.ct inc strokc your cxtcnsor longtis I'ootusl [7483/46

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"I'm really glad I came along. Where else can you go out and meet 25 single women in one night? You'd have to be stupid not to give it a go" -Matt Lawson, marketing manager, aged 34


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