V I saw you Will Dawcs - your black hair glcaming in thc moonlight. in thc children's playground. Bruntslicld. [7483/47

V I saw you touin guy. standing at thc bar during thc qllll. .‘ylauyc shirt and glasscs. You scxy bcast. (‘all mcl [7483/48

V I saw you and fell in loy'c

with your stnilc. ['ntil that titnc.

l ncycr loycd a tnan. Your bcard rcally turncd mc on and I loyc your ruggcd looks? [7483/49 V I saw you in Juicy (‘outurc tracksuit in thc l’cartrcc. I wanna bc your backdoor man. V I saw you big singcr in l.i\'crpool top. Wanna kop a load with mc. scxy ‘.’ [7483/50 V I saw you stupid hippy chick trying to carry .3 things at onccl (iiyc up. And giyc us our bloody milk jug back. [7483/5l V I saw you auburn-haircd bcauty with clcgant companion. buying l‘abrics (lunchtimc.

l8/l l l. .\Ic. gilt-browsing gcnt. bclow par thcayy cold). Sorry. I couldn't hpr circling. gazing....dumbstruck. translixcdl Iinjoy this. & llowcrs - RSVP! [7483/52

V I saw you at lhc Barony Bar. Monday 17th Noycmbcr.

You. loycly lady in bluc glztssL‘s.

rcd skirt; mc. brown 'l’-shirt. thn I pluckcd up couragc to talk you'd gonc! Would loy'c you to call... [7483/53

V I saw you scxy lady in black with 2 pals at Ilcnry's ('cllar Bar. Saturday l5th .\'oycmbcr. \\'c danccd and smilcd. but I w as too shy. l’lcasc gct in touch! [.7483/54 V I saw you on ntnnbcr l6. Monday morning. .\'oy I7. I

was hclping a friend oi’l' thc bus.

()ur cycs mct oycr the top of thc Mctro. Fancy a bccr'.’ [7483/55

V I saw you at thc ('aray'an gig at The Liquid Room. l'm thc contcnt woman in sca- grccn and dcnim. you'rc thc bcardcd man in thc bluc (1’) jumpcr. Looked likc you could dance with all your hcart if you had thc right partncr. [7483/56

V I saw you To all thc goodtimcs and good l'ricnds who I'm going to miss dcarly. It's my timc to go on an adycnturc (onc of many). Will bc in SA shortly! chpin' it rcallllll ('olcy xxx [7483/57 V I saw you scxy Allssic barman from Ricks. think thcy call yott Tonto low to hotcl motcl. Your no.l cock tail Ian. Sarah l‘rom thc Stand? You'rc (iorgcous! (ict in touch if intcr- cstcd. il‘ not I'll hayc an lrn bra with no ich [7483/58

V I saw you in q for tickcts for MTV in thc gardcns. you Stcycn mc Jcn. .\lcant to mcct you for a hccr but lost you. It you still fancy onc. gct in touch. [7483/59

0 I saw you at thc Stand Sat 08/l I at oppositc cnd ol’ stagc. You with 2 matcs. tncchanic and car park scllcr! .\lc with malc matc. liancy a bcct".’ [7483/60 V I saw you 'I‘raycrsc barman. first at List party. lo\'cd your hat. thcn 'l'ucsday I lth at 'l‘ray whcrc you scrycd mc thc swcctcst smilc. .\lc dark hair. rcd su'caks. ('ol'l‘cc‘.’ [7483/6l V I saw you limma. looking scxy as cy‘ct‘ at thc ligg. I.o\‘c you. from Joint 'l‘cam [7483/62

V I saw you on lhc danccllooi‘ at Dogma you l'unky tnonkcy s. Scc you at ["I‘I's 4th birthday XXXX Turn on thc positiyc sidc :l 3 [7483/63

V I saw you at thc Baroquc on \Vcdncsday. scxy canary. my littlc twcctic pic... Don't bc ycllow... bc minc??? [7483/64 V I saw you Dungcon's Boy

((1 limitylushous in ligo l‘rcakin' out to Madonna w il~ ur posscl .\'ul Rcspcctf xx [7483/65

Personal Adverts

I Affectionate profes- sional male, 55. now sctni- rctircd. sccks warm liycly- mindcd woman with whom to sharc and cxplorc ncw lil'c. (Box Numbcr: l’/48l/l)

I Fit attractive man 33; 5'9. ha/cl cycs. darkish hair. cxciting job. ()wn homc. crc- atiyc. succcsi‘ul and good man- ncrs. smokcr. no tics. \VIII‘M I: 25-36 for plcasant conycrsation. lun [mics and a happy lil'c. Photo apprcciatcd and rcturncd. (Box No: l’/482/2l

I Tall dark fit handsomc malc/ 34. sccks scnsual. spiritcd l’cmalc for no-tics. l‘un rclation- ship. (Box .\'umbcr: l’/483/l)

Clubs & Activities

Learn secrets of Speed Dating Total Succcssll 2-hour scminar/ workshops. lidinburgh: l9th Noycmbcr. ()ycr-Scas llousc. I00 l’rinccs Strcct. (ilasgow: 24th Noycmbcr. Yatc's. I34 \V. (icorgc Strcct. Also! 'llandwriting Analysis l'or l‘un': lidinburgh 3rd l)cccmbcr. starts 7.30pm. U2. Tel: 0131 466 0265. www.relationship

C) female seeks male

W PETITE Glasgow girl, bubbly & hill of fun with serious sitlc also. likc c‘osy nights in with a takcaway ck bottlc oi winc. \\'I.'I'.\l I‘ricndly. bubbly guy for somc grcat timcs maybc rclationship. (‘all mc on 09067 563557 & cntcr II) no. l8695425

W EQUESTRIAN LADY 5'4", blondc with bluc cy'cs. enjoys rcading. horse riding. going ottt. cspccially for mcals out. not a big drinkcr. Looking to mcct nicc malc l'or ll‘ictitlsliip & morc. ('all mc on 09067 563557 & cntcr ll) no. l8467225 WIDOW 42, 5R2, slim. linjoys pubs. clubs. driying & swimming. \VIII‘M an outgoing malc l'or l’ricndship iirst. maybc tnorc latcr. ('all mc on 09067 563557 & cntcr II) no.

l9l l l I5l

W VICKY, 37, freelance pcrsonal traincr. singIc. looking for somc company. Likcs to kccp lit. socialising. \\'I.'l‘.\l somconc Iidinburgh arca. just to bc a friend. who Iikcs to kccp lit. ('all mc on 09067 563557 & cntcr II) no. ll670l30

W“ NURSE, 43, 5'4", Iikcs quict drinks. dinncrs. kccping lit. socialising. Ilayc traycllcd all oycr the world. bccn diyorccd. \\'l.'l'.\l somconc for a quict drink first ('all mc on 09067 563557 & cntcr ll) no. l8824425 “it” ANGELA, 5'6 with grccn cycs. auburn hair [it slim build. Iikcs pubs. cincma. walking & cating out. looking for Mr Right. (‘all me on 09067 563557 & cntcr II) no.

I3 I 7342l

W 4‘IYR OLD FEMALE, smokcr. bubbly pcrsonality'. Iikcs pubs & clttbs. \\'l.'I’.\l malc to enjoy lun times out [it possibly sharc a rclationship. ('all mc on 09067 563557 & L‘IIIL‘I' ll) no. l8(i‘)7425

SMALL BRUNETTE, 40, support workcr. Iikcs music. dancing. cincma & cating out. \\'I.'l'.\l scnsitiyc. caring malc I'or l'ricndship & possibly III‘R. ('all mc on 09067 563557 ck cntcr II) no. I82 I 3225

HELEN, 5'2, 10 stonc. blondc/grcy hair. good looking & outgoing. Iikcs dancing. walking. cating out & quict nights in ctc. \‘I'III’M i'ricnd & soulmatc. (‘all me on 09067 563557 & cntcr II) no. l8469235

5'3" lady, blond hair. bluc cycs. l.ikcs walking. cincma. swimming. nights out/in \Vlfl‘M man I'or friendship. possiblc rclationship. ('all inc on 09067 563557 & cntcr II) no. l8827425

BUBBLY FEMALE, 5'6, black hair. Iikcs pubs & clubs. \VIII‘M malc for fun. lricndship. possiblc rclationship. ('all mc on 09067 563557 & cntcr II) no. l3l7242l

SONIA 39, a carcr. small. pctitc build. likc clubbing & haying a good timc. \VlfI'M malc [o hayc a good latiin with. (’all mc on 09067 563557 & cntcr II) no. l8788426

33YR OLD, single mum ol‘ I. Iikcs driying. swimming. pubs. clubs. \VIII‘M nicc. caring malc to cnjoy lilc logcthcr. (‘all mc on 09067 563557 & cntcr II) no. l002334(':\Rl.\'(i FEMALE SEEKS SIMILAR MALE Bruncttc l‘cmalc 37. 5l‘t4. cnjoys music. outdoor lilc. animal wcllarc. rcading & cincma. \VIII‘NI gcnuinc caring malc l‘or I'ricndship hopci'ully morc. (‘all mc on 09067 563557 & cntcr II) no. l89l2l5l EASY-GOING FEMALE 43. blondc hair. grccn cycs. 5l‘t2. scparatcd. I‘amily. cnjoy .s going out. wining. dining. \\'l.'l'.\l truthful. similar malc. (‘all Inc on 09067 563557 & cntcr II) no. l9064l5l

“5'5" NAUGHTY BUT LOVELY 29y r old l'cmalc. looking for a good man 25-35 to kccp somc disciplinc. ('all mc on 09067 5 I0l45 & cntcr II) no. 4038809

"iii" PRETTY WOMAN SEEKS .\'/8 MALE \Vl'l‘ll .\'() 'I‘IliS ()utgoing liycly l‘cmalc. cnjoys lil‘c. diyorccd. Iikcs cincma. good food 8; winc. dancing. WIII‘M n/s. romantic malc who Iikcs nights ottl & has no tics. (‘all mc on 09067 563557 & cntcr II) no. l3l I745 BLUE-EYED,CUDDLY FEMALE. linjoys cincma. pubs. thcatrc. going for a walk & in nccd oi”l‘l.(‘. ('all mc on 09067 563557 61' cntcr ll) no. l8564225

male seeks feriigile

EASY-GOING MALE, 5'8". mcdium to stocky build. Iikcs dancing. \VIII‘M lady to sharc laughtcr & possiblc romancc. (‘all mc on 09067 563557 & cntcr II) no. l8708425 REASONABLY ATTRACTIVE, male, 5' l0". dark hair. casy-going \\'l.'l’.\l lady for fun timcs out. maybc morc. (‘all mc on 09067 563557 (E cntcr II) no.

l3 l(i()42l

ATTRACTIVE MALE SEEKS l"li.\l.»\ S( )l'l..\l.-\'l'li (iood looking (ilasgow malc. 45. diyorccd. ()ll:\('. loy cs music. cnjoys cincma. mcals oul. cooking. pttbs & country driycs. \\'1.'l’.\l similar icmalc. (’all tnc on 09067 563557 & cnlcr II) no. 1809446

PAUL 32, medium build. good looking with a good pcrsonality. low a laugh. \\'l.'l'.\l somconc lhc samc with a (i8()ll. ('all mc on 09067 563557 [y cntcr II) no. I8566225 JAMES, 47, shaven ltL‘zttl. 5H8. l3 stonc. L‘itsy going. looking lot' it Icmalc liol' l‘ricndship & fun. (’all mc on 09067 563557 & cntcr II) no. 18463225 - VERY RELAXED male, likc cating in/out. l'ootball. swimming. \\’l.'l‘.\l somconc for friendship. possiblc rclationship. ('all mc on 09067 563557 & cntcr II) no. l3]6042l GOOD LOOKING MALE 33. 508. has own btisincss. cnjoys country walks. pubs. rcstaurants & most sport. \\'l.'l‘.\l icinalc with similar intcrcsts. ('all mc on 09067 563557 & cntcr II) no. l‘)()‘)4l5l

" DARK HAIRED MALE 6'. singlc parcnt. cnjoys hay ing i‘un with my kids. \Vl.’l’.\l l’cmaIc in a similar situation to cnjoy lil‘c & hay c fun. (‘all mc on 09067 563557 & cntcr ll) no. l3l7542l BRIAN grey receding hairlinc. l hay c a plcasant pcrsonality & am chatty. l.ikc to walk. driyc & \ isit intcrcsting placcs. dinc out or spcnd titnc in. (‘all mc on 09067 563557 & cntcr II) no. 12l05228 -' MARK from Glasgow, 34. dad of 2. outgoing. likc walking. swimming. cxcrcising. \Vlfl'M lady I‘or l‘ricndship. possiblc rclationship. (’all inc on ()9067 563.557 «K cntcr ll) no. 3092 I42

HONE FREE 0870,.

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9/10 “50000 IO «’10 dd Cflto collect your messages safet ootdelmes hel; )ll"t

call “it”! “Ullibf” all” ’4"? $19 (“Ill “3330” YOU When yOt.‘ place an (town: in low;- l_lllx‘, vol: Will be lUt‘l :r‘. .2 l“..lil'.. :‘izm I‘vxz" :: ii . : ..

m‘l‘r 594W“ 5’01” OW" “354W 0' 3'60" 01‘ “It? liner to sea: comitrmatioo ot its»: acceptance. your own umqae port to .arxt in”: 1'». ::‘»._-:;’ .; 2' :. -r .. " ~ .1 | v -- _. a.

“SIC” l0 Olhl‘l “(IVU'IIS‘I’IT-Y CH” Cliii’flil‘d iii 759 PIN number and full tostruchOns on how to notoo to when: you .trv <.:..~r'.’_: I - H '

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