. chance to watch three experts in action befOre choosing one to do the makeover. You went to drama school and were in The Sweeney. What was your first acting role? JAN ET ELL'S was the face of I played the part of a princess who got changed

. into a pot plant. It was a Jackanory play with Frank Blue Peter In the 808’ bUt left the Thornton in it from Are You Being Served? and

limelight before her daughter teonard Sachs who introduced the acts on The Sophie became a pop Star. NOW, lgood O/(tDays. lt a verysteep learning curve. 0 you like Sophie s musuc?

she’s back on l (lo! Isn't that lucky? Her brother doesn't. But we have a lovely time. Which is good because it w0u|d

Which time in history would you have loved be terrible it had one of those relationships

to have lived in? where all I read about her was from a book entitled

Propapvy when t'te; thought that cum; giris; were a My MONK” HUI/79d My Life 0' SOmeth'ng-

(good thing. So. Ne. (Sangrr‘n‘s; time. What's Your favourite biSCUit?

when did you |ast dance? Do Jaffa Cakes COunt’?

YOSSZOVHZH, acttially My (:“iiuren ‘.'.’()tt'f tolerate it zn DO YOU Sti" watCh Blue Peter?

any 5;“ape or ‘<)r”‘. t"e\.' (:a'i't cope at all. Sophie 0" 8”“ Ott- to be hO'tGSt 't tOOk an aWtUt tong time dances; wit'l me new that she's; older but a 16» UCtCrC MOYtdaYS 3'10 THWSGGVS tett lUSt like {our 01“ 3-] t1 :mnK ‘t'f; ttgt rethhgght}. another day Of the \Veek. BUt I had a great time.

What’s your favourite sitcom? And for my last year when l was pregnant. it was Ca" I say the Office? Though I tised to owe How ‘éNttElSt'C UCCGHSG ' was let Ott games-

Do Yew War)? f/i'e'? '.'.=-ttt CUEKOTIU Coentan and '5 it twe that you’re scared 0f heightS? was [)x'iar‘ Meta": (2"z‘i":<:tte of cause tiied a coupie 0‘ that "0t a PrObIem 0" Blue Peter?

year“; ago. but I {ZKJES(J't.‘T(3|‘,’ t()l.'(2<} 1?. It '~.‘.’£153\./(3r‘, Ttttl‘ my thing that t “330 to do that was hlgh UD

{New I} (fists: t_""‘.(’}t\ "ain‘lj HHS l because they put 1 e" ‘ater and ater. But I ‘our‘d it. '107‘70 BUt Whe” YOU lump OUt Of 8 Diane- YOU

your new Show is caned Life Blood; what’s don't have any relation to the grOuhd: it's like that a" about? lillttpil‘g over a map. Still. I'd never do it again. It's about the Nat ()7‘111 8 ""(l SOYWCC'I my ignorance What’s Your tUCRY number?

:24" at matters; it; (:1: t was; really exposed. l'i“ Tin-"180” “8170(de SO tar. tOUCh WOOd- v‘:;‘ Sure they (:“ese "‘e. mesa-Wabi‘, beeatisse tf you won a million POUNdS. What WOUtd be

we, swim: I am :r’ tt‘e Stu“. the most expensive thing you’d buy? your next Show is caned House Busters; VJO'E. I wouldn't tell anyOne for a start. I woold what’s that a" about, the"? prooabiy t. uy a llttiO cottage somewhere either in It's; a virtua Mousse i'“£t'<(‘;()‘.'(3! ES'it)‘.‘/. 2-11.“. "4; she CC)."".‘.'/E1H Or Italy. And a BUDDY 0t some sort- e<::> e v‘steau 0" pa Me's (Wt: decorators. I Bi'ood Lines is on five, Mon l—Frl 5 Dec.

rt" jtjtglr' "r)\tg;(} ($925; ('3 9.2561/71. House BUSH;th Sta/TS 0/7 f/Ve In

p \.-."‘<;<;t.<;' “as a ::v::::.ei' "

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me i. thC. game’ttni? 5.38.

.;r' I. *.r' I.ut.'t V“, 1"" "it: ': 3'3: L»t7~: but:

' h v. K , r'. A! At. QAJC’ '5 guy

h..1l~f .u‘; v) 2"

. I. I I. t. .' ‘4 ._ I , pr. . I, t tt .idl,’ ~‘HJIJ! .w- .Ulv-A». “5.1,”: .1 .. J or .1 .v 7 q 1 I 96361;”. 91,4: hug“ Lt" t If}! .4 A"

.' y- r Q ~ - t 4 - t ' “3.18pm MOHC ‘6» "fr ; AW ----~lr.f 5606C15‘7 ~

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tit/ mother? fatqtlfiéz.

t Jury) ‘4?“ $33!? f .Umtf

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Er, i‘t'ttf fiat? {art 3‘; 3’; taft‘dt'uiif‘ N0 N0 [Va / 5;”; turns?) t’_'{:g’;",,_,

{14¢ Vt): LJIOWJ Jr . it: 31.0,- .L-t"

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A ."'C: I.‘-k' ~.I~k£ "1.31:1. "

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. great anemic-.15 (o. ligand, ‘y'at W‘er 9004 tax breaks-

128 THE LIST 1/? Na. 1'. {la-u 1)’, ,ie