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Wha' your top lm

oes it matter any more vvhether we define ourselves as Scottish.

British. or liuropean'.’ Last week. ahead ol‘ the Scotland v Holland

game. Amsterdam vvas overrun by members ot’ the Tartan Army. draped in Saltires and greeting one another like long-lost friends yet Scottisli club football is dominated by teams made tip largely of Europeans. By the same token. it's hard to think of a movie that stuns up the old-tashioned Scottiin spirit better than Brave/wart. Yet it stars and is directed by an ()rzie. and the battle scenes were lilmed in Ireland. When it comes to lilm. Scotland has enjoyed some huge international hits. such as 'I'ruins/mtlirig but like many other products in a globalised market. there are hardly any lilms that can be described as 100‘? Scottish.

What does it matter'.’ ll‘. as vve have in our supplement "l‘he 50 Best Scottish Films of All 'I‘ime'. you take a generous delinition ot' Scottishness. it‘s clear that this country has had a close involvement in some movies that rank among the finest ever made. anywhere. If. you‘re not immediately convinced. take a recent (Juan/fun poll of the 40 best film directors in the vvorld. Standing proud at number l2 is Scottish lilmmakei' Lynne Ramsay. Although she has only made tvvo lilms of note (.erl'l't'l'll ('u/lur and lx’uti'uti'lir'r). she is ranked higher than Quentin 'l‘arantino and Pedro Alinodovar. higher than the Wachovvski Brothers and Wong Kar Wai. And best of all. she is the ranked as the best vvoman lilm director in the world. Doesn't that make you proud to be Scottisli'.’

[n that spirit. we are asking you to test vote for your l’avourite Scottish lilm of all time. And thanks to ()range it‘s at your normal phone tarit’l'. (Yes. despite the fact that our sponsors share the colours of our l’ootballing nemesis. we still love 'em). Will it be the ‘real‘ Scotland ol' .WUl'l‘t’l‘ll ('u/lur. or the mythical Scotland ot‘ Brave/twirl“? Read The Li'sr's supplement and have your say.


VALLEY OF THE DOLLS What makes Valley of the Dolls such a cult? For one thing. it says so on the cover. lheie. iust above the title: ‘the cult classic'. For perhaps another. this republished version contains an introduction by none other than Julie Burchill. That is if you can find it. Several flicks through this paperback and there's no mention of the sgueaky soaphoxer's name. But there s some rather strange. had poetry before the real action hegins. l hat could he it. Either way. the author can't tell us why 'the first sex and shopping novel" has garnered such intense acclaiin. Jacqueline Susann croaked in 197.1. eight years after her tale of sex. drugs and broken dreams was initially unleashed. We can tell you that the dolls in question are the brightly coloured sleeping pills which our heroines (loosely based on Judy Garland. Grace Kelly and Marilyn Monroe) get hooked on. Whether the hook will have the same affect on you depends on your ability to swallow dialogue such as: 'lt's hecause hes a man: and men stick together." Or: 'I don't need the money. l Just want out. My last electro cardiograin convinced nie.' Or even: 'l-ley. are you one of those hroads who laints at four letter words?" (Brian Donaldson; I Valley of the Dolls is republished hy Virago on Hi (’8 Nov, priced FAQS).

121115 LIST 2"" NC. " l)r:<:

1 Cindy Sherman

Art The enigmatic photographer brings us some more disturbing and funny self-portraits in the image of clowns. society wives and Old Masters. See feature, page 14 Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh.

2 Basement Jaxx

Music Is dance music dead? No. And here’s the proof from the Kish Kash duo. See feature, page 16 Corn Exchange, Edinburgh.

3 The Spirit of the Beehive Film A welcome re-release of Victor Erice's evocation of the post-Spanish civil war era seen through the eyes of a young girl. See Film, page 33 Filmhouse, Edinburgh.

4 Pressure

Clubs Laurent Garnier graces us with his techno presence along with the likes of Miss Kittin and Groove Armada. See Clubs, page 82 Arches, Glasgow.

5 Marx Brothers

DVD The freewheeling siblings are brought together with a four-pack of their finest movies. See Buy it This Fortnight, page 107 Universal.

6 Master and Commander Film Russell Crowe excels in this swashbuckler which soem critics have described as ‘Gladiator on the high seas‘. See Film, page 34 General release.

7 Skatalites

Music The reggae legends are enjoying a revival of sorts with their big band roots sound. See Music, page 52 Carling Academy, Glasgow.

8 Al Murray

Comedy How do you prove that God exists? With bacon, of course. English bacon, probably. Yep, the Pub Landlord is back. See Comedy, page 78 Stand, Glasgow & Edinburgh.

9 Richard Alston

Dance For Alston's new show. his top dancers immerse themselves in music from composers such as Scarlatti and Terry Riley. See Theatre. page 71 Festival Theatre, Edinburgh.

1 0 Little Britain

TV Matt Lucas and David Walliams follow up their Rock Profiles with a gallery of darkly comedic rogues. See TV, page 114 BBC2.