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20 THE LIST 21' Nov— 1 Dec 20011


Edinburgh’s ..

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Cavitai‘ Christmas

Experience the fantastic festive atmosphere at Edinburgh’s Capital Christmas and take part in the many activities that are on offer in East Princes Street Gardens!

The Edinburgh Wheel

Take a seat, ride high and enjoy an unrivalled view of the city in all its festive splendour! Open daily until 4 January. 10am - 10pm. (closed Christmas Day).

Winter Wonderland

Back for the sixth year in a row! Get your skates on and come along and join in the fun at Britain’s largest outdoor ice rink. Open daily until 4 January.

Sun - Wed 10am - 8pm; Thurs - Sat 10am - 10pm

(closed Christmas Day).

The Traditional German Christmas Market Experience the magic of this magnificent market right in the heart of Edinburgh.

Open daily until 24 December 10am - 8pm. Sun 12pm - 8pm.

An Aladdin's Cave ()fGifts

The Nancy Smillie Shop . Chrlstmas Wlshes

53 Cresswell Street West End Glasgow Tel/Fax 0141 334 4240 E-mail