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Winner of 8 International Prizes FESPACO 2003 Grand Prix - Cannes 2002 International Critics' Prize

Written and directed by ABDERRAHMANE SISSAKO



EMPIRE "Poetic...

powerful images" THE TIMES

"Funny, touching...truly beautiful" TIME OUT

**** "Tender, poignant" THE INDEPENDENT “This gem of a picture" NEW YORK TIMES

"A beguiling work" TOTAL FILM An Artificial Eye Release in association with




83 Latin load. M 0131-2232“!

Cosy Dens (Pelisky) I I2AI (Jan llrebejk. (‘Iecli Republic. WWI .\liroxlay l)onutil. Jiri Kodet. Simona Stasoya. limilia Vasaryoy'a. Bolek l’oliy ka. l 15min. l-‘amily drama. set around ('hristmas time during ('ommunist rule in (‘Icchosloyakia 'I‘he teenagers think their parents are idiots and the feeling seems to be mutual. The film was a minor hit in its homeland. Part of the New Bohemians (‘zech Season. (il'ull (i/uwmi;

Days of 36 I IS) I'l‘heo Angelopoulos. (ireece. l‘)72i l20min. The first of Angelopoulos's triptych on 20th century (ireek history is based on actual eyents that took place in 1936 when a man was arrested for the assassination of a politician. Protesting his innocence. he takes a hostage in ltis cell. (l( ‘xl. (i/(lyr'im.

Devil’s Gate I l2AI 0 (Stuart St Paul. 1K. 200‘) Laura liraser. (‘allum Blue. l.uke Aikman. 'l‘om Bell. ‘Nmin. Rachael Il‘raxeri comes home with her ex-boyfriend Rafe to the small. bleak island in the Nortlt sea that she ran away from some the years before because she beliey es her lather is dying. She runs into island hopper Man. a line triangle forms and Rachael is keen to leaye. btit first she must find her wayward mother. Low budget horror drama that has been cotttpttt‘etl to The llit‘k’t'r .llun. See reyieyy. [‘(IY‘ Rt’Ii/I'l’lt .Nfl't't'l. (i/(lymm‘. Diplomatic Pouch (Sumka Dipkur’era) (tbci (Alexander l)oy/henko. t'SSR. l‘)27i Margarita Barskaya. Dmitri Kapka. .\lary an Kruxhchelnitsky. 72min. l)o\/henko's first feature w as an international spy thriller based around the real life assassination of a Soyiet Diplomat. Any film that features linglish ('ommunixt farm workers racing against time to deliy er the dead enyoy ‘s bag to Leningrad has got to be worth checking out. Showing with 1026 short [m (' [ferry (ingot/u Lyn/tin. Part of the

l)o\ Ihcnko season. film/Inuit: Iii/inlmre/I. Earth (l'I “.00 I.-\le\ander l)oy/henko. t‘SSR. l‘)30i tbcmin. Semyon Syashenko. Stepan Shkurxt. .\likola Nademsky. A rarely equalled lyrical eyocation of a land and lls people by one of the few poets of cinema. I'i/m/Iumt'. Ifr/i/t/mreli.

Eden I lSI ((‘Icc/ot. Poland. Poland. 2002) 85min. A rare feature length animation. hand drawn and painted oyer six years. This was a real labottr of loy e by Andr/ej ('Iec/ot. a \eteran l’olish artist. and his team of 60 artists. You/eck tray elx through heayen and

hell and into a world peopled by depictions of

historical and mythical characters from Noah to Salyador l)ali. Saints and rabbis fly across the sky in a torrent of inusic and colour. to take tis on a fantastic. imaginative journey. Showing with the short :l liner of Blond. (r/‘Hll (;/(1\fl(’ll'.

Eeny Meeny I ISI (Alice Nellis. ('/ech Republic. 2000i lya Jan/uroya. l.eos Sticltaripa. 'l’heodora Remtmdoy'a. liy'a llolttboy a. l0-lmin. In a small Bohemian town during election time two retired school teachers are liy ing their life. Jan has had a stroke recently and his w it’e Helena pttts up with his childlike w ays. 'l‘hen their daughter returns home to sit on a local cotntnittee at her mother's insistence. Much admired ()ltl- esqtie drama from the (melt new waye. Part of the New lioltelttittttx settsoti. (il‘uli (Hawaii.

8 Women I IS) .00. (Francois ()lon. l‘rance. 2001 I l03min. A classy cast of l‘rench diyas including (‘atherine l)eneu\e and Isabelle lluppert find themselyes embroiled in a murder mystery in the French country side. Which of these glamorous women is guilty 1’ Part musical. part whodtinnit with plenty of bitchiness. wit and layish linery. (omen. Edinburgh.

Elf (NH .00 (Jon l-"ay'reau. l'S. 2003i Will l‘errell. James (’aan. lidward Asner. 00min. Buddy (l‘errelli is a big lilf who. though accepted in liix lily ixh community in the North Pole. manages to wreak hayoc on a daily basis. led up and confused by his charge. l’apa till I Bob New hart) sends him to the IS in search of his true Identity. Hilarious and puerile Yuletide comedy from the star of Sn I'llt't’ry. See rey ieyy. (it'lti'l’u/ I‘t’ft‘th'.

Etre Et Avoir (To Be and to Have) Il‘I 0... (Nicolas l’hilibert. l‘rance. 2002i (ieot‘ge |.ope/. ltllmin. l’hilibert‘x documentaries are well recognised for

managing to equal the emotional depth normally produced through great fiction. and this lilnt is considered his most successful to date. haying premiered at lill’li '12) Be and In Hqu documents one year at (ieorge Lopez's one-room school house in the remote dairy farming region of Auy'ergne. ('(‘I. ('ly‘dt'bunk.

Farewell America (Proscaj, Amerika) (tbcI (Alexanderr [)oy/henko. l'SSR. 19-19) I.iliy'a (iritsenko, Nikolai (iritsenko. laitix ()sis. l.yudmila Shagaloya. (irigori Shpigel. 73min. Anna Bedford. a young and idealistic girl from Pennsylvania. accepts a State Department assignment to serye in the [S limbassy in Moscow shortly after the allied Victory over fascist (iermany. In Moscow she gets more than she bargained for when she realises the righteousness of the Soyiet way. listremely' rare screening of Dos/henko‘s unfinished final film. The Kremlin ordered a halt on the production of this film in 105 l. but the film was completed using existing material in 1995. I-‘i/mhouic. lz‘tliII/mreli.

The Farmer’s Daughter I l’(il (tt(‘ l’otter. l'S. l‘)-l7I Loretta Young. Joseph (‘otten 97min. When a Swedish-American farmer's daughter leayes the farm to study nursing in the big. bad city. misguided friendships and circumstance soon reduce her to penury. so she ltas to get a job as a domestic for congressman (ilenn Morley ((‘ottont (‘ue good old-fashioned comedy courtship. 4th Holly wood style. S! Brit/("s (‘c'nlnn Iz‘tli'IIlmre/i.

Fidel (tbcI (listela Bray'o. l'S. 2001) ‘Jlmin. l’re-( ‘umumlunte documentary about l-‘idel ('astro. coy'ering 40 years of (‘uban Resolution. Rare liidel ('astro footage is mixed with contribtitions from his many friends and associates. among them Nelson Mandela. Muhammad Ali. Harry Belafonte. Angela Day is. Ted Turner and Alice Walker. l-i/nilmuxt'. lit/inlmrelt.

Finding Nemo I t' I oooo (Andrew Stanton/Lee l'nkrich. l'S. 2003i Voices of Albert Brooks. lillen l)e(ieneres. Alexander (iottld. Willem l)afoe. Brad (iarrett. Allison Janney. l00min. l’ixar‘s latest now that they are free from the umbrella of Disney is the delightful tale of a little fish and his daddy's attempts to find him when he gets scooped out of the water by a human. ('leyer. funny and better than The Little .llt'rmuitl (jtist I. (it'llt'l'tl/ I'l’lt’th’.

Firefly Dreams (tbcI (John Williams. Japan. 2001 I Maho. 'l‘sutomu Niw a. litsuko Kimata. llartio Hanahara. 105mm. 'I‘earjerker from Japan abottt a teenager becoming reacquainted with an elderly relatiye who is suffering from Alzheimer's. The film has been dubbed the Japanese ()It (In/(It’ll I’Ultt/ but it has been popular with audiences at sortie of the smaller l‘S tilm festiyals. And no. the director is not the composer of the same name. (‘('.-l. (iluseou:

Goodbye Lenin! I 15) (Wolfgang Becker. (iermany. 2003i Daniel Brtihl. Katrin Sass. Maria Simon. l2lmin. ('harming comedy drama which won the Blue Angel Award at Berlin. Set initially during the dissolution of (EUR in I‘JX‘) when Alex‘s mother slips into a coma after an almost fatal heart attack. She awakes in 1900 and liast Berlin has already changed considerably. Ales is determined to protect her froIn any kind of shock. (inner). [climbing/I.

Gumball 3000 I IS) (Simon llilton. [S 2003) Ryan Dunn. Jodie Kidd. l0lmin. Narrated by Burt Reynolds. this docudrama mm ie follows the real life (iumball Rally from San Francisco to Miami. 3000 miles in six days itty‘oly'ing I50 cars. (Mum ('I‘Iy (‘t'nmc (ilusgms:

Historians Minimas ( l2al ((‘artos Sorin. Argentina. 2002) Antonio Benedictti. Jay-ier Lombardo. Jay iera Brayo. ()Zmin. l’leaxingly‘ low -key road moyie that unfolds in the southern Argentinean region of Patagonia. and

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