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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs tl‘) t\\V;III l)t\tlt‘). I'S. I937) \Villi IItL‘ \i)lc‘L‘\ of Adriana ('axelotti. Ilarry Stockw ell. l.ucille La Verne. 83min. ()ne of the moxt enchanting and influential of animated featurex. The central character ix a mite wet but the individualistic dwarfs. memorable xongx. xuperbly crafted backdropx and characters make thix an exxential cinematic experience. .\'ow restored. frame by frame. with colourx. ll.\ ;t\ slittl‘p gtx C\ L'i‘. XI Bride '\ (t'llll't'. Ifdin/mre/i.

Sole Sisters (Filles Uniques) l )5) (Pierre Jolivet. l‘rance. 2003) Sandrine lx'iberlain. Sylvie 'I’cxtud. Vincent l.indon. l‘rancoix lierleand. 55min. (‘arole ix art overworked investigating magistrate. married to an ov erworkcd doctor. The demands of their rexpcctive professionx mean they rarer interact. ('omparatively xlraitlaccd ('arole interv iewx spunky working-class 'l‘ina a candidate for parole. 'I‘hcxc two women from different walkx of life iorrn an unliker but sincere bond in thix winning off-beat comedy. Part of the I‘rench I-ilm I-‘extival. l-i/ni/ioiixe. lidin/tiiruh.

Some Secrets i 15) iAIicc Xc‘llix. (‘xcch Republic. 2002) Iva Jan/urova. 'l‘heodora Rcmundova. Igor Iiarex. Sabina Reinundova. I00min. A road movie xct on the highway between Prague and a small ceriietery on the Slovak border. In order to fulfil their l'allicr'x last w ixh to be buried in a cemetery in his native country. an entire family who are not 0th l0 Il;t\ lit}: each otlter ttl xllcli cloxc quarters pack tlieiiixch ex into two carx to tranxport liix ashes ilt'l'tixx the border to Slovakia. As the tourney goex on. II becomes clear that they need to face old problemx in order to get on with their own ll\L‘\. Part of the New Bolieinianx ('Icch Season. (i/‘l. (i/iivemi.

The Sons of the Great Mother Bear ithc) iJoxet Mach. liaxt (iermany/(‘/cchoxlo\akia. l‘)‘)()i (ioiko Mitic. ()inun. The first of the wildly xuccexxl'ul series of liidiaii films from the liaxt (icrinan I)l'.l'i.'\ Sllltllth. ‘li/lt' Sully (til/1e (it'i'ill .l/rtllti’r lieitt‘ telIx lIlL' xtot'y ol young chicl' lokct-tilti) of the Dakota tribe. driven from their reservation by corrupt and sadistic whitc invadcrx. l'nlike .'\lltL‘i'li.‘;tii chtcrtix. all the I)Iil’A lilmx portray the Indians ax the herocx and the white xcttlcrx ax the villains. encouraging a huge cult following in the eaxl. l’at'l Hi the Red “cslct‘ttx \L‘dNUll. I't/In/quvi'. lidin/riu'g/i.

South iI’) ... tl‘rank Ilurley. l'ls'. I‘ll‘h “linin. l-axcinating footage tilincd during Sir lirnext Shackleton'x ill-fated expedition. What starts off ax a great adventure bcconiex a light for survival against the harxh elcmeiitx when Sliacklcton'x ship. the Iindurancc. becomes stuck in the ice. Shackleton led Iiix incn onto the ice where they tloatcd helplcxxly for live inonthx before undertaking an S00 iiiile tourney to safety in an open boat. lidin/mreli l'i/Hl (nu/d. Izdinlmrgli.

0 The Spirit of the Beehive i )5) ..... (Victor Iirice. Spain. Ill-5'3) l‘ernaiido l-"ernan (impel. ‘I'crcxa (iinipera. Ana 'I‘orrenl. Isabel ‘l'c-llcria. ‘)Sinin. Ii) rural Spain alter the ('i\ ii War. the pcoplc'x apathy ix thrown into contrast with the fren/ied activity of bees. .\lcanwhilc. a young girl ix alone in dreaming of liberation. through the gentle giant figure of I‘rankenxtem. who xhc identifies w ith a young but doomed soldier.



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44 THE LIST Nu. " Iitn. j”,

Moody and haunting. lirice'x debut is a calmly moving maxterpiece that has illxl been re ixxued. hurrah? Sec rev icw. l-i/ni/iuuve. Ifdtn/turg/i.

Spirited Away tl’( i) ..... tllayao Miya/aki. Japan. 200i ) Voices: I)a\eigh ('haxe. Runri Iliragi. Sidonie von Kroxigk. Miyu Irino. Jaxon Marxden. l25iiiin. At more llian two hours long. any Japanexe animation with a children‘s certificate can only he a hard sell for w cxlcrn audiences. Despite winning the best animated picture Oscar and getting a heavy piixl) from l)ixiiey. .S'piri'Iei/Aiiuv didn‘t get the audience it dexci'v ed in the States. Which ix a xhaiiie becauxe IIayao Miya/aki'x film ix an animated masterpiece and truly takes you by xurprixc. (‘hihiro travels through a tunnel into another world. where xhe happens upon a bathhouxe for the spirits. After chow ing down grecdily on some spiked local produce. ('hihiro'x parentx are tianxl'ornicd into pigx. leaving then suddenly dutiful daughter to xcek work in the bathhouxc in order to release them. Philosophy. amine and xhainanixiii Ililx ix xomething really stunning that needx to be \L‘ctt to be heliev eil. Se/ei'ti'd I‘i'leitu'.

Spun t 18).. iJonax Akerlund. IS. 2003) Jason Schwart/iiian. Mickey Rourke. Brittany Murphy. John l.egui/amo. I’atrick liugit. Mena Suvari. l00min. A three day window into the lives of ('alil'ornia crack addictx w i'ittcn by ('reigliton \cro. inspired by Meth-Uxer Will I)e l.os Santox' experienccx has litth to say. Beyond providing an unprcxxion of a lifestyle. Spun makes no comment upon. nor provides insight into the culture. I‘urtherinore. tltc lilm does nothing to flcxh out its cast of cra/y cliaracterx: Jaxon Sclivuirt/nian‘x college drop-out. John l.cgui/amo'x dealer. Mena Suvari'x uptight girlfriend. Mickey Rourke'x cook. Brittany Murphy ‘x pole dancer. I’atrick I‘ugit‘x nu metal kid or Deborah Ilarry 'x noxy lesbian neighbour. Worxe. there's a nasty nuxogynixtic streak running through Spun: a naked woman handcuffed to a bed. a close up of a girl del'ccatiitg. a crotcl) xhot of a fat lady il\ xltc \plllx Junk litml t)\L'l' ltL‘l'wll. .-\Il Spit/1.x got going tor II ix its gloxx and a good (though waxtcd) cast. See preview and review. Selected I'i’li’rlu'.

The Spy who Loved Me il’(il COO tI.cwix (iilbert. I‘K. 19'7") Roger Moore. Barbara liacli. ('urd Jurgenx. Richard Kiel. Desmond I,lcwclyn, 125mm. Mr Bond inuxt team up with liix Ruxxian female tnaturally) counterpart to \tlI\L‘ the my xtery of the

dixappearing nuclear missile carrying submarines. 'l‘heir task is made all the more difficult by the presence of metal-mouthed menace Jaws. 'l‘he omnipresent Q pops up with a selection of handy gadgets to help James finish off the had guys. Screening to be introduced by Richard Kiel. See Rough (‘uts. Film/muse. lidin/nirgh.

Steal 1 I5) .0. ((ierard Pirex. I'K/l"rance/('anada. 2003) Stephen Dotti. Natasha Ilenxtridge. Steven Berkoff. 1 10min. linergetic sky-diving roller-skating heist movie that was originally released in the statex as Riders. See review. Selected release. SWAT 1 12A) . ((‘lark Johiisoi). I'K. 2003) Samuel 1. Jackson. (‘olin Farrell. Michelle Rodriguez. l.l. (‘ool J. Josh (’harles. 130mm. 'I‘urgid police actioner about the LAM) Special Weapons and Tactics team. See review. (ieneru/ release.

Sweet Sixteen ( l8) 0.” iKcn l.oach. l'K. 2002) Martin (‘oiiipstoii. William Ruane. (iary Mc(’orinack. 106mm. ('heeky west coast Scotland ned Liam ((‘ompstom is awaiting his mother's release from prison. l’a\ not around. so l.iam. determined to give his riia a new home and a better life. begins dealing drugs. I.oach's no frills working method sits well with screenwriter Paul I.averty's straightforward storytelling. which prioritises character development over fancy plotting. In his first screen role (ireenock local (‘ompston excels as the tough kid with a tender heart. and it‘s his performance which lifts the film. imbuing it with both warmth and humour and countering the balance between worthy polemic and highly watchable drama. I '(i(' Renji‘erv Street. (ilusgmi': Film/rouse. lei/inhiire/i. Swimming Pool ( IS) 0000 titanic-ms ()zon. I‘titiic‘C/hK. 2003) ('harlotte Rampling. I.udvine Sagnier. ('harles Dance. l02inin. Prolific French director Francois ()zon makes his English-language debut. reuniting with Rampling. his muse from ('nder the Sand. to impressive effect. Ilere she is cast as the middle-aged Sarah Morton. a British murder- mystery writer. who‘s struggling with a creative block. She accepts the offer from her publixher t(‘harles Dance) of the use of his second home in Provence. In this idyllic setting she begins work anew. only for her peace and quiet to be wrecked by the appearance of her host's wild-child l-‘rench daughter. Julie tl.udivine Sagnier). Yet Sarah hccoinex intrigued by the antics and experiences of this hedonixtic teenager. and finds her own writing being rekindled.

Go on, you might as well jump! Jamie Sives is on the edge in Wilbu

.S'ii'inmiing Pool unfolds as a character study of seeming opposites and rivals but it is also an enigmatic suspense drama. in which ()lmi playfully blurs the lines between fantasy and reality in order to explore the nature of his own artistic creativity. Sagnier dal/les with the sexiness of her performance. but it's Rampling who dominates in portraying her character's journey form repression to liberation. ('umeo. Ifdin/mreli.

Taking Sides t IS) ... (lstvan S/aho, I'K/l-‘rance/(ierinany/Austria. 2003) Harvey Keitel. Stellar) Skarsgard. Moritz, Bleibtreu. Birgit Minichmayr. l'lrich Tukur. ()lcg Tabakov. I 10min. ()scar winning. worthy historical drama based on the true story of Wilhelm Furtwangler tSkarsgard) the conductor of the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra and the attempts of American military to charge him with conspiring with the Nazis after WW2. A little simplistic in its presentation perhaps this is still an intriguing. dialogue heavy drama (based on Ronald llarwood's script) that will appeal to fans of The Pianist. (.'(i(' Renji‘erc Street. Glasgow: Talk to Her t 15) 00000 (Pedro Almixlovar. Spain. 2002) Javier ('ainara. Dario (irandinetti. Rosario Flores. Leonor Watling. 1 12min. Benigno t(‘ainara) and Marco ((irandinetti) are in love with two women . . . both of whom are hospitalised in comatose states. Benigno became a nurse so that he could care full time for his beloved mice aspiring ballerina Alicia (Walling). In the hospital room next door Marco visits Lydia (Flores). a female bulliighter who was butchered in the ring. Out of these tragic circumstances a friendship forms between the two men. 'Iiilk to Her is mature Almmlovar; Spain's most famotis filmmaker on top form. describing complex characters and complicated emotional states in expert storytelling fashion. From the gorgeous photography. design and music to the script and remarkable performances. 'Iiilk to Her is a flawless film and a treat for cinema lovers. Edinburgh I-‘iI/n (iuild. Ifdin/mrg/i.

Ten Minutes Older: The Trumpet (IS) (\‘ictor Iirice. Werner lIer/og. Jim Jarinusch. Kaige (‘hen. Aki Kaurismaki. Spike Lee. Win) Wenders. (ieriiiany. 2002) 92min. Seven brilliant short films made by seven legendary filmmakers including Spike Lee. Wiiii Wenders and Aki Kaurixinaki. All for the price of one. Bargain. I‘ilitl/lt’ll.\‘(‘. Iz'din/nireli.

Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines tl2A) ... (Jonathan Moxlow. IS. 2003)