Arnold Schwarzenegger. Nick Stahl. ('laire Danes. Kristanna Loken. David Andrews. l08min. After a l2-y'ear hiatus. Arnold Schwarzenegger's back doing what he does best: playing a robot that smashes lots of people and things. 'l'a’ has a dated feel. reminiscent of pre-(‘GI I980s action movies. New director. Jonathan Mostow (('-57/ ). fails to breathe life into '13. He handles the action respectably' enough. but perhaps the absence of 'I'/ and '12s maniacal visionary. James (’ameron. has resulted in a less ambitious aetioncr. ()rleon li'evter Hal/es. lirlin/mrgh. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre ( IX) .0. (.‘vlarctis Nispel. LS. 2003) Jessica Biel. Jonathan Tucker. Iiriea Leerhsen. Mike Vogel. Iiric Balfour. Andrew Bryniarski. 93min. Remake of Tobe Hooper's I974 original with more kids. more gore and not a lot of air to breath between the slayings. It‘s actually a pretty decent remake. if you like this kind of thing. bit! then any film that is inspired by this true life horror story is going to look good alter the travesty that was lid (iein. General release.

That Day (Ce Jourv-La) ( IX) (Raoul Ruiz.

France/vaitzerland. 2003) Bernard (iiraudeau. lilsa Zy'lberstein. Jean-Lire Bideau. Jean-I-‘rancois Balmer. 95min. A macabre comedy from Raoul Ruiz. one of contemporary cinema's most elegant eccentrics. A scheming and avaricious family plot the downfall of the young and beautiful Livia. sole heiress of an immense fortune. Part of the French Film Festival. Film/rouse. Ifrlinhargh.

Think German + Q“ ( 12A) (Martina Docker. Germany. 2003) 87min. Innovative documentary that uses dramatisation and roleplay techniques to examine the stories of (ierman youths who dabble in far right politics and violence. 61"]: Glasgow.

0 Thirteen (tbc) ((‘atherine Hardwicke. LS. 2003) livan Rachel Wood. Nikki Reed. Holly Hunter. Jeremy Sisto. 99min. Tracy (Wood) is a nubile Lolita; an apparently innocent child who wants nothing more than to lose the tag of innocent child. She craves the riches and glamour of a ghetto fabulous lifestyle that she is force-fed by the media. Tracy's eventual seducer. however. is no Humbert Humbert but liv'ie (Reid). the most popular girl in seventh grade who seems to have it all: nice clothes. tattoos. a rebellious nature and the adoration of all her classmates. Tracy buy s herself into livie's affection by stealing a purse and sharing the windfall and pretty soon they are inseparable. Iivie’s

pay back is to help her new friend Tracy turn from innocent child to rebellious teenager. Impressive l'S indie about the angst of being 13. See review. (fl-“I: (ilaseow: l'ilmhoave, Edinburgh.

Three Colours: Red t 15) 00000 (Kr/ys/tof Kicslovvski. France/Sw ill/Poland. I994) Irene Jacob. Jean-Louis Trintignant. 96min. Kieslowski's tricolour trilogy comes to a close with what may be his greatest masterpiece. A vaiss model (Jacob) discovers that a retired judge ('I‘rintignant) is listening in to his neighbours‘ phone conversations. but instead of denouncing him. she too opens up her innermost secrets. Superficial details are stripped away as the director concentrates on parallel lives and interwoven destinies. Gilmore/1111012. Glasgow.

Thunderbird Six (l') C“. (David Lane. lfK. I968) 90min. Scott. Virgil. Lady Penelope et al. (‘alling International Rescue? Black Phantom back shock horror! ()nly' (ierry' and Sylvia Anderson can save us nova Jtrst as well they can spin a decent yarn. Shame they treat the actors like puppets though . . . ((31. Glasgow".

Trilogy: One ( IS) 0000. (Lucas Belvaux. fiance/Belgian. 2003) Catherine lirot. Lucas Belvaux. Dominique Blane. ()rnella Mtrti. (iilbert Melki. Patrick Descamps. l l lmin. After nearly IS years behind bars. revolutionary terrorist Bruno Le Roux (Belvaux) escapes. He heads straight back to his cell's base in (irenoble. Ile intends to settle some old scores. regroup his old team and hook up with his ex-lover ((‘atherine Prof). But things ain't what they used to be: most of his allies are dead and those that are still alive have settled into a life of middle- class denial. Bruno has to devise a plan but first he needs to shake the vicious cop.

Manise. (Melki) from his tail. The beginning of Belvaux's remarkable trilogy of films. whatever you believe to be the truth in this film will not be the truth you believe by the end of the third film. Sheer brilliance. (.‘(i(‘ Renfrew Street. Glasgow; (,'(}(‘. Edinburgh. 0 Trilogy: No (PG) 0000 (Lucas Belvaux. France/Belgium. 2002) ()rnella Muti. Francois Morel. Valerie Mairesse. Bernard Ma/zinghi. Dominique Blane. (iilbert Melki. ('athcrine I‘rot. Lucas Belvaux. 97min. The first 'l’rilogv film was a political thriller detailing the hard-bitten story of escaped left wing terrorist Bruno (Belvaux ). In this film Bruno gets to take a back seat as in the foreground is the crazy hysterical relationship of (‘ecile and Alain (’ostes (()rnella Muti and T'Titlletiis Morel). Alain and (’ecile are the couple from the first film who own the log cabin. As we enter their private world we realise how bad these two middle-age pctits bourgeoisies are for each other. She is a hot-blooded Italian. and he is a mixed-up hyptx'hondriac. What unravels is a wholly unnecessary but hilarious farce where the incompatibility of the way both these characters communicate embroils them both in a web of madness. slapstick and deceit. See review. (.'(}(‘ Reltfl'eii‘ Street. Glasgow; ('01.. Edinburgh.

0 Trilogy:Three (15) oooo (Lucas Belvaux. French/Belgium. 2002) Dominique Blane. (iilbert Melki. ()rnella Muti. ('atherine Prot. Francois Morel. Lucas Belvaux

123mm The conclusion of Belvaux‘s remarkable Trilogy focuses on the intimate drama between policeman Pascal (Melki) and his morphine addicted wife Agnes (Blane). We have of course spent a little bit of time with these two before. Pascal is and was the vindictive copper on the trail of Bruno (Belvaux) in the first Trilogy film. and Agnes was and is the woman who offers Bruno protection in the chalet of her neurotic friend ('eeile (Muti). This time we focus on the heart breaking reality of a wife who has forced her legally bound husband to forage around the back door of drug dealers for most of their married life. Powerful endgame to a fascinating cinematic experiment. See review. Selet‘tetl release

Undying Love t I2A) (Helene Klodawsky. Canada. 2002) Molly Parker. David Rybowski. Xenia Ryhth’ki. Harald Winter. Bluma Klodawski. 87min. Yiddisher comedy drama based on true stories of courage and faith. Part of the Jewish Film Festival. (ii-"I. Glasgow:

Veronica Guerin ( 18) 00. (Joel Schurnaeher. l'SA. 2003) (’ate Blanchett. Alan Devlin. ('olin l-‘arrell. Brenda liricker. Joe Hanley. 98min. Jerry Bruekheimer- produced and Schtrmacher-directed take the true story of (iuerin‘s investigation of. and murder by. grubby Dublin drug dealers in the l990s. Pretty pedestrian sttiff but the film greatly benefits from the presence of (’ate Blanchett in the title role. When the Skv I'il/ls with Joan Allen was better. ('('I. Iii/in/mreh. Waiting for Happiness (t') 0000 (Abderrahmane Sissako. l‘rance/Mauritania. 2002) Khatra ()uld Abder Kader. Maata ()uld Mohamed Abeid. Mohamed Mahmoud ()uld Mohamed. Nana Diakit. 96min. A young man called Abdallah (Mohamed Mahmoud ()uld Mohamed) is visiting his mother before emigrating to Iiurope. He has forgotten the local language. doesn’t wear traditional robes. and spends his time gazing out of the window and observing the locals. The nomadic Makan (Makanfing Dabo). who has mysteriously buried his radio in the sand. is questioned by the police when a body is washed up on the beach. And an elderly handyman Maata (Maata ()uld Mohamed Abeid) connects electricity to a house. assisted by the orphaned youngster Khatra (Khatra ()uld Abder Kader). This langUorous and richly evocative film skilfully uses its west African coastal town setting to explore themes of exile. displacement and belonging. See review. I'illH/tuttt’t'. Edinburgh.

A Week in the Lite ot a Man (the) (levy Stuhr. Poland. 1999) ler/y Stuhr. (iosia Dobrowolska. Danuta S/aflarska. Alex Mord/.ynski. Iiw'a Skibinska. 90min. A film telling the story of a significant week in the life of a middle-aged man. As well as his personal life being eventful. as a prosecutor

he is faced with three very testing cases. These echo through his own moral dilemmas and reveal to (is his true character. Told with elements of comedy and drama. and finally hopeful of some kind of redemption. Part of the Jer/y Stuhr season. I'i/Itthuuve. [cilia/noel). White Sun of the Desert (tbc) (Vladimir Motyl. t'SSR. 19"0) Ariatoli Kit/netsov. Spar'tak Mishulin. Kakhi

Kay sad/e. Pavel Luspekayev. tbcmin. Set on the shores of the ('aspian Sea. the film follows the story of Sukhov. a soldier of the Red Army. Just as he is about to return to his wife after many years of fighting. Sukhov is chosen to guard and protect the harem of a guerrilla leader. Told with touches of comedy. as the story unfolds Sukhov 's task prov es to be more difficult than he imagined. This is one of the most popular films in the history of Rtrssian cinema and was even ritually v iew ed by cosmonauts before going into space. Part of the Red Westerns season. I'll/II/Inuvi'. Iii/lrrltrirgh.

Wilbur (Wants to Kill Himself) r 15. 0... (Lone Scherlig. Denmark/LR. 2002) Jamie Sives. Adrian Raw lins. Shirley Henderson. Lisa Mcls'inlay. Mads Mikkelsen. Julia Dav is. l l lmin. Two orphaned brothers. \Vilbur (Jamie Siv es) and Harbour (Adrian Rawlings). run a musty old bookshop inherited from their father. Single mum Alice (Henderson) walks into the shop one night and interrupts Wilburs rather ham-listed attempt to hang himself. Subsequently. the mother and her young daughter move in and come to form something like a farme unit with the boys. for a time they 're a happy enough unit: Alice and Harbour fall in love and \Vilbur stops trying to top himself. But yet more tragedy awaits the oddball family. ‘l‘ender‘. touching and funny. this beautifully ~observ ed lilrn plays like a fecl~good melodrama that contemplates death and despair. The laughs aren't always of the otit loud variety. but the off-killer dialogue tickles throughout. I‘ull marks to former Dogme filmmakers Lone Schcrfig (Italian for lieeimrerv) and Anders Thomas Jensen

index Film

(.llltiore) for crossing the geographical divide with this. their first linglish langtragc film. See review. (Ii/"1]. (i/ttvumv.

Wild Bees (tbc) (Bohdan Slarna. ('Iech Republic. 2()()| ) 94min. Bawdy and eccentric romance set in a Moravian village whose spirit has been sapped by 40 years of communism. Then the lov c between simplemrnded Kara and popular Bo/ka comes It) it ltetttl til the lit'ettlttli's ltttll. (ll/TI]: (f/(HL’UH. Year of the Devil ttbc) (Ple lelenka. (’Iech Republic. 2002) Jaromir .\'ohavica. Karel Plihal. 88min. Appealing documentary about the underground folk group \ohavica and Plihal. and the relationship between them. from the (‘lech director of the excellent Hap/n [LIN]. Look out for a guest appearance Irorn .la/ (‘olcman of Killing Joke fame. til I. (rlrtvgrm.

Young Adam r Is) 0000 (Dav rd .\lacken/ie. LR. 2003) Iiwan Mc(iregor. Iimrly Mortimer. Tilda Swrnton. Peter Mullan. 93min. Mackcn/ie remains loyal to the dark. existentialist spirit of Alexander 'Irocchr's 195-1 nov cl about Joe. a nihilistrc drifter who seems only to find connection with the world through slea/y sexual encounters. Shot in seedy green and grey hues. the film opens on the ('lyde where Joe t.\lc(ircgor) is working on a barge owned by lilla :va inton) and her husband l.cs (Mullah). The men are m the process of dragging a corpse of a young woman from the water. an act done with particular care by Joe. thus hinting at his cornplrcrty in her demise. A flawless and coherent adaptation of a dark and disturbing tale and a work of haunting beauty. (‘( ll. (ililvgmi.

Zvenigora (the) t.v\lexander I)ov /henko. l'SSR. I92\) (ieorgi Astafyev. Nikolai .\'ademsky. Podoro/hnil. 90min. [sing the legend of treasure buried in Mount [\L'lllgttl'tt. l)()\ Illellktt's early pearl ()l' montage praises l‘kramian rndustrialisation and attacks the liuropean Imurgeoisic, Part of the Nov Ilietiko season. I'i/nrhouve. latlnrluo'gh,



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