I Si-cut.db, Dalglish and N.LN ('aharct Voltaire. .io 38 Blair Street. 330 (i170. 7pm. £4. San Hart's Highpoint l.o\\ lite l'L‘L’ol‘dx lolll' llllx Su‘tillzltld and their static inluxcd. processed duh hawlinu combined \xith minimalist

lL‘L‘ll \ottnds.


I The Pearlfishers, Amy Allison and Spokers Loan 'l‘olltoolh. Jttil \V) ltd. 0l7.\’(i 374000. 7.30pm. to 19.4). Sunshine pop \\ ith an undeniable Beach lio}\ inl'lucucc l'i‘om lUL‘dl llL‘l‘UL‘\ lllL‘ l’L‘;tl‘lli\llL‘t'\.

Saturday 29


I Blazin’ Squad Sli('(‘. l-‘iniiicximi Qua). 0870 040 4000. 7pm. £48.50. l’()S’l'|’().\'lil) until April. A million teenage girls (1‘) otit in pain.

I The Dandy Warhols Barroxxland. 344 (iallougtitc. 553 4(illl. 7.30pm. £14. ()wr- l4\ \hou. l’i'exh tot‘ \xilted. \xho kl]0\\\l l'i'oiu their Bouic support. the Hand} \ pump out their h} ~ the-nuinhcrx indie garage \clitick.

I The Skatalites ('ai'liug Academy l3l liglinton Sll‘L‘Cl. 0005 030 5000/0870 77l 3000. 7pm thand onstage at Spini. £13.50. l'ndcr- l4\ to be accompanied h} an adult. Sec prexicu l'oi' this lcgcndai‘} ska combo \\lltt i‘el'orincd in the 103th and hm iiig been \kanking mcr since.

I TTF, QFX and Q-Tex ('iii'ling .'\L‘;ltlL‘lll}. l3l liglinton Street. 0005 0le 5000/0870 77l 3000. l0._i0pltl. L‘ l 5. Old Skool Soundclaxh night lbattn‘ing three ol Scotland's major house/techno \tch‘L‘\\L‘\ Ul‘ lliC L‘dl'l) 00x. (ilU\\ \tlL‘k\ and \"ick'x Vaporuh at the read}.

I Skin on Skin, The Shores, The Kytes and The Features King 'I‘ut‘x \Vah \Vah lltit. 373u St Vincent Street. 33| 5370. 8pm. £4.50. l)undcc\ Skin on Skin promote their debut album Small /’url of a [flu lliii'lil. I Zuba (‘otticr 'l‘hcati'c. H) iidland Street. h’pni. £10. World music gt‘oo\c\. I The Haze, the Sounds and The Boneidles Bin-ll}. 3M) ('I}dc Street. 0370 007 0000. 8pm. [4. Indie t‘ock triple bill.

I The Goldenhour and The Fast Camels Nik‘k‘ill‘SlL'ill}. 43l Sauchichall Street. 333 0017'. 0pm. £5. \lL‘lodiL‘ indie rock l'l'oltl lllL‘ ()(l\- inl'lucnccd (ioldcnhoui'.

I Si-cut.db, OST, Thorsten Sideboard and NLN 'l‘hc lith \otc (are. 50 ()0 High Street. 553 1038. 0pm. [3. San Francisco/l.ondon lahcl Highpoint l.o\\ lite haw put together thix touring line-up ot new electronica acts. including the .kutcchrquuc ()S‘l‘ and lilttll ClL‘L‘ll'UlllL'il l'L‘tltlL‘L‘k \l..\.

I No Dice .lll\[k'l‘\. 14 Midland Street. 331 0730. 0pm. l‘iu‘. Rock C0\L‘l’\ l‘roin classics to current.

I Lazy Dog (hand (He ()pr}. l’aixle} Road loll. 430 5306. 7.30pm. £4 03 memhcrxi. ('ounti'}.

I Open Stage the Hall Hui. Ititi \Voodlandx Road. 5(i4 I537. 4 Spin. i'il'k'L‘. \VL‘Ckl} \L‘\\lUll l'ot‘ local llltl\lL'l;lll\.

I Jack Easy the Hull Bur. l()() Woodlands Road. 504 I537. 0pm. l‘i'cc. I Jamie Barnes 8. Cochise .\l;it'Siii'lt'}\. 43 Jamaica Street. 343 3553i 0pm. i'il'L'L'. l{L‘\ltlL‘llL‘_\ littl' thc hlum \ctcran.

I Defender \lacSorlt‘} \. 43 Jamaica Street. 348 35M. 0.30pm. l‘i‘cc. Rtil'} (iallaghcr tt‘ihutc.

I Live Music Samuel l)o\\ \. (i7 71 \lllhtltllt‘ Road. 435 0l07. 3.30pm.



I Franz Ferdinand and Desc the Venue. l7 3l ('iilton Road. 557 3073. 7.30pm. L‘thc. .Xxxiii‘t‘d )iitiiig quartet l’roin (il;l\gt)\\ who are “hitting all and \undr} m or \\ ith their unconti‘iwd.

post ptiiik throat} rattle. Rcciimiiicndcd.

David Bowie Like all legends (read: old duffersi his form can waver but it appears the Thin White Duke is back to playing at his best in years. replete with a clutch of credible new material and a reawakened fondness for his back catalogue. SECC. Glasgow. Fri 28 Nov.

Edinburgh Rocks A two-- night showcase of some tasty local bands including the Supergun. Jiva and Concession 101. An opponunity to unearth some as yet undiscovered gems. Liquid Room. Edinburgh. Fri 28 <2 Sat 29 NOV.

The Skatalites Old school reggae heads shuffling back out from the shadows. revitalising interest in their own brand of big band roots magic. See preview. Carling Academy: Glasgow. Sat 29 Nov.

Radiohead Big and beautiful. inorose and magical. Radiohead (lax/1e with their new found Vigour. See panel. SECC. Glasgow. Sun 30 Nov.

Lone Pigeon l-‘ree show from this playful troubadour tpicturedl whose assciation with the Beta Band goes way back: they share a similar beguiling musical contrariness too. Mono. Glasgow. Wed 3 Dec.

Schneider TM and Christ Quality electronic exploration from this native German who has bolstered his live set Willi a drummer. See listings panel. Miso ((9 the 13th Note Cafe. Glasgow. Sat (S [)ec: Cabaret Voltaire. Edinburgh. Sun /" Dec.

Suede Splitting up: an idea that has occurred to far to few bands. Suede might have run their course now but are certain to finish on a live high at this. their final Scottish show. See preview. Carling Academy. Glasgow. Sun 7 Dec.

The Ex Angular Dutch punks (that's real punk. not crap mohichans and safety pins) make a welcome return as part of the excellent {Fr-W mini festival. See preview. Studio 24. Edi/ ibi irg 1h, lire S) [)ec.

rock & pop listings Music

3;, a'iargere‘: tr ‘3 ARTIS'S


the greatest hits xmos hits tour

mondoy Ist december

8‘,’ ar'angerneiit ‘.'.I'.h 13 ARllSTS + Ambulance Ltd

singles tour - ‘an evening of greatest hits‘ Carling Academy Glasgow Sunday 7th December

~i«t‘._'§.'~2 surge 3

E3. .i".i";{t““("‘i '.' MlliliMl HIM" & SPEAHHEMI + iieiier Williams

tilasgnw llMll Monday tltli necemlier

By arrangement With THE AGENCY GROUP LTD


+ Hard-Ons

[mm Glasgow The Garage Thursday 11th December

By arrangement with HELTER SKELTER

OVER 148

balls [orheroes

+ llljutlllfltt I I IE +tlieCopperpotJournals

glasgow, the garage sunday 14th december

Edinburgh Liquid Room Friday 12th Deceit

a) By orrongcmcnl With MIRACLE ARTISTS


Iuesday 30th nenemlier

8y arrangement \‘Jlili ACTIVE

Bob Geldof

and the rentOkillers

featuring material from The Best of The Boomtown R

Edinburgh, Queens Hall Friday 23rd January J 04 Carling Academy, Glasgow Saturday 24th January 2004 £191“:

even 148 SATURDAY ill! FEBRUARY 2004

l “ii-4‘1" mp“

TICKETS:‘&24IIRS: 0870 169 0100 «medium sme-woowwoo. rm legaston. Met: Scotland. mm 0m: llal s/o . 0131 668 2019. Ripping. rue. legastore. new: Scotti-I. mom rm more. willie may: more. mm rm quston. snauuc llwlht Sou-t

We Icpstom U Odin: Q muotlattictetusteccoj & mgiphscotlalm

‘\.. IT-aq.‘ .3 THE LIST 57