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Glasgow The Play What I Wrote Mon fodder for those who remember Iiric and Pavilion's panto this _vear. l‘ollovv him _ r . 24—Sat 29 Nov. 7.30pm (Wed & Sat I'irnie's riotous gags. And. _ves. in line on his adventures with the Krankies. KING’S THEATRE 2.30pm). £7—£22.5(). This West [ind with the good old da_vs. a star guest is on Derek I.ord. Alison Douglas. (‘hristian

297 Bath Street. 240 l l l l. [H. WC. celebration of Britain's greatest double the bill. and (iarrv Hollvvvood. WA] act Morecambe and Wise is perfect Sleeping Beauty Fri 5 Dec Stiii l8 Jan. Times vary. £4 U750. Panto PROSPECTHILL SQUARE @ 2 season kicks off in st} le vv ith some ot~ 18 ~30 Prospecthill Square. 'l‘orvglen. _ . 1 the biggest names in Scottish CUIIIL‘tl}. 423 4876. including (ierard Kellv and iilaine (' Living Cities Fri 38 & Sat 2‘) Nov. I l I I O I Smith and a full compati} of dancers Pri 7pm; Sat 2pm & 7pm. i‘ree. and musicians. (ilasgovv artists the Working Part) and more than theatre. . . 'l'urin's‘ Stalker 'I‘eatro come together for PAVILION THEATRE this multimedia event housed in at our Town 121 Rentield Street. 332 lS-io. IP. \\'('. disused supermarket in 'l‘orvglen. The WA] installation/ performance event

° Pinocchio l'ntil Sat 3| Jan. 'l‘iines encompasses visual art. theatre. dance. by Thornton W 'lder vary. L'H £13 (£9.50 titiixi‘imt

art. lighting and video. featuring a

iiaughtv little puppet who can't help but special sound commission from (iiles Wed 3 sat 6 December @ 7-30Pm tell a few porkies is the main man in the Lamb. See prev ievv.

This is the classic tale of life. death and after-life in small-town America. Funny. touching and tragic. it sets the lovingly-observed trivia of everyday life against the vast backdrop of eternity.

0 | 4| 330 5522 UNIVEFITY

boxoffice@gilmorehillgl GLASGOW www.gilmorehillgl

T'ie Prem ere 0‘ A rew Adapted stage version of...

5‘0 The Frank Capra 03$

“"5 a WOItderfu Life’

1th ‘0 20‘

h December - 7.30m7

TICKETS; £8 8 £6 Conc. Available from Rosslyn Chapel on 0131440 2159 Book early to mod disappomtment Warm clothing IS essential

at R Chapel Theatre Guide

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Molly Innes and Paul Thomas Hickey in The Slab Boys, Traverse, Edinburgh

iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii : Artists Forum 566 ['1th i Snovv White H H; Snovv White Snovi White ' Siiovt \Vhtic : I 51]..“ \\ hm. V 5mm \\ hm. cmléhs 0mm Nothing _ Nod'i‘ig”"“”” tidied; hating i ' Nothing ' suiting Aw}. iiii W ' " Stir-tit; t’t ' L ' '..t;.‘.‘...;t’-;“ i " V ' ' in“... t. ' taunt-i comer Roek+Pop ""g;.;‘a'a;;1;.,,; " " ' ' ' si'...‘i<;.‘i;;““' " ' ‘.;.;;.'1\'-;.‘..;.““ ' H ' ' ' Play What I Wrote Play What I Wrote k I. m i Ffiifibh A i i. " ii'itiiilt-ctim " i ' ' ' ii Thrccpcnv 'g’ithrcepcnny Opera Threepenny Opera 'l‘hreepenny ()pera 'l‘hreepenn) ()pcra ' 'l‘hrcepcnn) ()peia At the Dawn of the 81h At the Davvn ot' the 8th .-\t the [)avv n of the th I I I II V a u 2 SCC ResistPeriwmuguumw“WNW- r (dnderella - ("inderella . ('inderclla (‘iiiderclla (’inderella " “ag‘gz.;;i;n:.;.;v M V i i it}; g..;;;.;.i"aa. ' ' Festival 'th‘llattl \lston i)..n.~t- llit' sun-m;- Kt‘tllt' ’3 Jack a the Beanstalk g Jack & the Beanstalk Jack a the Beanstalk Jack .s- the Beanstalk The 'l'vvits The in its The 'l'vs its . . t-tmc ' i .mc . low.

Princess & the Goblin

[loyal Lyceum” WY”??? ,_ "f'_‘f‘_-*"."i““-‘i

1 Princess & the Goblin 3 Princess & the Goblin jPrincess & the ('iohlin Princess & the (iohlin Princess & the (iohlin Princess tk the (iohlin

'l‘lic Slab Bo}s 'I'lic Slab liovs 'l llt‘ Slal‘ Ho} s [lie Slal‘ littv s llic Slali Hot s

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74 THE LIST 27 Nov—t 1 Dec 2003