Theatre & Dance listings

Edinburgh: Festival Theatre

The Singing Kettle: The Merry Christmas Show Wed 3 Sun 7 Dec. Fun and singalongs with this e\perienced kids company comhination. See Kids listings.


lilm Row. 1.eith\\'a1k. 317 3939. IP. \\'('. w..\|

Once a Catholic t-‘ri 5 Wed to Dec. 7.30pm (Sat mat 3.30pm). £(t (£4). The Third Year Acting (‘ompany' performs .\1ary ()'.\lalley's comedy about an adolescent growing up in a conyent during the 195(1s.


3 in en Street. 53‘) (1000. Ill. 'lwl'. \\'('. w..\|

Jack & the Beanstalk Sat 29

Not Sun 18 Jan (not Mon 1. Mon 8). Times Vary. £10 £18 (£9 £15). A plethora of Scottish stars. inclttding Allan Stewart. Andy (iray. (it'ant Stott and James Pearson. prepare to strut their spangletastic stuff.


13 33 (it'eenside Place. 0870 6005-13-1. Ill. \\'('. WA]

The TWItS l'ntil Sat 3‘) .\'o\'. See Kids listings.

Fosse Mon 1 Sat 13 Dec (not Stilt). 7.30pm (Wed & Sat mat 3.30pm).

£9.50 £30. West [ind diya. Ruthie llenshall. stars in [his musical homage to the legendary chtit'eographer and director. Boh l‘osse. featuring songs from ('u/mrt'l. ('lin'ueo. Suwt ('liurily' etc. See prey iew.

ROYAL LYCEUM THEATRE (irindlay Street. 348 4848. IP. 11.'1”1‘.\\'(’. WAI

The Princess and the Goblin Thu 37 No\ Still 33 Dec. lliitlles \(tt’).

£13 £17. Stuart Paterson's enchanting (‘ht'istmas tale rolls up at the Lyceum.


10 ()t'well 'l‘errace. 346 1405. I\\'(‘. WA] The Frog Prince and the Poet and the Rent Wed to Sat (3 Dec. 7.30pm (Sat trial 3.30pm). £7 (£5). 1)ay'id .\1amet douhle hill courtesy of the lidinhurgh (it'aduate '1'heatre (it‘oup.


34 Hamilton Place. 3305-135. Ill. \V('. WA]

A Scandinavian Tale Mon 1 Dec Sat 3 Jan. Times yary'. £7.50 (£4). 'l'heatre Workshop hrings yott a tale frotn the land of the midnight sun. where the freezing temperatures. hlankets of snow and many hours of darkness are illuminated in this festiy e Scandimtyian romp.


('atnhridge Street. 338 1404. IP. 11. '1”1'. \\'(‘. WA]

The Slab Boys l‘ntil Sun 7 Dec (not Mon). 8pm. £13 (£5 £8). John Byt'ne's popular trilogy. originally premiered at the '1’t'ayerse in 1978. makes a welcome return. Recommended. See t'e\iew.

Molly Whuppie Sat 6 Wed 24 Dec (not Mon 8). See Kids listings.


1.othian Road. 338 1155. |11.\\'('. “Al The Best of the West End - A Christmas Gala Mon 8 Dec. 7.30pm. £7 £33.50. Top West lind artists perform songs from major musicals of the past 35 years inclttding The Phantom o/‘Iltt' ()pt'ru. l.¢'.\ .IIf\(’I'(I/)I(’.\. .llummu .lliu.'. 11? Will Rock You. (ills. [him and .ll’HH (‘lirisl Sit/wrs’mr.

The Happy Gang in Santa’s Magic Castle Tue 9 & Wed (0 Dec. The Happy (iang go where it says on the tin. See Kids listings.

by Suhayl Saadi, Director Moreen Gregor, Designer lanis Hart. Musical Director Norman Chalmers School performances from l December 2003 Public performances from ll December 2003

Tickets £8/£4, Family Ticket £20 (nannzcutdm)

Scottish Arts (writ

Theatre Workshop, 34 Hamilton Place. Edinburgh EH3 SAX

76 THE LIST No. 1'. Doc you)



(‘art'ick Street. ()1393 ()1 1333. I11. \\'('. WA]

Mother Goose Fri 38 .\'o\’ Sat to Jan. 7pm; 39th .\'o\' 8; ()th l)ec 3pm & 7pm. £6.50 £14. Annual fatnily panto starring (iwyneth (iuthrie and Rodd (‘hristensen from Balamory.



('ity' Square. 01383 434940. IP. ll. \\'(‘. \VAI

Alice in the Land of Wonder Thu 4 Sat () 1)ec. 7.30pm: Sat 1.30pm & 7.30pm. £7 (£5). 1’ami1y' panto starring Bella Nugget as the Queen of Hearts.


Tay Square. ()1383 333530. IP. l1. \\’('. \\'.-\|

Peter Pan Wed 3 Dec Sat 3 Jan (not Sttn Wed). 7.15pm (Sat mat 3.30pm). £7.50 £13 (£7.50 £10): £30-£35 family ticket. ('lassic family panto as Peter. Wendy and (’aptain ('ook swing into action in this Dundee Rep linsetnhle production.


13 Belllield Street. ()1383 434940. IP. 11. \\'(’. WAI

Dick Whittington Wed (0 Sat 20 Dec. £10 (£8). 1-‘amily‘ panto fun as the Downlield Mllsical Society tells the story of Dick Whittington who goes to seek his fortune in the big smoke.



liast Port. 01383 314000. It). 11. W(‘. w..\|

Mother Goose Fri 5 Sat 27 Dec

(not Sun). Times y'at'y. £9.50

(£0.50 £8.50 (family ticket 38)). Much- loy‘ed panto tellittg the story of old Mother (ioose and the goose that lays golden eggs.



liastwood Park. Rottken (ilen Road. 577 4970.

Aladdin l'ntil Sat 39 .\'o\-. 7.30pm (Sat tnat 3.30pm). £7 £8. Harlequin. Eastwood's Theatre for Youth showcase this fun panto for all the fatnily.


GREENOCK ARTS GUILD (’atnphell Street. ()1475 733038. IP. 11. WAI

Robinson Crusoe Sat () Sat 20 Dec (not Sun). 7.30pm (Sat mat 3.30pm).

£4 £4.50. (ireenock Players giy e Daniel 1)efoe's classic adyentut‘e story a festiye spilt.


ADAM SMITH THEATRE Bennochy Road. 01593 413939. IP. 11. \\’('. WAI

Me and My Girl l‘ntil Sat 29 .\'m-. 7.15pm (Sat niat 3.30pm). £8. Popular musical about a cockney wide hoy who discoyct‘s he’s the new littl'l of Hereford. including the hits. ‘1.eaning on a Lamppost'. ‘The Sttn 11as (iol llis Hat on’. and ‘The 1.amheth \Valk'.

St Andrews


Ahhey Street. ()1 33-1 475000. IP. \\'('. WAI

Pinocchio Hi 5 Dec Sat 3 Jan (not Sun Thu). 5th Dec 7.30pm; ()lll I)ec 3.30pm & 7.30pm. £11 £13.50

(£7.50 £8.50). Simon Sharkey's (‘hristmas show about the little wooden boy who comes to life.

Richard Alston Dance, Festival Theatre, Edinburgh