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Tl CHNO PRESSURE The Arches, Glasgow, Fri 28 Nov

The word ‘legend’ gets bandied about in clubland these days like it’s going out of fashion. Maybe it’s a sign of dance music approaching middle age: anyone with a bit of longevity gets sainted. We’re lucky there are people like Laurent Garnier on the scene then. He’s been around the block a bit but continues to make ground-breaking music - a hugely successful producer who still earns the respect of the techno godfathers and a younger generation of DJs and artists.

Lucky too that Garnier enjoys playing with Slam a couple of times a year. In fact, the innovative yet popular Pressure at the Arches could almost be made for his mammoth sets that blend just about every genre of dance music. As Pressure turns a whopping five years old this month, Slam’s Orde Meikle is rather chuffed to have one of the world’s finest DJs in town: ‘He’s doing us a real favour, taking time out to come over. I think he likes the freedom he gets here. Pressure has a reputation in that it’s not as commercial as a lot of big club nights.’

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French techno god Laurent Garnier and the saucy Miss Kitten (inset)

‘You can never really anticipate the longevity of a night when it starts out,’ says Meikle. ‘When we started the crowds weren’t that great, but they picked up quite soon and it’s been consistently excellent ever since.’ That success has gone hand in hand with attracting the most exciting DJs from around the globe. ‘Our list of people that we’ve wanted as guests has grown,’ says Orde. ‘Looking back there have been too many highlights to mention though. I really enjoy every month.’

This month’s line-up also includes the irresistibly funky Groove Armada - playing a house set - Miss Kittin, Envoy (live), and Adam Beyer, who’s making a bit of a name for himself on the techno scene. Miss Kittin (Caroline Herve), a compatriot of Garnier’s, is another avowed fan of Pressure. ‘Glasgow is the shit, for sure,’ according to Kitten. ‘The people are crazy, and totally into music, instead of fashion or whatever.’ Her recent sets have introduced a smattering of old school rave and breakbeat into the mix, a diversion from her staple electro. Orde is excited. ‘I love how there’s so many genres in the line-up,’ he says. ‘My main priority is staying sober enough to remember it all.’ (Kenny Hodgart)

Penpusbers. critically acclaimed

A Skill: and Krafty Kuts

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3D:3LABELS The Venue, Edinburgh, Fri 28 Nov

The resident plus guest lormat that dominates clubland is all very well. but it breeds familiarity. and we all know what that can turn into. The Venue's latest venture sees its three floors turned over to three dillerent clubs every week. Now they are presenting a twist on the formula ‘.'/|lll three record labels taking control. featuring Yummi Records le‘.(l KI‘M from I dinburgh alongside! ondon's l ingerlickin' breakbeat label.

The date is the official launch for Yuinini. with reggae duo the Masters ()1 Truemanship taka Kelinan (iieig and Silver Storici on DJing duties 7 (Sreig Will also be playing live in his Mangoinad guise. Kl‘M are represented by hip hop six piece the

sampler DélVKl .Jack and fearsome electropunk collective the Magnificents.

Kralty Kuts and A Skill/. aka Martin Reeves and Adam Mills, come from a little further afield. Kratty has been rated as one of the world's top hundred [).Js for the last three years by [)J /"~.4.'iga///ie. and the duo's debut album. [NC/((1 lec/ino/ogv. was released at the end of October lhe lirighton-based pair's set \.'.’|“ feature tour decks and a lair bit of variety. ‘We play a lot of tracks we've made that no one else has got little hip hop geiiis,' explains Kralty 'We like to start \"Jllll party hip hop and go into lunky breaks and drum 8. b; ss and go out With a bit of a breaks (:i'esceiido.' Sounds like it could be a bit of a (:oikei‘.

(James Sinaiti


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SUPERCLUBS MAY BE A DYING breed but if you fancy getting behind the decks at Cream on Boxing Day check creamcompetition. Send them a one hour mix CD (trance only, folks) and you could be up there with Fergie, Judge Jules, Steve Lawler and Eddie Halliwell, who will all be playing on the night. MORE XMASSY CLUB DATES nearer to home include Motherfunk and Ultragroove's annual team up. Mothergroove. on Christmas day at Berlin. Edinburgh. The Venue also celebrates its second birthday (of its relaunch at any rate) on Boxing Day. But pick of the bunch has to be Mat'lchester on Boxing Day. starring none other than Shaun Ryder. It's on at the Liquid Room. Eit‘linburgh. And Tronic SOLil and l'racktion are up and running on the Qt-ith at Mas. Glasgow and at the same venue. Slam (alongside Master H and DJ 0) Will be seeing in the bells.

WHILE WERE ARE IN THE Christmas giving mood Jungle Magic (see preview p88) are offering two lucky winners complimentary guest passes to their date with Andy C and DJ Hype on 11 December. Not only will you get guest list passes but one winner will get RAM Records goodies and the other True Player goodies. Send your name marked ‘Jungle Magic’ to no later than 10 December.

DUTCH TRANCE MAN TIFESTO has once again come top in DJ Magazrne top 100. i'naking that his second year in a row. It you are One of the many people who voted for him you may well be interested to hear that we have five copies of his new DVD Tieésto in Concert. For inir chance to win send your name and address marked 'Tiesto' to pi'oiii()tions(a‘ no later than 10 December.