In our regular column. a team of mystery artists give their thoughts on the current art scene.

Words: Artbug F You've got to wonder what they talk about over the dinner table at the McConnell household. Take Jack lDadi he heads up the Scottish Executive and likes model aeroplanes. Then there's Bridget (Mum) who runs Glasgow's Culture and Leisure services and enjoys gardening. But whatever the chat is. it Ster ain't about work.

Scottish Ballet and the Scottish Arts CounCil got their knuckles rapped by the Parliament for their lack of consultation in 2001. Yet here we are again. with the Ballet. in league With Mum's council. running roughshod over Dad's warnings attempting to squeeze the Ballet into Tramway through the secret back door. When someone blewl the whistle and alerted all to the invasion. heads began to roll and Alexia Holt i'Tramway's Visual Art Programmeri remains suspended on Trumpton Town charges.

There has, however. been something of a concession made by Scottish Ballet to the Visual Arts as it has now submitted a reVised proposal for the invasion. which would leave Tramway 2 Intact. This would l()(llllfC additional buildings to be constructed in the parking space to the rear. costing a further $750,000.

This raises several questions. Can either GCC or the Ballet be trusted to manage T2 when they display such obvious contempt for the Visual arts? is there any co- ordinated strategy for the longer term? The Ballet GCC proposal is competing head-to-head With the King Street Redevelopment for Lottery cash so exactly what is GCC's cultural strategy since it's backing both horses? Ladbrokes wouldn't accept this bet.

CCC is playing all the arts off against each other for survival -— a no Win strategy that can only damage the city as a whole. Mum and Dad might want to discuss maintaining the reputation of Glasgow over tonight's dinner, and maybe they might start consulting with everyone else around the table. Pass the salt please Dad.

Exhibitions are listed by city, then alphabetically by venue. Submit listings at least ten days before publication to, by post or by tax on 0131 557 8500. Listings are compiled by Helen Monaghan.

Glasgow Galleries


l(i4 Woodlands Road. 332 ()028. Mon Fri l()am 5pm; Sat l()am 12.30pm. Autumn Collection l'niil Sat 2‘) .‘s'ov. Paintings by a selection of artists including Patttillo. James ()rr. James Watt and lid Hunter.

The Winter Collection Sat 2‘)

NM Tue 23 Dec. Paintings by regular gallery artists including Helen M Turner. Dayy Brown. James ()rr. Marie Hart and Robert ligginton and old (ilasgow photographs.


253 Argyle Street. 565 l()23. Mon Sat 10am l()pm; Stiii noon l()pm. Lovelight l'ntil Sun 3() .\'o\. Scotland- based (iirlygoo Projects present a show of photographic works of people and places. I’url ul' (i/usguy'.

Iain Smart: My Eyes are Bleeding Wed If) Dec Sun I l-‘eb. Photographs aitd illustrations of people and the enyironment by this (ilasgow School of Art graduate.


1‘) Parnie Street. 552 777‘). Mon Sat noon 5pm.

Affordable Art l'ntil Thti 27 .\'o\. A pre-(‘hristmas selection of paintings at affordable prices.

Christmas Show Fri 28 .\’m- Sat 3l Jan. Paintings to stiit eyery style and budget including works by Peter Nardini. Alan King. Joan Lawson and (ieoff .\Iacl)onald. pltis ceramics by lilspeth (iardner and (‘arol lisson and jewellery by Lisa (ioy an and Marley McKinnie.


l2‘) Bath Street. 07763 222323.

Suite Art l'ntil Thu 1 l Dec. A series of fortnightly exhibitions showing the work of up-and-coming artists with an opening night on l-‘riday from (ipm. Norma Braber McKinney shows work until 27 .\'o\- followed by an exhibition of works by third year pupils at St Aloysius (‘ollege (28 .\'o\ ll Dec).


|S5a Bath Street. 222 2830. Tue Sat l()ani 5.30pm.

Christmas Show l'ntil Sal 3| Jan. A festiye exhibition featuring paintings by met“ 7() artists. plus sculpture. ceramics and glasswork.


l 34 Blylhsuood Street. 332 4027.

Mon Fri 0.30am 5.30pm; Sat l()am lpm. Glen Scouller: Paintings from India Sat 2‘) .\'oy Mon 22 Dec. Paintings by (ilen Scouller made during a recent

\ isit to India. pltis works made in France and still life paintings in oils and watercolour. NFW SHOW.

Christmas Collections 2003 Sat 2‘) .\'o\ \Ved 24 Dec. A mixed show of work by oyer St) designers featuring jewellery. tableware. ceramics. handbags. wall hangings. sculpture and automata.

THE BLYTHSWOOD GALLERY Suite 542 t5th floor). Baltic ('hambers. 5() Wellington Street. 248 1991. Mon Fri l(lam 5pm: Sat 10am Ipm.

The Christmas Exhibition t'niil Sat 2() Dec. ()yer I50 paintings by mainly Scottiin artists from the l‘)th and 20th century and present day. Artists include I). ('ameron. Jack Knox. lili/abeth Blackaddei'. J Stuart Park and many more.

THE BRICK SPACE GALLERY One World Shop. 100 Byres Road. 357 I567. Mon Sat 10am 5.30pm. Rapoka! l'ntil Thu l J Dec. Busts and abstracts in stone from Zimbabwe and textiles.

Portraits of Tanzania lintil Wed 3 Dec. A collection of prints depicting eyeryday life of people from tribal societies in Northern 'I‘anzania. Christmas Hearth Exhibition Thu 4 Wed 3| Dec. Woyen vegetable dyed rugs from the Indian sub- continent.


106 8 Brunswick Street. 552 ()()()l. Plinio Avila Marquez tfniil Sat 6 Dec. Visiting Mexican artist Plinio Ayila Marquel. shows a series of works which reflect on uniyersal human issues.

CAFE COSSACHOK GALLERY If) King Street. 553 ()733. Tue Sat

l |.3()am l Ipm.

Jean-Marc Milliere t’ntil Sat 2‘) .\'o\'. l-‘amous landmarks are the subject- matter for this exhibition of work by French photographer Jean-Marc Milliere.

Ludmila Kosmina Thu 4 Wed 3t Dec. Ceramics.

Elena Kourenkova Thu 4 Wed 3| Dec. Paintings.


350 Sauchiehall Street. 352 4‘)()().

Tue Wed & liri Sun llam (ipmz Thu Ilam 8pm.

Kenny Hunter: Feedback Loop l'ntil Sun 25 Jan. On display is Kenny Hunter‘s commissioned sculpture for the (‘(‘A. a single. large-scale figure of a Japanese teenager from the streets of llarajuki in Tokyo. representative of the extraordinary street fashion of that area. After Nature l'niil Sun 30 Nov. ('lare Langan. Duncan Marqtiiss and Rachel Reupke explore cinematic notions of nature. romanticism and the enyironment through soundscapes and film.

Christian Marclay: The Sound of Christmas Sat () Sun 2| Dec. The Sound off'liris'tmus is an interactiye/ performance project created by (‘hristian .‘ylarclay. A mix of visual art and music. the work comprises oyer l()()() l.Ps of (‘hristmas music spanning 50 years. l.iye DJ sets take place on Sat (3 Dec t l().3()pm- l2.3()aml; Sun l4 Dec (4 (ipnt): Tue 16 Dec (9 | lpm): Tue 18 Dec ( l()pm midnight). NEW SHOW. Framework: Sorcha Dallas «0» Malcolm Dickson Wed to Dec. 7pm. The first in a series of talks examining areas of artists‘ professional practice. Sorcha Dallas from Switchspace and Malcolm Dickson from Street Leyel talk about their experiences of establishing artist-run initiatiyes.


45 Bridge Street.

Erotika Sat (i Dec. 8pm. £3. A night of art and performance featuring Jaygo and 7.0 7.0 I.‘ Amour. Dominitrix Action and Duna Neumatica.


l'niyersity of Strathclyde. 22 Richmond Street. 548 2558. Mon Fri l()am 5pm: Sat noon 4pm.

Navigating Stevenson: Sara Gadd l'ntil Tue 23 Dec. First shown at the National Portrait (iallery in lidinburgh. nine large-scale digital art works by Sara (iadd. l'sing the latest technology. (iadd has created a series of yirtual spaces which recreates the celebrated author Robert Louis Steyenson's journeys to the South Sea Islands in ISSS.

Collins’ Christmas Show t’niil Tue 23 Dec. A festiye selection of ceramics. textiles. glass. jewellery and wood by a host of artists with works ranging from £3 to £500.

listings Art

Cindy Sherman Over 50 works by the influential American photographer Cindy Sherman. Since the mid 703. she has used her own body as the model. disguising herself with make-up. wigs and prosthetic enhancements to explore and expose media-induced female stereotypes. See feature. National Gallery of Modern Art, Edinburgh, Sat 6 Dec—Sun 7 Mar.

David Sherry The artist who carried a bucket of water around (for about a week) and appeared to sew planks of wood to his feet gets a solo show at GOMA. Expect more humorous musings on the human condition. See preview. Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow, Thu 77 Dec—Sun 75 Feb.

Living Cities A disused supermarket in Toryglen is the venue for this multimedia event encompassing visual art. theatre. dance and video from Glasgow artists the Working Party and Turin‘s Stalker Teatro. See preview in Theatre. Fri 28 & Sat 29 Nov, Prospecthill Square. Toryglen.

ECA Masters of Design Exhibition Masters of Design students showcase their work featuring glass, ceramics. interior design, animation, film and TV. graphic design, illustration and photography. Edinburgh College of Art, Edinburgh, Thu 4—Wed 70 Dec.

4/4 Musicians and contemporary artists collaborate in this site-specific project which investigates the inspiration for making music and video. Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow. Mon 7 —Sat 20 Dec.

Editions Alecto: A Fury for Prints Works by David Hockney. Richard Hamilton. Allen Jones and Colin Self are just some of gems in this fascinating display highlighting the work of print publishers Editions Alecto. See review. City Art Centre, Edinburgh, until Sat 70 Jan.

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