Art listings

Glasgow Galleries continued


178 West Regent Street. 221 6370. Mon Sat 10am 5.30pm.

The Christmas Exhibition t'ntil Sat 31 Jan. .A large selection of paintings. drawings. etchings. ceramics and jewellery by leading contemporary artists.


36 West (ieorge Street. 332 5551.

Mon Sat 10am 5.30pm.

Open Forum l‘niil Sat 2‘) Nov. A tnixed .show of works by various artists including Adam Barsby. ('yril (‘roucher. Alexander Millar. (iovinder Na/ran. Jonathan Shaw. Debra Stroud and John Waterhouse.

Winter Landscapes Mon I Mon 15 Dee. Winter landscape paintings by various artists including Hamish Maedonald. John Watcrhouse. Scott Naismith and Kirstie ('ohen.

CRAIGEND VISITOR CENTRE Mugdoek ('ountry Park. (’raigallian Road. near Milngavie. 956 6100. Origin Art Christmas Charity Exhibition Sun 7 is Thu 1 1 Dec. 10am 4pm. A ('hristmas charity exhibition of paintings. ceramics and jewellery.


31 ('hisholm Street. tentrance through salon). 552 7100. Mon Wed. Fri ck Sat 10.30am 5.30pm: Thu 10.30am 7pm. Looking at People Looking Away Fri 28 .\'ov Thu 18 Dec. Drawings and paintings by Louise (‘happell plus a recent collection of work and clothes by boo.


Saltoun Lane. 24 Ruthven Street. 357 1999. Mon Fri ck Sun 12.30 5.30pm: Sat 11am 5.30pm.

Christmas Show Fri 5 Dec Fri 9 Jan. Paintings by gallery artists including Peter Nardini. Alexandra (iardncr and Dav id Ross Warrilow plus ceramics and sketches with prices starting from £90.

GALLERY OF MODERN ART Queen Street. 229 1996. Mon Wed & Sat 10am 5pm; Thu 10am 8pm; Fri ck Sun 11am 5pm.

Love Over Gold t'ntil Sun 25 Apr. A selection of works drawn from the Scottish National (iallery of Modern Art's collection of contemporary art with a focus on artists based in Scotland. (‘hristine Borland. Martin Boyce. Roderick Buchanan. Jim 1.ambie. Victoria Morton and David Shrigley feature in the selection.

Gallery Talks Thu l 1 Dec.

6.30 7.30pm. The curator of the Love ()ver(}o1d exhibition Ben Harman discusses the exhibition's theme and components.

Storm: An Installation by Dalziel + Scullion t'ntil Sun 7 Mar. A commissioned installation for (i()MA. created by artist duo Dal/iel + Scullion. liach day a different image will be projected onto a screen which reveals the unique ecological circumstances found at a number of sites throughout Scotland. See review.

0 David Sherry Thu 11 Dec Sun 15 Feb. A solo show of new work from performance artist David Sherry. best known for his Stilt-hing video piece in which he appeared to sew planks of wood to his feet. Sherry was shortlisted for the Beck's Futures Award this year. and this exhibition continues his exploration of the nonsensical aspects of the human condition and features performances centred around outstay ing one's welcome and the recasting of mythical figures Romulus and Reinus as a pair of ordinary blokes waking up with a hangover. See preview and 11itlist. NEW SHOW.


Rouken (ilen Road. 620 0235. Mon. Thu. Fri & Sun 1.30 5.30pm: Sat

11.30am 5.30pm.

Mixed Christmas Show Sun 30 .\'ov Mon 22 Dec. Paintings by gallery artists plus sculpture. ceramics and

jewellery including works by Lin

Pattullo. lithel Walker. Alan King. Kirsty Wither. (iordon Wylie and (iordon Henderson.


148 \Vest Regent Street. 221 .3095.

Mon Sat 9.30am 5.30pm.

Winter Collection t'niil Sat 3| Jan. A selection of British painting. drawing and sculpture including works by Roger Fry. Duncan (irant. Henry Moore. Katharine ('ameron. liardley'. Fergusson. John Houston. Mc(‘ance. Keith Vaughan and David Warrillow.


12 Rose Street. . .32 3128.

The Positit Approach t'niil Sun 30 .\'ov. French cinema through the lens of photographer .\'icolas (iuerin featuring portraits taken from this year’s (‘annes Film Festival.


22 is 25 King Street. 552 070-1. Tue Sat 10am 5.30pm.

Jim Pattison - Layers t‘niil Wed 24 Dec. Recent work by Jim Pattison exploring computer generated and manipulated images and forms.

Nuria Melero - Sis Espais t'ntil Wed 2-1 Dec. :\ series of screenprints by Barcelona artist .\'uria Melero. Christmas Print Show Sat 2‘) .\'o\ Wed 24 Dec. Small prints for ('hristmas in a wide variety of styles.

THE GLASGOW PROJECT ROOM Top lloor. (i-l ()sborne Street. 552 1472. Tue Sat noon 5pm.

Maurice Doherty and Martin

First prize: £1000 & trophy

for the most inspiring submission in any art medium on the subject of deafblindness

For more details and an entry form cell 0141 564 2444 or go to

Cbstngdatetouuomtsstonotentrytom: 30thJenuary2004


The Sense Scotland

Helen Keller



96 THE LIST 2/ Nov 11 Dis: 2003

Wohrl Sat 29 .\'ov Sat 6 Dec. Recent work.


(iround 11oor. Princes Square. Buchanan Street. 221 8162. Mon Sat 10am 6pm; Sun 11am 5pm.

The Third Step Charity Trust Exhibition t'ntil Sat 31 Jan. An exhibition of prints by Peter llowson along with works by Ally Thompson. Frank McFadden. Martin Kane and Allan Wilson to help raise funds for the Third Step ('harity Trust which helps people who have experienced problems with alcohol or drug addiction.


The Mackintosh Gallery. 167 Renfrew Street. 353-1500. Mon Fri 10am 5pm; Sat 10am 2pm.

0 4/4 Mon 1 Sat 20 Dec (Mackintosh (iallery 1. AKA present this site-specific project involving musicians and contemporary artists. ('o-ordinaled by Mark Melvin and Will llolt. collaborators include nuisician Matt Bourne. composer Adam .Melvin and artists Peter .\lc('aughhey and ('raig Mulholland. See 1 1 it 1 ist. N E‘s": Si-lOW

Centres l'ntil Sat 29 Nov t.\'ewber_v (iallery: Mon Fri 10am 5pm). Photographs by Andrew forming part of an on-going project looking at the call centre phenomenon in Scotland.

Visual Research for Textile Design Mon 8 Fri 12 Dec (Newbery‘ (iallery ). An exhibition of work by final year knit. print. embroidery and weave students.

Clydesdale Bank Art for All Project l'ntil Sat 13 Dec (Atrium (iallery. l-‘oulis Building: Mon- 'l‘hu

10am 8pm; Fri 10am 5pm; Sat

9am lpmi. An exhibition of work by pupils w ho attended one-day art and design workshops at (Blasgow School of Art.


182 Bath Street. 333 1991. Mon— Fri 10.30am 5pm; Sat 10.30am 1pm. Autumn Collection t'ntil Sat 2‘) Nov. A mixed show of 19th. 20th and contemporary paintings.

Christmas Exhibition Sat 6 Dec Sat 31 Jan. A festive selection of contemporary. 19th and 20th century paintings.


9 l l (ieorge Street. 552 202-1. Mon Sat 9am 5pm.

Eric Doig l'ntil Sat 29 Nov. Vibrant images of(ilasgow by liric l)oig.

John Lowrie Morrison Mon I Wed 31 Dec. .\'ew vibrant paintings by Jolomo.

HUNTERIAN ART GALLERY t'niversity of Glasgow. 82 l1illhead Street. 330 5-13 1. Mon Sat 9.30am 5pm; Sun 12.30 4.30pm. For more information see w w

The Whistler Collection The llunterian‘s internationally important Whistler (‘ollection is on view in new displays featuring 80 oil paintings. hundreds of drawings and watercolours and over 1000 etchings and lithographs. I’url of “first/er 2003’.

Copper lnto Gold: Whistler and 19th Century Printmaking t'mil “ed 2-1 Dec. This exhibition presents etchings and lithographs by Whistler and his contemporaries. highlighting Whistler's achievements as one of the greatest artist- printmakers of all time. I’url o/‘ll'liisllr'r 2003'.

18908 Women t'niil Wed 24 Dec. Depictions of women by Whistler's contemporaries Beardsley.Mackintosh. (‘arlos Schwabe and others inspired by fantasy. imagination and symbolism. I’urr of tl'hivllr'r 2003.

Whistler Pastels t‘niil Wed 24 Dec. A selection of Whistler's exquisite pastels focusing on the female form.

A Hundred Objects for 100 Years l'ntil Sat 17 Jan. A unique opportunity to see the most important works acquired by

the gallery over the years with the support of the Art Fund. including such diverse pieces as Lucien Freud's After ('liardin (2000i and Alexander .‘s'aysmith‘s Dani/mum: ('ustle and 7im'lt with Ben Lamond t 1816).


18 King Street. 552 25-10. Tue-Sat noon—6pni

Similar Stuff Fri 5—Mon 22 Dec. Scott McGowan combines found objects with sculpted materials and drawings in this new body of work. NEW SHOW.


1 1 Mitchell Lane. 221 6362. Mon.

Wed, Sat 10.30am- 5pm; Tue 1 lam —5pm: Sun noon—5pm. £3 (80p).

Furniture of the Future tfniil Sun 7 Dec. An exhibition profiling the work of three designers and manufacturers of new school furniture: Matthew llilton. WW Modcons and Azumi. Lightweight Medical t'ntit Sun 14 Dec. Lightweight Medical unveils its new design for the transport incubators used for transferring critically ill babies. Nature of Healing Art t'niil Mon 5 Jan. A focus on recent key hospital projects across the [K and Japan.

It’s Snow Time t'ntil Sun 11 Jan. Twenty artists and designers have been invited to design their very own snow dome featuring works by Bell (iraphic. Blue Marmalade. One Foot Taller and 'l‘imorous Bcasties.

The Bird That Never Flew tTntil Sun 25 Jan. Glasgow-based graphic designer Susan Roan reinterprets (ilasgow's ('oat of Arms for a series of 'li-shirts.

Glasgow Style t'ntil Sun 1 Feb. A focus on the celebrated designs of (‘harles Rennie Mackintosh and his associates. collectively known as the Glasgow Style.

Maggie’s Exhibition Sat 29

Nov Sun 8 Feb. A focus on the Maggie‘s Centres. which aim to help people to adjust to living with cancer. Some of the worlth best architects have designed these buildings including Frank (iehry‘s new building in Dundee. NEW SHOW.


Station Road. Milngavie. 578 88-17. Tue Sat 10am—- 1pm & 2- 5pm. Christmas Art Show t7nti1 Sat 20 Dec. A festive selection of paintings. prints. watercolours and ceramics by Scottish artists.

Summer Flowers to Studio Interiors t.'ntil Wed 1 1 Feb. Still life paintings from the gallery's permanent collection.


200 Bath Street. 331 0722. Tue—Sat 9am~6pm.

Mixed Exhibition l'ntil Sat 20 Dec. A multimedia group show exploring domestic incidents and featuring Martin (‘1ark. Benji DeBurka. Lisa McConnell and Katy West.


158 Bath Street. 331 4060. .Mon Thu noon 1am; Fri Sat noon 3am.

John Davis Thu 4 Wed I7 Dec. Black and white photographic images of the West find of (ilasgow by John Davis.


5 llyndland Street. 3-12 412-1. Wed Fri

1 lam 6pm; Sat 1 lam 5pm; Sun

noon 4pm.

Christmas Exhibition Sat 39 Nov—Sun 21 Dec. Affordable paintings and prints by invited artists including Anthony Scullion. Henry Kondracki and many more.


322 6’; 32-1 Duke Street. Dennistoun. 556 7276. Tue ~Sat noon 6pm.

Blink Fri 5 Sat 20 Dee. The second in a series of three window-based installations in the gallery space