featuring the work of Jim (’olquoliotin. Vicky l-‘leck and Jay 'l‘ow'nsend. NEW SHOW.


270 Sauchiehall Street. 565 4100.

Mon Sat 10am 5pm: Sun noon 5pm. Art Treasures of Kelvingrove l'ntil .\'oy 2005. As the Kely'ingroye .\ltiseutii & Art (iallery has now' closed its doors for major refurbishment. oyer 200 paintings froin its collection take tip residency at the .\1cl.ellati (ialleries. The display includes Thomas liaed's 'I'lit' Lust o/‘I/it' (’luii atid Rembrandt‘s A .llmi m Armour. plus work by ('harles Rennie Mackintosh. Dutch and Flemish art.


47 Pariiie Street. 552 5(127. Ttie Sat 10.50am 5.50pm; Stiii 1 5pm. Festive Exhibition t'ntit Wed 31 Dec. A mixed show including ceramics by ()liy‘ia Brown. woodturning by Scott lry inc and paintings by gallery artists Pat Semple. James llawkins. (ierard .\1 Burns and lleleti l)eiierley'.


20 North Street. 287 299‘). Mon Thu 10.50am (i.50piii: Fri Sat

10.50am 4pm.

Interurban Photographic Exhibition Tue 2 Dec Sat 5 Jan. Photographs by Tony l)‘l'rso dociiiiietitiiig the residency of (ilasgow artists the Working Party in Turin as part of the lnterl'rban arts programme with Stalker Teati'o and the local community.


75 Robertson Street. Suite (i. l'iloor l. 248 571 1. Tue l‘ri noon 5pm.

Toby Paterson t’ntil l-‘ri 28 Nos. l‘ollow ing on front his successful solo show at the ('(‘A earlier in the year. Toby Paterson presents more new work. The show features new paintings and a structure which comprises Paterson’s mental maps of (ilasgow and London with imagined architecture. LAST CHANCE TO SEE.

Eva Rothschild Fri 28 .\‘m Wed 31 Dec. .\'ew sculptural atid w'eay ings by

Tim Rothschild. NEW SHOW.


12 Kings ('ourt. King Street. 555 2400. Daily noon midnight.

Project Ability Exhibition t'nttl Stiii 50 Nos. Works by Jim llillis and other Project Ability artists.

EWAN MUNDY FINE ART 221 West (ieorge Street. 248 9755. Mon Fri 10am 5pm. Christmas Exhibition Hi 28 Nov Tue 25 Dec. A mixed show featuring new paintings by Dayid Sinclair RSW.


High Street. 88‘) 5151. Tue Sat

10am 5pm1Sun2 5pm.

Paisley Artists t'ntil Sat 13 Dec. The 91st annual art exhibition by members of the group. Paisley Artists.

Look at our World 3 wed to

Dec Stiti 18 Jan. Atititial showcase of creatiye art and design by children and young people iii Renfrewshire.


('entre lior l)ey'elopiiiental Arts 18 .Albion Street. 552 2822. Mon Fri

10am 5pm.

Annual Christmas Show Hi 5 Hi 1‘) Dec. Annual (‘hristinas show with artworks on sale for under £75 and including works by Paul l)uffus and Robert Redtlick.


18 50 Prospeethill Square. 'l‘oryglen. 425 4876.

0 Living Cities t-‘ri 28 is Sat 29 .\'o\. l‘ri 7pm: Sat 2pm (S: 7pm. (ilttsgow artists The Working Party and Turin's

Stalker 'l‘eatro come together for this mtiltiiiiedia eyent housed iii a disused supermarket in 'l'oryglen. The installatitiii/perftirmance eyeiit encompasses \ istial art. tlteatre. dance. art. lighting and \ideo. featuring a special sound commission from (iiles Lamb. See pre\iew in Theatre atitl llitlist. NF‘I.’ SHO‘.'.'.


118 Douglas Street. 248 (i580 .\lon l-ri 10.50am 5pm: Sat 10.50am lpiii. 142nd Open Annual Exhibition l'iitil Stiii 50 .\'oy. The R(il annual opcii exhibition featuring paintings. sculpture and more housed in two \enucs. Weather Moods Sat () Sat 20 Dec. .\'ew mixed media paintings by Margaretann Bennett depicting the four seasons through landscape. NET. .‘t l()‘\.‘..


2 Sauchiehall Street. 555 8000. Mon Sat l0am (ipiii.

142nd Open Annual Exhibition l'ntil Sun 50 Nos. See R(il Kelly entry

aboy e.


I00 Renfrew Street. 552 5057. Mon l-‘ri 9am (ipm; Sat 0am 4.50pm.

Margaret S Thomson t'ntil Sun 30 .\'o\'. Bright. colourful paintings by this local artist.

Ruth a Castle Mott l Wed 5| Dec. A selection of recent works in oils and acrylics.


(i Burnfteld Road. (liffnock. (i58 1200. Mon l’ri 11am (iptn: Sat 10am 5.50pm: Stiii tiooii 5.50pm.

Group Exhibition t'iitil Sun 7 Dec. .\'ew paintings by gallery staff artists including Patsy .‘ychrthur. Lesley Aiiiie l)erks and Ruth .\lul\ie.

Christmas Group Exhibition Thu 1 1 Wed 51 Dec. .-\ffordab|e paintings atid sculpture by oy er 50 artists including works by Pat Kramek. laii lilliot. Bryan liyans. Jonathan Shearer. Kirsty Wliiten and Peter .\'ardini.


20 King Street. 552 2151. Tue Sat

10am 5.50pm.

Symphonic Body Grounds t‘ntil Sat 2‘) .\'o\. Adinda yan't Klooster explores the \ery early stttges of the creation of human life iii this iiiteractiye sound installation with y idco and sculpture.

New work by Margaretann Bennett on show at the RGI Kelly Gallery

Louise Crawford and Stephan Gueneau Tue 9 Dec Sat 31 Jan. Photographs of (ilasgow atid Paris by night as documented by Louise ('raw ford and Stephan (itietieau. who hay e worked collaboratiyely since 1902 in film and photographic works. NE W SHOV‘J.


25 Albert Driye. 0845 550 5501. Tue Sat tioon 8pm: Stiti noon (ipm.

The Echo Show t'ntil Stiii 21 Dec. Artists from the Middle liast. litirope and America are brought together for this group show curated specifically for 'l'i‘aiiiway by l.ars Bang Larsen atid Soren Andreasen. The exhibition explores the basic conditions of art making today and features sotmd pieces. plexiglas objects atid film by ('amilla l.ow. Susan Pliilip/. Alice (‘reischcr and Andreas Siekmann and Joana lladjitliomas and Khalil Joreige. See prey iew.

Stephen Sutcliffe l'ntil Stiti 14 Dec. Stephen Stitclilfe presents new \ ttleo works created specifically for ltis exhibition which draws upon a range of music. literary. teleyision and film


28 Kiiig Street. 552 4815. Tue Sat

llatii 5pm.

Daniel Bell, Piotr Janas and Mick Peter t'nt'il Sat 20 Dec. A three- person show featuring sculpture. drawing and \ ideo by (ilasgow School of Art graduate Daniel Bell. large-scale paintings by Piotr Jaiias and a sculptural installation in the basement by Mick Peter.


18 Albion Street. 552 2822. Mon l‘ri 10am 5pm.

Contact Sheet - Creating Links Hi 5 Fri 1‘) Dec. Mixed media exhibition by people on the waiting list to

joiti 'l'i‘ongate Studios.

VACANT SHOP FRONT Woodlands Road. lior more information w w w .emerged.iiet or email

emergedm hotiiiailcom

[etis] l'ntil Stiti 7 Dec. Artist-run organisation li merge I) present a new programme of exhibitions housed iii tliis disused shop front on Woodlands Road by tip-and-comiiig artists. (ieorgia l.ee lltissey and listlier Aliii show work until 30 .\'o\ followed by Jonathan Asliworth 150 \o\ 7 Dec).

listings Art


l l5 West Regent Street. 22l ()llll). Mon l-‘ri 10.50am 5pm.

Mixed Show t'ntil Sat 2‘) .\'m-. A display of general stock including Nth. 20th century and contemporary paintings.

Mixed Exhibition Tue 2 Dec l‘ri 1) Jan. A selection of paintings. drawings and prints of (ilasgow. Dumbarton. Perth. St Andrews and the liast (‘oast by various artists.

Glasgow Museums

This section lists museums currently showing temporary exhibitions. For details of other permanent attractions, see Glasgow Life, page 103.


Tlie (’ross. Kirkiiitillocli. 578 0144.

Tue Sat 10am lpiii & 2 5pm. Christmas Art and Craft t'iitil Sat 20 l)ec. A wide selection of arts atid crafts by local makers including w'atei'colotirs. oils. wood ttirniiigs and ctit'yiiigs.


2()()(l Ptillokslittws Rtliltl. 237 2550. Mon Thu & Sat 10am 5pm: l-‘ri t't Stiii 11am 5pm.

Whistler and Burrell t'iiiil Sun 18 Jan. An exhibition of met 20 works by Whistler. collected by Sir William Burrell.

Whistler in Venice t'ntil Sun 18 Jan. An exhibition of around 50 etchings and pastels by James .\Ic.\'eil Whistler. created during his 14-month stay in Venice iii 187‘). Finding himself in dire financial straits. Whistler along with his model and mistress .\latid liranklin took refuge in the ltaliaii city. Here he produced an extraordinary body of work which captured the iiiagiiilicence of the ornate palaces to scenes of eyeryday life.

THE HIDDEN GARDENS 'l'raiiiway. 25 Albert Driye. 0845 5506501. Tue Sat 10am 4pm; Stiii iiooii 4pm.

The Hidden Gardens Scotland‘s first sanctuary garden dedicated to peace and created iii collaboration with ma organisation. landscape architects (’ity l)esign (‘oopet'tttiy e. the local community and a team of artists. A derelict industrial site adjoitiitig 'l'i'aiiiway w as transformed into these contemplatiy'e gardens with dedicated artworks.

HOUSE FOR AN ART LOVER Bellahotistoii Park. 10 Dtiiiibreck Road. 555 4775. Daily 10am 5pm. £5.50 H.250).

Hugh Gillan l'iitil Stiii 50 .\'oy'. Recent paintings by (ilasgow School of Art graduate. lltigli (iillaii.


l'iiiycrsity Ayentie. 550 4221. Mon Sat 9.50am 5pm.

Lord Kelvin: A Life in Science l'iitil Wed 51 Dec. An exhibition of the scientific iiistrtitiients. llt\'eltllotl\ and patents tised by (ilasgow 's famous professor of physics. William Thomson. The Passionate Collector: George Rae’s Fossils t'niil Sat 20 Dec. An exhibition of(ieorge Rae's fossils. aii amateur enthusiast who collected fossils throughout his life and became :1 research fellow (it the lltmteriati .\1tisetim.


Pollok ('otmtry Park. 20(i0 Polloksliaw's Road. moo-110. Daily 10am 4pm. The World in Blue and White l'titil Stiti 50 .\'o\. 1.5 (£5.75); family ticket £15.50. An exhibition of ceramics dating between 1520 and 1820 from iiietiibers of the Oriental ('et'amic Society.

1‘" No‘. ' [>05 INCA THE LIST 97