Clubs listings

Edinburgh Wednesdays continued

I Diggin’ Deeper NYE Spectacular at Nichol lidwards.

10pm 5am. £7 (£5 memhers). llogmanay. The Diggin‘ peep Allstars met the .\'\'i-: party with their eclectic hi'ew of fttnk. hip hop. reggae. heats. iiitwies and more. Residents litian Rohertson. (iay in Fort. Donald Macarthtir and Mark llalneay es kick start the club with \‘inyl gems to keep yoti happy and grooy'ing well into 2004. Also the set of hip hopping from Dol’li. Scotland's freshest crew with M(' Solarey e Saurai and DJ default. See for more info.

I Diggity Hogmanay at the listahlishment. 10pm 5am. £12 (£10 memhers). llogmanay. The Refill and hip hop night goes for it big style for llogmanay with special guests DJ/M(' crew the Next l.e\'e1 a four mart outfit from Wolyerhaiiipton. As tistial the residents will he in ftill effect.

I Disco Inferno at ligo. 10.30pm 5am. £20. llogmanay. A night of disco cream on two floors as Disco inferno how otit for the very last tiiite with all mighty llogmanay party. (ilammed tip and iii your face disco action from DJ l.o\ e. Nick Silyer. M(‘ ()tis. l-‘unkmaster layer and DJ ('asanota. I Dogmanay at Stutlio 24.

10.30pm 5am. £15 £18. llogmanay. Dogiita and l"reakl.ah comhine to hring you a night of all otit weirdness. crunchy techno kicks arid more to take you into 2004. (‘ymhol pttts in a lite PA while the residents and Disco l’ei'yert take oy er the two floors.

I Fleamarket Funk at ('aharet Voltaire. 1 lpiti 3am. £2. Weekly (not llogmanay ). l.ocal otitlit play iitg their own kind of hig hand funk in this new weekly residency with a smattering of DJ supports arid other the acts. ()n (‘hristmas 1i\ e Vegas compere Dino Martini selects his finest ftiiik (also 5am license).


Pre-Club Venues:

I Air Organic 36 Kely ingroye Street. 564 5201.

I Blackfriars 26 Bell Street. 552 5024. I Bar 10 10 Mitchell l.ane. 572 1448. I Bar 91 01 (‘andleriggs. 552 5211.

I Bar Ce Lona 472 Satichiehall Street. 332 2528.

I Bar Jedi 230 North Bridge. 204 1616. I Blackfriars 26 Bell Street. 552 5024. I Brel 30 Ashton l.ane. 342 4066.

I Cuba Norte 17 John Street. 552 35115. I Cut De Sac Ashton l.ane. 334 4740. I Elliot’s 203-205 Bath Street. 248 2060. I 54 Below 3 kely ingroye Street. 357


I The Griffiny 266 Bath Street. 331 5171.

I Groucho St Judes 100 Bath Street. 331 5171.

I Havana 50 Hope Street. 248 4466.

I The Living Room 5 Byres Road. 330 851 l.

I The Medicine Room 3032 ('athedral Square. 552 3510.

I Moloco 1287 Argyle Street. 334 4813. I Nice ‘n’ Sleazy 421 Sauchieltall Street. 333 0637

I Polo Lounge 84 Wilson Street.

553 1221.

I Soba 1 I Mitchell Street l.ane. 204 2404.

I Spy Bar 153 Bath Street. 221 771 l. I Tchai-Ovna 42 ()tago Lane. 357 4524.

I Variety Bar 401 Sauehiehall Street. 332 4440.

Club Venues:

I Ad-Lib 1 1 1 Hope Street. 248 6645. I Archaos 25 Queen Street. 204 3180.

102 THE LIST 11 DH; 7’11“ 11.1.1!) 901).:

I Headspin at the Bongo (’luh.

1 lpiit 5am. £14. llogmanay. Taking the tiew lloiigo through its paces for its first llogmanay party lleadspin are on hand mixing tip the hest in hip hop. hotise. fittik and heats galore.

I The Hogmanay Party at the Venue. 10.30pm 5am. £12. llogmanay. Massiye llogmanay party across the three floors of the Venue. Taking in ey'erything frotii drttni ts hass through house aitd hip hop. Too many DJs to mention htit highlights include Key Wright. Manga. Rogue State. l-"unkeymagic. ()hscene. Mischief and Low (iray ity.

I The Honeycomb Hogmanay at the lloneycomh. 1 lpm 5am. £14. llogiitanay. The hest home-grow n talent in room one we hay e house music aitd heyond' from the exceptional Martyn Jenga (Jengaheads). Joseph .Malik ((‘oiiipost) atid Neil Anthony (Do This Do That). While room two hotises the hest in hip hop. hreaks and drum tk hass from DJ Kid (Manga). Dolphin Boy (Tummy 'l‘ottch). llelieye (Sw itch-t'p?) and Nasty 1’ (Soul Biscuits). pltis a few special guests to he announced on the night.

I Low Gravity at the liquid Room. 10.30pm 3am. £3 (£2 students). Weekly (not 24 Dec tk llogmanay ). 17 Dec marks the final l.ow (irayity of 2003 so it's a ‘llats ck Shades‘ dress-tip night with the legendary Smack of Boogie-Mo' Dynamo fame dropping to unleash his sery special hlend of llat-disco-gay -hreaks to a warm ts moist crowd (also 5am license). Takes a hreak for Xmas liye htit hack on 7 Jan. I Muppet Christmas Eve Party at Massa. 0pm 3am. £6. ('hi‘istmas liye. (’hristmas crackers niised with all the best tunes ()11211113 ‘dcck the hulls with Holly ck Stollyf

I A Night at the Playboy Mansion at Massa. 0pm 4am. £22.50. llogmanay. Massa pttll otit all the stops

I The Arches Midland Street (off Jamaica Street). 0001 ()22 0300.

I Asylum 71) ('owcaddens Road. 332 0681.

I Bamboo 5| West Regent Street. 332 1067/8.

I Barfly 260(1ytle Street. 221 (1414.

I Blanket (formerly Bed) 520 Sauchiehall Street. 3320755.

I Bennet’s 00 (ilassl‘ortl Street.

552 5761.

I Budda 142 St Vincent Street. 221 5660. I The Cathouse l5 l‘nion Street. 248 6606.

I CCA 350 Saticliiehall Street. 352 4000. I Cube 34 Qtteen Street. 226 8001).

I Fury Murry’s 06 Masts ell Street. 221 651 1.

I The Garage 400 Sauchiehall Street. 332 1 120.

I Glasgow School of Art 167 Renfi'ew Street. 332 0601.

I Glasgow University Union 32 l'niyersity Ayentie. 330 8607.

I 92 474 Sauchiehall St (hehind the (iarage). 353 3111.

I Life (haseiiieiit of Corinthian). 101 Ingram Street. 552 1101.

I The Lighthouse 56 Mitchell Street.

221 6362 I MAS 20 Royal lischange Square. 221 711311.

I Media 142 Renlield Street. 572 0100. I Mercury 142 Bath Lane. 248 1777. I Privilege 60 Hope Street. 2114 5233. I Queen Margaret Student Union

22 l‘iiiyersity (iardens. 330 0784.

I Reds. 375 Suttehieltilll Street. 331 1635.

I Renfrew Ferry (‘lytlc Place. 553 0606.

I Riverside Club l-‘os Street. 560 7287. I Rocksy’s Basement 40 New Snedtlon Street. l’aisley. 552 5701.

I The Shack 103 Pitt St. 332 7522.

I Soundhaus 47 llytlepark Street. 221 4650.

I Sub Club 22 Jamaica Street. 248 4600. I Tempus (‘('A. 350 Sauchichall Street. see uhoy e.

I 13"! Note 260('|ydc Street. 243 2177

as Flaunt take on Miss Moneypenny (with Jeff Jefferson) and liye (‘andy y Ministry of Sound (with Brian (‘heetam). Plus as only his such a glamorous decadent night. champagne reception. canapes the works all sery'ed hy htinnies. I Opal Lounge at ()pal Lounge.

10pm 3am. £3. Weekly. Midweek session front Tohy Saltonstall and his disco. R&ll. fttiik and house mash tip. 5am license and more DJ action on llogmanay (entry £10).

I Progression Hogmanay Party 2003 at the Liquid Room. 10pm 5am. £thc. 31 Dec. lltige llogmanay night of progressiye hotise heats from party king Jon ('arter. If that's not enough ls'ey Wright (Suhlime). Alan Dohson. Smokey ts the haiidit. (iay (irant. 'l’okyohlti and Derek Martin proyide support.

I Rude at Mood. 0pm 3am. £3. Weekly. Night of ftmky. flirty. glamour-tilled house from residents Alex Ayery and Kerr with a smattering of local guests.

I Stereotype at Berlin Bierhatis.

0pm 5am. £15. llogmanay. Monthly. Stereotype sees in New Year with the wonderful hotise sounds of K-Klass and your host lltiggy (on 3 dex and 1X ). with support from ('raig Smith. Paul l'iiilayson and Warner l’owers.

I Uber Disco at ('ayendish. 0pm 5am. £25. llogtitanay. ()ii one lloor of (‘ayendish we haye a hot hotise mix from Michael Kilkie. (’olin 'l’etendale. Marco Smith and Stuart llirst at this tilimate- disco-hotise-llogiiianay-party.

I Ultragroove NYE at (‘aharet Voltaire. 10.30pm 5am. £20. llogmanay. l'ltt’agooye take their fottrth New Year party to the nest leyel with a ftill compliment of resident DJs: (iareth Someyille. l’tidge l-‘ingas. Mr Todd. lirik D'Viking. Ants Small and Nick Ytiill. As they say ‘no (itiest DJs. no clueless tourists just honest party \ ihes with great music and a quality crowd'.

I The Tunnel 84 Mitchell Street. 204 1000.

I Trash 107 Pitt Street. 572 3372.

I The Up ’n Down Club West Moreland Street. Queens Park.

I Vault 25 Queen Street. 204 3180.

I The Velvet Rooms 520 Sauchiehall Street. 332 (1755.

I The Woodside Social Club 320 North \Voodside Road. 337 1643.

I Yang 3.3 Queen Street. 248 8484.


Pre-Club Venues: I Bam BOU 66/67 South llridge. 556

0200. I Bar Union 253/258 ('owgate. 557 2780. I Beluga 30a ('haiiihei's Street. 624 4545.

I The City Cafe Blair Street. 220 0125. I Cuba Norte 102 Morrison Street. 221 (1400.

I eh1 107 High Street. 2205277.

I The Human Be-In 2/8 West (’rosscauseway. 662 8860.

I Iguana 4l l.othiaii Street. 220 4288. I Magoo’s Basement 27 West Port. 221 1448.

I The Meadow Bar (Moo Bar) liueeletleh Street. 667 6007.

I The Outhouse llrotighton Street l.ane. 557 6668.

I Oxygen 3-5 lnlirmary Street. 557 0007.

I Five 2 6 (‘alton Road. 557 2025.

I The Pond 22 24 Bath Road. 467 3825.

I PopRokit 2 l’icardy Place. 556 4272. I 0 Bar 5/11 l.eitlt Street. 557 5830.

I Y0 Below 66 Rose Street. 220 6040.

Club Venues:

I Berlin. 3 Qtieensferi'y Street l.ane. 467 7215.

I The Bongo Club 14 New Street. 556 5204.

I Cavendish/Diva West 'l‘ollcross. 22.’ 3252.

I Vegas: Grand Hogmanay Ball at lidinhtirgh (‘ollege of Art.

10pm 5am. £25 llogmanay. The (irand llogmanay Ball returns in style as the Vegas institution keeps it real. Sec lz'rlizi/mrgli llogmanay Supp/entail.

Chart & Party

I Diva NYE at Diya. 0pm 5am.

£10 £15. llogmanay. ()n the other floor of the (’ay'endish in Diya with lime chart. dance. coitimercial classics. pop and a dash of cheese to hring you into 2004 in a Stlilulfly inehriated state.

I Hogmanay at Revolution at ('ayendish/Diya. 10.30pm 3am. £15 (for seyen night ticket). llogmanay. The residents are otit in force for some chart dance action and a touch of pop. pltis a piper to cal in 2004 in the time honoured way.

I Peppermint Lounge at Peppermint Lounge. 10pm 3am.

liree £4. Weekly. See Sun.

I Planet at ('ayendish/l)iy‘a.

10pm 3am. £3 (£2; free with Snapfax before midnight). Weekly (not llogmanay). (hurt and party shenanigans.

I Shark at ('ity: lidinhtirgh.

10pm 3am. £3 before 1 1pm; £4 alter. Weekly not (‘hristmas the (k llogmanay). Monthly. The infamous student night relattnches at ('ity with a selection of chart. cheese and R&B.

I Subway West End at Stihway West lind. 7pm 3am. l"ree before 0pm: £3 after (£2). Weekly. See Tlitt.

I The Subway at Stihway. 7pm 3am. £1. Weekly. See l‘ri.

I Sugar Blue at Why .\'oi'.’

10pm 3am. £5 (£4). 17 Dec. (hart. R&ll and dattce action at this mainly sttidenty' night.

I Tasty! at Mood. 0pm 3am. l-‘ree before 1 1pm; £2 after (free to memhers). Weekly. See Mon.

I Cabaret Voltaire 36-38 Blair Street. 220 6176.

I C.C. Blooms 23 24 (ireenside l’lace. 5560331.

I The Citrus (irindlay Street. 622 7086. I The Cocteau Lounge (Ego). l’icardy' Place. 478 7434.

I The Commplex (‘omiiiercial Street. l.eith. 555 5622.

I Ego l’icardy Place. 478 7434.

I El Barrio 104 West Port. 220 8805.

I Eros/Elite l-"otintaiii Park. Dundee Street. 22S 1661.

I The Establishment 3 Semple Street. 220 7733.

I Gaia King Stahles Road. 22‘) 7086.

I The Honeycomb l5 l7 .\'itltlry Street. 5305540.

I The Liquid Room 0c Victoria Street. 225 2564.

I The Mambo Club West 'l‘ollcross. 447 3301.

I Massa (formerly Club Mercado) 36 30 Market Street. 226 4224.

I Opal Lounge 51 (ieorge Street. 226 2275.

I Opium 71 (‘owgate. 225 8382.

I Peppermint Lounge 1a ('haiiihers Street. 225 5200.

I Po Na Na 43h lirederick Street. 226


I Potterrow llt'isto Square. 650 0105.

I Prive Council 47 llanoy er Street. 225 88113.

I Revolution 31 l.othian Road. 220 7670.

I Studio 24(‘a1ton Road. 558 3758.

I The Subway (‘ow gate. 225 6766.

I The Subway West End l.othian Road. 220 0107.

I The Union lleriot Walt t'nisersity. Riccarton. 451 5333.

I The Venue ('alton Road. 557 3073.

I The Wash The Mottiid. 225 6103.

I The Watershed 44 St Stephen Street. 220 3774.

I The Wee Red Bar lidinhtirgh (‘ollege ()l’Art. l.auriston Place. 220 1442. I Time 24;) l-‘rederick Street. 2211 1226.

I Why Not? 14 George Street. 624 S31 1.