ordinary blokes waking up with a hangover. See Hitlist. NEW SHOW.

GATEHOUSE GALLERY Rouken (iIen Road. 620 0235. Mon. Thu. Fri & Sun 1.30 5.30pm: Sat

I 1.30am 5.30pm.

Mixed Christmas Show t‘ntil Mon 22 Dec. Paintings by gallery artists plus sculpture. ceratnics and jewellery including works by [.in Pattullo. lithel Walker. Alan King. Kirsty Wither. (iordon Wylie and (iordon Henderson.


I48 West Regent Street. 22l 3095. Mon Sat 9.30am 5.30pm (closed 25 & 26 Dec. l 4 Jan).

Winter Collection tintil Sat 3! Jan. A selection of British painting. drawing and sculpture including works by Roger liry. Duncan (irant. Henry Moore. Katharine ('ameron. liardlcy. l’ergusson. John Houston. Mc(‘ancc. Keith Vaughan and David Warrillow.


22 & 25 King Street. 5520704.

Tue Sat 10am 5.30pm (closed 25

Dec (i Jan).

Jim Pattison - Layers tintil Tue l0 l-‘eb. Recent work by Jitn Pattison exploring computer generated and manipulated images and fortns.

Nuria Melero - Sis Espais l’ntil Tue I0 l-‘eb. A series of screenprints by Barcelona artist Nuria Melero. Christmas Print Show t'ntil Tue I0 l‘eb. Small prints for (‘hristmas in a wide variety of styles.


Top floor. ()4 ()sborne Street. 552 I472. Tue Sat noon 5pm (closed 20 Dec-2 Jan).

The Independent Studios Members Show Sat 13 Dec Sat 10 Jan. Mixed group show by members of the studio featuring paintings. sculpture and video work. NEW SHOW.


(iround floor. Princes Square. Buchanan Street. 22] Slo2. Mon- Sat l()itll‘l--()pllll Stilt l lam—5pm (closed 25 Dec & l Jan).

The Third Step Charity Trust Exhibition tintiI Sat 3| Jan. An exhibition of prints by Peter Ilowson along with works by Ally Thompson. l-‘rank Mcl‘adden. Martin Kane and Allan Wilson to help raise funds for the Third Step (‘harity Trust which helps people who have experienced problems with alcohol or drttg addiction.

GLASGOW SCHOOL OF ART The Mackintosh (tallery. l(i7 Renfrew Street. 353 4500. Mon- Fri l()am 5pm; Sat 10am—2pm.

4/4 l'ntil Sat 20 Dec (Mackintosh (iaIlery). AKA present this site-specific project involving musicians and contemporary artists. (‘o-ordinated by Mark Melvin and Will Holt. collaborators include musician Matt Bourne. composer Adam Melvin and artists Peter .‘vlc(‘aughhey and (‘raig Mulholland. See review.

Visual Research for Textile Design Until Fri 12 Dec (Newbery (iallery). An exhibition of work by final year knit. print. embroidery and weave students.

Clydesdale Bank Art for All Project lfntil Sat l3 Dec (Atrium (iallery. lioulis Building: Mon» Thu I0am 8pm; Fri 10am 15pm; Sat

9am lpm). An exhibition of work by pupils who attended one-day art and design workshops at (ilasgow School of A11.

100% Cotton Tue 6 Tue 27 Jan (Atrium (ialleryl. Art exhibition exploring the symbiotic relationship

between youth. fashion and semantics in this collaborative project between the Art Institute of ('hicago and (ilasgow School of Art. NEW SHOW.


l82 Bath Street. 333 NW. Mon Fri 10.30am 5pm; Sat l().3()am- 1pm (closed 25 8; 26 Dec. l 4 Jan).

Christmas Exhibition t'ntil Sat 3i Jan. A festive selection of contemporary. 19th and 20th century paintings.


9 I I (ieorge Street. 552 2024. Mon Sat 9am 5pm (closed 25 & 26 Dec. I 6 Jan). John Lowrie Morrison t,'ntil Wed 31 Dec. New. vibrant paintings by Jolotno.

Eric Doig: Glasgow Tue is Sat 3| Jan. Iiric l)oig presents his view of the city of (ilasgow in bold colour. NEW SHOW.

HUNTERIAN ART GALLERY l'niversity of (ilasgow. 82 Hillhead Street. 330 543I. Mon Sat 9.30am 5pm: Sun l2.3074.30pm (closed 25 Dec 5 Jan).

The Whistler Collection The Ilunterian‘s internationally important Whistler (‘ollection is on view in new displays featuring 80 oil paintings. hundreds of drawings and watercolours and over l000 etchings and lithographs. Part of “THAI/(7' 2003’.

Copper Into Gold: Whistler and 19th Century Printmaking t'ntil Wed 24 Dec. This exhibition presents etchings and lithographs by Whistler and his contetnporaries. highlighting Whistler‘s achievements as one of the greatest artist-printmakers of all time. Part of Blast/er 2003’.

18908 Women l'ntil Wed 24 Dec. l)epictions of women by \\'Itistler"s contemporaries Beardsley.Mackintosh. (‘arlos Schwabe and others inspired by fantasy. imagination and symbolism. I’m-r (t/l lWIiSI/vl' 2009’.

Whistler Pastels t'ntil Wed 24 Dec. A selection of Whistler's exquisite pastels focusing on the female form.

A Hundred Objects for 100 Years l'ntil Sat l7 Jan. A unique opportunity to see the tnost important works acquired by the gallery over the years with the support of the Art liund. including such diverse works as Lucien l‘reud‘s After (‘lmn/in (2000) and Alexander Naysmith‘s [)llm/NII'IUII ('usllt' and 7imn with Ben [.UHIUINI ( ISlbl.


IS King Street. 552 2540. Tue Sat

noon- opm

Similar Stuff tTntil Mon 22 Dec. Scott McGowan combines found objects with sculpted materials and drawings in this new body of work.


ll Mitchell Lane. 22l (i362. Mon. Wed-Sat l().30amr5pm: Tue llam 5pm; Stilt noon 5pm (closed 25. 2o 6’; 3I Dec- 2 Jan). £3 (80p).

Lightweight Medical t’ntil Sun l4 Dec. Lightweight Medical unveil their new design for the transport incubators used for transferring critically ill babies. Nature of Healing Art t'ntil Mon 5 Jan. A focus on recent key hospital projects across the [K and Japan.

It’s Snow Time t’ntil Sun I I Jatt. Twenty artists and designers have been invited to design their very own snow dome featuring works by Bell (iraphic. Blue Marmalade. ()ne lioot Taller and Timorous Beasties.

The Bird That Never Flew t'ntil Sun 25 Jan. (ilasgow-based graphic designer Susan Roan r'einterprcls (ilasgow's (‘oat of Arms for a series of T- shirts.

Glasgow Style l'ntil Stilt l l‘eb. A focus on the celebrated designs of (‘harles Rennie Mackintosh and his associates. collectively known as the (ilasgow Style.

Maggie’s Exhibition t'ntil Sun 8 Feb. A focus on the Maggie's (‘cntres which aim to help people to adjust to living with cancer. Some of the world's best architects have desigtted these buildings including l-‘rank (iehry’s new building in Dundee.

Lightness at the Lighthouse Sat l3 Dec Sun I I-‘eb. Students from (ilasgow School of Art's Product Design course look at ways to imagine a lighter way of living. NEW SHOW.

Glasgow Bridge Tue 23 Dec Wed 28 Jan. An exhibition revealing the controversial winning design of a new pedestrian bridge across the (‘Iyde. designed by Richard Rogers. The £40m footbridge has been criticised for being unoriginal. though (ilasgow ('ity (‘ouncil described it as iconic. Make your own mind tip in this display of Rogers’ bridge and the live runners-up. NEW SHOW.


Station Road. Milngavic. 578 8847. Tue Sat I0am lpnt & 2 5pm (closed 20 Dec (3 Jan).

Christmas Art Show t'ntil Sat 20 Dec. A festive selection of paintings. prints. watercolours and ceramics by Scottish artists.

Summer Flowers to Studio Interiors l'ntil Wed l I I‘eb. Still life paintings from the gallery‘s permanent collection.


200 Bath Street. 33I 0722. Tue Sat 0am optn.

Mixed Exhibition t'ntil Sat 20 Dec. A multi-media group show exploring

domestic incident featuring Martin ('Iark.

Benji l)eBurka. Lisa Mc(‘onnell and Katy West.


I58 Bath Street. 33l 4060. Mon Thu noon lam: l-‘ri Sat noon 3am (closed 25 Dec & l Jan).

John Davis t'ntil Wed 17 Dec. Black and white photographic images of the west end of (ilasgow by John Davis. Shapes of Things t'ntil Wed 4 Iieb. The Shapes of Things is a series of exhibitions highlighting the work of recent graduates and students at (iIasgow School of Art and other art colleges. John Davis and (‘laire Stewart show work from 4 l7 Dec. followed by Jim Lambie and 4th year line art photography students frotn (ilasgow School ot'Al't ( 18 Dec 7 Janl; .\'ina Miller and Sarah Hobstctter (8 2| Janl arid David littstace (22 Jan 4 l-‘ebl.


5 Hy ndland Street. 342 4 l 24. Wed l-‘ri

1 Iain 0pm: Sat l Iain 5pm; Sun

noon 4pm.

Christmas Exhibition t'ntil Sun 2l Dec. Affordable paintings and prints by invited artists including Anthony Scullion. Henry Kondracki and many


322 & 324 Duke Street. Dennistoun. 556 7270. Tue Sat noon (ipnt.

Blink l'ntil Sat 20 Dec. The second in a series of three window-based installations in the gallery space featuring the work of Jitn ('olquohoun. Vicky Neck and Jay 'l'ownsend.


270 Sattchiehall Street. 565 4l00.

Mon Sat l0am 5pm; Sttn noon 5pm (closed 25 & 26 Dec. I & 2 Jan).

Art Treasures of Kelvingrove l'ntil .\'ov 2005. As the Kclvingr'ove Museum & Art (iallery has now closed its doors for major refurbishment. over 200 paintings from the Kelv ingrove collection take up residency at the Mc‘l.c‘llttll (iallerics. The displa} includes Thomas l‘aed‘s 'I'lit' Lust ul'r/u' (‘lun and Rembrandt's .rl .llun in Armour. plus work by (‘harles Rennie Mackintosh. Dutch and Flemish art.

listings Art

Degas and the Italians in Paris Over 50 works by the great French Impressionist painter Edgar Degas. together with paintings by a number of Italian artists who were greatly inspired by his ability to capture modern life. See preview. Royal Scottish Academy Building. Edinburgh, Fri 72 Dec—Sun 29 Feb.

Cindy Sherman More than 50 pictures by the influential American photographer Cindy Sherman. Since the mid 70$. Sherman has used her own body as the model. disguising herself to explore media-induced female stereotypes. National Gallery of Modern Art. Edinburgh. until Sun 7 Mar.

David Sherry The artist who carried a bucket of water around for about a week and appeared to sew planks of wood to his feet gets a solo show at GOMA. Expect more humorous musings on the human condition. Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow, until Sun 75 Feb.

Balthasar Burkhard The Swiss artist brings his homeland's landscape alive in this exhibition of large-scale. black and white photographs taken from a helicopter. See preview. Fruitmarket Gallery Edinburgh, Sat 73 Dec—Sun 8 Feb.

Eva Rothschild - Heavy Cloud A solo show for Dublin- born artist Eva Rothschild featuring everything from a pixellated portrait of Nina Simone to woven strips. One of the best exhibitions at the Modern Institute this year. See photo caption. Modern Institute. Glasgow, until Fri 79 Dec.

Christian Marclay: The Sound of Christmas Christmas with Bing. Tijuana Christmas and Abbott and Costello '3 Christmas Stocking are just three of the 1000 yuletide LPS featured in Christian Marclay's interactive installation/performance. CCA. Glasgow. until Sun 27 Dec.



ll Dot: 900;; 8Jan?0().1