Edinburgh Galleries

ARTESIAN ARTS GALLERY 75 Bread Street. 477 4528. Mon-Sat noon—5pm.

Christmas Art Fair L'ntil Sat 20 Dec. Paintings. sculpture. cards and gifts to suit all budgets.


Moray House. 37 llolyrood Road. 558 7604.

Roll in the Park Until Thu 5 Feb. Dominic Travers docutnents the existing skate parks in Scotland in this exhibition of photographs. The images follow on from his show at the Bongo club two years ago and highlight the interaction of the human with the curves of concrete of the skate parks.


6 Dundas Street. 557 4050. Motr-l‘ri 10am—6pm: Sat l lam- 2pm (closed 25 Dec—4 Jan).

Wilkie and his Scottish Circle Until 24 Dec. A selection of works by Sir David Wilkie (17851841) and fellow artists Robert Scott Lauder. Walter (ieikie. William Sitnson. Thomas Duncan. Alexander Fraser Snr and Sir William Allan.

John O’Connor limit Wed 24 Dec. Wood engravings.

Scottish Paintings Mon 5 Sun 18 Jan. Oils and watercolours by Scottish artists dating from 1650 to present day.


38 Home Street. 228 JI-ll. Daily

1 --l lpm (closed 25 Dec 8; I Jan). Small Wonder l’ntit Wed 7 Jan. Small abstract works by James liraser exploring the symbols we encounter everyday ranging from remote controls to computers.


2 Market Street. 52‘) 3993. Mon Sat l0am~5pm (closed 25 27 Dec 8; 2 Jan).

Editions Alecto: A Fury for Prints L'ntil Sat l0 Jan. A celebration of two and three-dimensional graphic art in this exhibition which highlights the work of pioneering print publisher. liditions Alecto. which produced contemporary artists‘ prints in Britain during the 60s and 70s. Artists who worked with Alecto include David Hockney. liduardo Paoloui. Patrick (‘aullield. Richard Hamilton and (iillian Ayres.

The Great Book of Gaelic lfntit Sat 24 Jan. (‘ontemporary ('eltic culture is celebrated in this exhibition about

The (ireat Book. a 21st century Bank of Kr'l/s. which brings together the work of

tnore than 200 visual artists. poets and calligraphers from Scotland and Ireland. Featured artists include John Byrne. Will .\'lacl.ean. (‘alutn (‘olvin and Steven Campbell.

Monumental Edinburgh l'ntil Sat 24 Jan. A celebration of lidinburgh‘s monuments and public sculpture ranging from the Roman (‘ramond Lioness to the lilm Row pigeons on l.eith Walk.


22 28 (‘ockburn Street. 220 I260. Tue Sat noon 5pm.

New Work Scotland Programme 11 t'ntit Sun 2| Dec. Next tip in the .\'WS programme is lidinburgh (‘ollege of Art graduate limma (ireenwood. who creates complex installations from found objects. (ilasgow School of Art graduate Jakob Anckarsvard shows a sculptural piece made from flowers inspired by recurring themes of tragedy and grief. See review.


4| Dundas Street. 557 456‘). Mon Fri l0.30am 5.30pm; Sat |0.30am 5pm (closed 25 Dec. | 8; 2 Jan). Christmas Exhibition t'ntil Sat to Jan. Mixed festive exhibition encompassing paintings. jewellery. sculpture. glass. wood and broil/es.

DANISH CULTURAL INSTITUTE 3 Doune Terrace. 225 7l8‘). Mon Fri 10am—5pm (closed 24 28 & 3| Dec. | Jan).

Liverpool Photos l'ntil l-‘ri 27 Feb. Black and white photographs from l‘)68

by Danish photographer and film director

Freddy Tornberg depicting a former working class area in Liverpool.


Bell'ord Road. 62-1 6200 (recorded information 332 2266). Mon Wed 6’;

l’ri Sun l0atn-5pm; Thu |0am 7pm (closed 25 & 26 Dec). ('afe. Advertising and the Artist: Ashley Havinden’s Designs and Collections l'ntil Sun l8 Jan. l‘ree. A focus on the work of Ashley llavinden l‘)03» l‘)73. one of the most successful advertising artists and designers working in Britain in the 20th century. Designing for Martini. (iillette. Bird's ('ustard and Simpson of Piccadilly. his more familiar work appeared in the l‘)30s with his ‘Drink Milk and ‘Beer is Best‘ campaigns. The exhibition features over 200 advertisements. sketches. paintings and textiles.

Scottie Wilson and Outside Art l'ntil Stilt 14 Dec. l-ree. An exhibition of ‘()utsider Art'. a French term coined by Dubuffet in l‘)-l7 Used to describe work produced otttside the established art scene. ()ne such artist was (ilasgow-born Scottie Wilson whose work was admired by the sttrrealists and featured in the

listings Art

Paris International lixhibilion of Surrealism in l‘)-l7.

After Hours - Christmas Music Thu 18 Dec. 6pm. A programme of after gallery hours events featuring seasonal music with the clarsach performed by Isobel .\|ieras and friends.

Artists Design Textiles Sat 20 Dec Sun 2‘) Feb. A display of the collection of fabrics designed by artists such as William Scott. Victor Vasarely. Ben Nicholson. lili/abeth l-‘rink. Marino .‘vlarini and ('ecil (‘ollins. produced for lidinburgh Weavers in the 1950s. NEW SHOW.


l8a Dundas Street. 557 5227. Mon Sat l0am 5.30pm (closed 25. 26 & 3| Dec. | Jan).

Festive Season Show l'ntil Wed 14 Jan. (‘hristmas exhibition featuring paintings by Joyce Borland. (iillian (ioodheil‘. lithel Walker. Judith Brigdland and Lin Pattullo.


l l (iayfteld Square. 558 7| l0. Wed Sat llam 6pm.

Louise Hopkins l‘ntil Sat 20 Dec. New works by (ilasgow -based Louise Hopkins in this. her first solo show in Scotland since l‘)‘)6. Over the past ten years. her work has been concerned with the transformation of pre-existing surfaces. This new body of work includes modifications on maps. sheet music. comic books. lined paper and graphs. See review.


6a Dundas Street. 558 0363. Mon l‘ri |0am 6pm: Sat |0am 4pm.

Marbles Reunited: A Cultural Imperative Mon 5 Mon l‘) Jan. Virtual reality images to show how the dismembered Parthenon marbles would look if they were reunited. NEW SHOW.

Advertising genius and art collector (Not Charles Saatchi)

Ashley Havmdon (1903-1973) Drink Daily. The Food Foods. Poster Milk Marketing Board. 1936 Estate of

Advertising & the Artist The work and collection of Ashley Havinden

Long before Charles. there was Ashley. Ashley Havinden put the art into advertising beautiful works with the proceeds. Come and see it all in one place at the Dean Gallery. You might even bump into you-know-who.

Until 18 January 2004

Dean Gallery. 73 Belford Road. Edinburgh Open daily 10am-5pm. Thursday until 7pm Admission free


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