Art listings

Edinburgh Galleries continued


20a l)undas Street. 557 5002. Mon Hi I 1am 5pm; Sat l()am lpnt (closed

24 28 Dec. 1 4 Jattt.

Christmas Exhibition t‘ntil Wed 31 Dec. ('hristmas exltibition including

works by gallery artists (ieol'frey Roper.

Joan Rettton RSW. Joan (iillespie. Norma Mclean and Tony (iillespie. Winter Exhibition Mon 5 Sat 3| Jan. A mixed sltow of paintings by gallery artists.


23 l'nion Street. 557 247‘). Tue Sat 10am (tpm (closed 21 Dec l2 Jan). Christmas Exhibition l‘ntil Sat 31 .latt. A wide selectiott of prittts by arottttd 70 of the workshops artists attd including works by John Bellany. Donald l'rquhart attd Philip Braltattt pltts a ttew series of etchings by Alait Davie.


8 Melyille Crescent. 07748 9M3 l 5. The Richard Demarco Gallery 1966 to 1974 l'ntil Thu ll I)ec. For one week only. the Richard Demarco (iallery takes up residence in its forttter honte at .\lel\‘il|e (‘rescent The show featttres artworks and Dentarco archiye photographs illttstratittg Dentarco's prograntttte dttrittg the 60s attd 70s.


88 Lothian Road. 22‘) 5‘)32 (closed 26, 2b & 31 Dec. 1 Jan).

Music in the Movies t'ntil l‘ri 2 Jan. (‘lassic lilttt posters.

Real Red Sat 3 Sat 3| Jan. Paintings by Steyen Sutterby exploring blood and ltis personal experience of lighting lettkaentia.


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(,5 tit -r(,lll :1 r" ”:-\.‘)ll-"lll"(2 ".ll‘i

’> \ \ng’lg )I\‘ "5p l’. "\.'I"£ O “J \JKI.’)‘\". ‘t' 'c-I-r ~.\/‘- l’ lI/ki",

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110 THE LIST it [)(x: 2003 B Jan .7001

FOUNTAINBRIDGE LIBRARY l)undee Street. 52‘) 5(tlb. .\lon & Wed l 8pm: 'l‘tte. 'l'ltu & l‘ri l()am 5pm; Sat 9am lpnt lcloscd 25 27 Dec & l 3 Jan).

Cover Story t'ntil l‘ri l(i Jan. Book

jacket pltotograplts by Paul 'l'urner.


45 Market Street. 225 2383. Mon Sat

1 lattt (tpm; Suit noon 5pm (closed

25 27 Dec).

0 Balthasar Burkhard Sat 13 Dec Sun 3 l't‘lt. The landscape Ul. lllC Swiss Alps is brougltt ittto the gallery space itt tltis exhibition of photographs by Swiss artist Balthasat' Burkhard. 'l'ltese large-scale black aitd w ltitc images. some three metres itt lettgtlt. depict the \ast landscape and were takett frottt a helicopter attd from tltc ground 3000nt up. See preyiew attd Hitlist. NFW Sl 10W.

Artist’s Talk Sat 13 Dec. 4pm. Swiss pltotograplter Baltltasar Burkltard discusses ltis work.


(iallery «Q Shop. 77 l)undas Street. 556 3l5‘). Mon l‘t'i l()am (tpm: Sat

l()am 5pm. Also 'l'hu front I l Dec. l()am 8pm: Stttt from l4 I)ec

l lattt 4pm (closed 25 28 Dec & 3l Dec 4 Jattt.

Christmas Exhibition t'ntil Thu S Jan. A ntixed (‘ltristmas show featuring paintings by Su/anne \Vhyte. (iillian Kelly attd Stt/anne Borland attd applied arts attd jewellery by Susan Weir. l'sha Khosla attd Laura Murray.


22a l)undas Street. 556 2lSl. .\lon Hi

I lattt (3pm: Sat 10.30am 4pm (closed (k 2(3 “CC. l (k Nl ll) Jillll.

Small Paintings for Christmas l'tttil Sat 3l Jan. A seasonal selection of


1,.ty- ,,.,,,,....‘,.,,1 it): I I'V’ I. 41.2.?) Sf ~_' .


small paintings by gallery artists plus prints. ceratttics. jewellery. engraved glass. sculpture. textiles. boxes attd Russian craftwork.


34 Abercromby Place. 558 9872. Mon l‘ri l()am (1pm; Sat 10am 4pm (closed 25 Dec 7 Jan).

Hockney to Hodgkin t'ntil Wed 24 Dec. Post-war British printmaking featuring works by Bellatty. Blake. Hockney. Hodgkitt. Riley. (‘aullield. l’asntore and l’aolol/i.

Jock McFadyen - Canal: Spazo, Spud and Spigot Thu

8 ;\lott 2(t Jan. A series of ten lintited edition etchings and lithographs published itt I991 by Jock Mcl’adycn. NEW SHOW.


(t (’arlton 'l‘errace. 556 4441. Tue Sat l()am 5pm.

Ian Davenport l'nttl Sat 20 Dec. 'l‘he internationally renowned artist [an l)ayenport ltas his first eyer solo sellittg show itt Scotland. For the show, lte has created a new series of \‘ibrant. high- gloss ‘('ircle’ attd "l'ip‘ paitttittgs as well as works oit paper. l'sing mass- produced materials gloss paittt attd MDI‘ his works are made to look as industrial attd a tttacltitte tttade as possible but closer inspection reyeals the artist's hand. l.AST CHANCE TO SEF.


()5 The Sltore. l.eith. 553 5255.

Tue l‘ri llattt 5pm; Sat llant 4pm (closed 25. 2(t. 2S & 2‘) Dec. l & 2 Jan.

Christmas Exhibition l'ntil Sat 24 Jan. A festiye selection of paintings. ceramics. glass. jewellery attd sculpture by regular gallery artists attd new gradttates.


87 Broughton Street. 558 8778.

Wed Sat ttoott ()pm.

Mixed Show A changing selection of work by 20th cetttttry artists ittclttdittg prints by Alan l)ayie plus works by Mark I'Ansoit. l’red l)eakitt. laitt Patterson attd Attit ()rntatt.


Belford Road. (324 6200 (recorded information 332 2266). Mon Wed & liri Stttt l()am 5pm; 'I'hu l()am 7pm (closed 25 & 26 Dec). (ale.

0 Cindy Sherman l'ntil Sun 7 Mar. £4 (£3); under l2s free. The Serpentine (iallery retrospectiye trayels to lidinburgh featuring oyer 50 works by the inspirational attd influential American pltotograplter ('indy Shertttan. Widely recognised as one of the leadittg artists of our tinte. she lirst catne ittto prominence itt the tttid 70s with her (hill/ml I'll"! Stills itt which slte pltotograplted lterself in differettt disguises in an attentpt to explore and expose the well-defined itttages attd stereotypes of womett. The exhibition suryeys her work to date attd ittclttdes the historical portraits. the ntttrder tttyslct‘y sct‘ics l l‘)7(t). studio portraits and her latest works. the (lawn .St'l'lt's. 'I‘ett large billboards originally seett itt London wlticlt were commissioned by the Serpentitte (iallery and London l'nderground‘s Platform for Art will also be on View at ()ntni front 7 Jan 7 Mar. See llitlist.

Curator’s Tour of Cindy Sherman Mon 15 Dec. 12.45pm. Richard (‘alyocot'essi gives a tottr of the acclaimed ('indy Sltermatt retrospectiye exltibition.

New Acquisitions t'ntil Sun 7 .\l;ll'. 'IihL' SN(i.\I:\ displays its latest acquisitions featttring works by the wood ettgrayer Winifred .\cheit/ie

l l‘)()5-2()()l ) and her stslct‘ Alison McKen/ie ( l‘)07—l‘)82).

Bill Viola l'ntil Sun 7 Mar. A display of tltrec Video pieces by the master of the ntedittttt Bill Viola including ('uI/tert'm-‘s Room. I’nur Hum/s and .S‘urrwulm‘ wlticlt forttt part of the series Puss-inns which express different states of etttotion.


'l'he Mound. (:24 6200 (recorded information 332 2266). Mon Wed &

l-‘ri Stnt l()am 5pm; 'I‘hu l()am 7pm (closed 25 & 26 Dec).

Drawings by Allan Ramsay l'ntil Stttt 4 Jan. l‘ree. Studies for portraits by the lidinburgh-born artist. Allan Ramsay (I713 84t which span the lettgtlt of his career attd demonstrate the naturalism lte achieyed itt his tttature work.

Many Happy Returns: The National Gallery of Scotland Celebrates 100 Years of the Art Fund l'ntil Stttt 14 Dec. An exhibition ltigltliglttittg sonte of paintings. prints aitd drawings by Turner. Rapltael. Rembrattdt. Poussin. lttgres attd Bernini which the National (iallery of Scotlattd has acquired with the ltelp of the Art liund.

After Hours - Curator’s Tour of Many Happy Returns Thu 1 1 Dec. ()plll. A progratttme of after gallery hours cyents featttrittg a tour led by ('hristopher Baker of the Many Happy Retttrtts exhibition which celebrates I00 years of the Art Fund.

The Vaughan Bequest of Turner Watercolours Thu 1 Sat 3| Jan. The annual airing of 'l’urtter's magnificent watercolours bequeathed itt l‘)()() by tltc London art collector Henry Vaughan. The exhibition includes works front many periods of Turner's career ittclttdittg early topographical wash drawings of tltc l7‘)0s aitd watercolour sketches of continental liurope produced in tltc l83lls and 40s. NEW SHOW.

The Story of the Myth: Diana and Actaeon liri l‘) I)ec. 12.45pm. .\lolly l)onachie. yolunteer co-ordinator at tltc National (ialleries giycs a talk on 'l‘itian's paitttittg.

NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY Queen Street. 624 (>200 (recorded information 332 2266). Mon Wed & l‘ri Sun l()am 5pm; 'I'ltu l()am 7pm lcloscd 25 & 26 Dec). ('afe.

Fay Godwin: Landmarks t'ntil Stttt l l Jan. £4 (£3); tntder l2s free. l‘it‘sl shown at the Bat'bican itt London. a touring retrospectiye exhibition of tltc work of one of Britain’s leading photographers. l-'ay (iodwitt. From her early literary portraits of Ted Hughes attd Philip l.arkitt aitd her famed black and wltite lattdscapes. the exhibition also includes lter docttntetttary colour photographs of Bradford attd her tnost recettt. abstract works. (:‘lussn'm'ks. Parallel Lives: Where Past Meets Present l'ntil Stttt 4 Jan. l’ree. l’urullc'l lives is the culmination of a six-month partnership between outreach staff at the galleries attd a group of l(t-25-year olds front \\'estet' llailes. ('raigmillar and north and sotttlt lidinburgh. Working alongside a contemporary artist. the group has deyeloped artworks itt response to works itt front the national collections. Terrain: Landscapes of the Great War l'tttil Sttn 4 Jan. Free. Since l‘)l)(t. landscape photograplter l’eter (‘attrell has been photographing the battlefields of \Vot‘ld War I. These ltatttttittg images of the Somnte and other battlefields of tltc Western lirottt reyeal ltow tltc physical scars of war still rentain. even after the passing of tttore than 80 years.

The Union of the Crowns l'ntil Sttit 4 Jan. A display celebrating the 400th anniyersary of the l'nion of the ('row ns itt l(t03. featuring Adrian Vanson‘s portrait of James \'l of Scotland attd a portrait miniature by Nicholas Hilliard of King James.