57 Home Street. 33l I I4]. Daily

I0am llptn.

From Zero with Love t'ntil Wed 3| Dec. Oil and watercolour paintings of rural and everyday life in around Nairobi and Kikuyu by Tabitha Wa Thunku.


3I St Leonard's Lane. 663 I6I3. Mon Sat l0am 5pm: Sun noon 4pm.

Treasures l'ntil Tue 3.3 Dec. A sellitig show of Christmas gifts from west and central Asia including cushion covers. textiles. wall hangings. jewellery. silk scarves and hand-made paper.


152) Penny weII ('ourt. 3I5 3I5l.

Kate Leiper l'ntil Wed l7 l)cc. New paintings by Kate I.eiper based upon Scottish folklore and fairytales.


I35 l)itlry Road. 633 33.33. Mon Sat l0am 6pm.

Artists In Scotland l'ntil Thu I5 Jan. Painting. photography. glass works. pottery and sculpture by artists who live and work in Scotland including Andrew McKintosh. llelen Miller. Bill Mc(it‘cgot' atid Pamela Tait pltts works by guest artists including (ieorge Wy lIie. Iili/abeth Cope and Colin Reid.


34 Abercromby Place. 557 I030. .Mon Fri l0ani 6pm; Sat l0am 4pm (closed 35 l)cc 7 Jati).

Salvete I'ntil Wed 34 l)cc. An exhibition of work by six artists with forthcoming exhibition featuring Calum CoIvin. Alan Davie. Derrick (iuild. Mark I'Anson. Robert Maclaurin and Peter 'l‘homson. Sizing Up l’ntil Wed 24 Dec. A mixed selection of paintings by over 100 gallery artists plus new jewellery by Rakhi Kapila and selected applied arts.

The Director’s Chair II Thu 8 Wed 38 Jati. Directors from private and public galleries nominate a Scottiin artist who they feel is of particular interest at the motnent. Among the selected artists are Doug Cocker. Alan Johnston and Ian

Ilow ard. NEV.l SHOW.


(\VASI’SI I’alt'iolhall Studios. off 48 Hamilton Place. 335 I38‘). Daily

noon 6pm (closed 35 ck 36 Dec. l Jan).

A Christmas Exhibition Sal l3 & Stir) l4 l)cc. Paintings. prints. jewellery and ceramics by Lorna Fraser. .Mark Powell. (ierry Mc(iow an. Robert Ward. Teena Ramsay and Peter Kirley.

Moray Hillary and Anne-Marie Pinkerton Fri I‘) l)cc Sat 3 Jan. A two- person show of paintings by Moray Hillary and Anne-Marie Pinkerton. Ilillary‘s large- scale paintings confront the viewer with graphic images in close-up of open wounds and configurations of tattoos. Pinkerton's intricate. small watercolours panels are tnotmted on a series of bed-like structures and like Hillary. explore the body. NEW SHOW.


3 Dundas Street. 556 64‘)7. l'ue Sat noon 7pm lclosed 34 l)cc I Jan). Christmas Exhibition t'ntil Sat 3| Jan. A festive selection of small paintings including works by David Cook. 1.} don Ilayes. Stella .Mc.\'airn and Bob I.ynn.


Palace ()f Ilolyroodhouse. 556 5 I00. Daily ‘).30am 6pm.

King of the World: The Padshahnama, an Imperial Moghal Manuscript t'ntil Mon 3 May. £4 tL'3 £3). The jewel-like illustrated manuscript. knowti as the Padshahnama or Chronicle of the King of the World. ranks as one of the finest examples of Muglial art. (iiven to King (ieorge III by the

.\'aw ab of ()udh (Lucknow. India) in l7‘)7.

Rosebud by Moray Hillary on show at the Patriothall Gallery

it forms an official record of the first ten years of the reign of Shah-jahan

(r. I638 58). fifth Mughal etnperor of India and builder of the 'l'aj Mahal.


Clerk Street. 668 301‘). Mon Sat I0am 5.30pm.

Norma Adam t'nti) Wed 31 Dec. Watercolour paintings.


46 Dundas Street. 556 3338. Mon Fri l0.30am 530me Sat l0am 4pm (closed (K 36 l)cc. l (K 3 Jun).

Christmas Exhibition l'ntit Wed 3) l)cc. A mixed show featuring four new gallery artists Ililary 'I'wiselton. Ishbel Murray. (ireer Ralstoti arid .Marion Macphee.


43 Victoria Street. 477 3355. Mon Sat 13.30am 5.30pm: Stiti noon 5pm tclosed 35. 36 & 37 Dec. I 8; 312m).

Strange Location t'ntil Mon I2 Jan. A mixed show of work by established and tip- and-coming artists featuring pastels by Benet Ilaughton. sculptural works by Lindsey Hamilton and prints by Stephanie llaigh.


l5 Rutland Square. 33‘) 7545. Mon Fri ‘)am 5pm (except local batik holidays). Closed 34 l)cc 4 Jan).

Exercises in Timber Patterns: Space and Form Thu II l)cc Fri l6 Jan. An exhibition of photographs. drawings and models of recent builditigs and projects by Robin Webster with works by sculptor Alan Watson. NEW SHOW.

ROYAL BOTANIC GARDEN Inverlcith Row. 553 7I7I. Daily

l0am 3.30pm (closed 35 Dec & I Jan). lnverleith House is closed for refurbishment until Stnnmcr 3004.

All Wrapped Up - The Christmas Craft Collection t'ntil Sun ll Jan llixhibition Hall). A selling exhibition of original Scottish crafts featttring textiles. basketry. jewellery. paper. woodwork. sttidio glass and ceramics. Artists inclttde Iilaine Allison. Philippa Crawford. Lorna Fraser. .\'eil Martin. Craig Stuart and Katy West.

ROYAL LYCEUM THEATRE (irindlay Street. 348 4848. Closed 35 l)cc. Little Gems of Thought t'ntil Mon 3‘) Dec. New work of CaroIann Alexander.

ROYAL OVER-SEAS HOUSE Landings (iallery. I00 Princes Street. 335 I50l. Mon Fri I0am~6pm. Christmas Show tintil Fri In Jan. Paintings. prints and drawings by past R()SI. exhibitors including Matthew Burrows. Bella Iiaston and Christopher (iilvan-(‘artwright.


The Mound. 634 6300. Mott Wed 8;

Fri Sun 10am ~5pm; Thu 10am—7pm (closed 35 84 36 l)cc).

0 Degas and the Italians in Paris Fri I3 Dec Sun 3‘) Feb (lower galleries). £6.50 (£4.50). The second exhibition. devoted to impressionism in the refurbished RSA building. is the first to explore the connection between French painter Iidgar Degas and a number of ltaliati artists in Paris who were greatly inspired by his experimental techniques and his ability to capture modern life. There are over ‘)0s works. 50 by Degas including oils. pastels. drawings and sculpture depicting his famous ballet dancers. nudes. women washing and drying themselves and early portraits. See preview and Ilitlist.

The Society of Scottish Artists I'ntiI Wed 3| Jan (Info: 330 3977). Since 1893. the Society of Scottish Artists have been exhibiting at the RSA. To celebrate its return to the refurbished space is an exhibition of works ranging frotn paintings and prints to video and sculpture by selected and invited artists including Katayoun Dowlatshahi. Carol Dunbar. Craig Mackay. Ruth Montada. Ann Shaw. Charmain Pollok and Stephen Ilealy plus works by the Queen's painter Iilizabeth Blackadder.

Visual Arts Scotland Annual Exhibition I'ntil Wed 31 Jan (Info: 07966 ‘)403 I 8). Annual open exhibition presented by Visual Arts Scotland. a contemporary art society which represents the line and applied arts. This year's exhibition features works by invited artists including Jake Harvey. Calutn Colvin. Shona Kinlocli and ten recent graduate jewellers. and a suite of lithographs drawn by Nelson Mandela while he was a prisoner on Robben Islattd.


3 Roxburgh Place. 077I7 744383. Daily l0am 5pm.

The Burnside Gallery, Arran Sat I3 Wed 34 Dec. Sculpture by Kirti. oils by Janice Inglis and many other works.

listings Art

SCOTTISH GALLERY I I6 Dundas Street. 558 I300. Mon—Fri 10am—6pm; Sat l0am—4pm (closed 25 I Dec—8 Jan). Sir Robin Philipson I (1916-1992) Until Wed 34 Dec. An exhibition of oil and watercolours by Sir Robin Philipson PPRSA. RSA. RA ( I‘)I6—l‘)‘)3) featuring works inspired by visits to two Mexican villages. ) Mixed Christmas Exhibition

L'ntil Wed 34 Dee. A mixed selection of applied art including textiles. glassware. 1 ceramics. jewellery and bags. Craig Mitchell Until Wed 24 Dec. Ceramic figures.

Adam Paxon Until Wed 24 Dec. Jewellery.

Deirdre Edwards Thu 8 Jan—Wed 4 Feb. Paintings by Deirdre Edwards inspired by two recent trips to China. William Kirk Thu 8 Jan—Wed 4 Feb. New silverware by William Kirk featuring formal. ceremonial and domestic pieces.

Nicholas Rena Thu 8 Jan—Wed 4

Feb. A new body of sculptural ceramics exploring reclining vessel forms and

using a palette of white.

SCOTTISH POETRY LIBRARY 5 Crichton’s Close. Canongate. 557 3876. Mon-Fri l lam—6pm; Sat noon—4pm.

Poetraits t'ntil Tue 23 Dec. Paintings of leading poets by Graham Kershaw.


Reiach and Hall Architects. 6 Darnaway Street. 335 8444. Mon—Fri 3—5pm. Some Kind of Kleine Bisschen, Please Ctitil Tue 33 Dec. Installation piece by Andreas Karl Schulze. f

SMITH AND JOHN GALLERY I5‘) (ireat Junction Street. Leith. 476 7130. Viewing by appointment. Jamie’s Faces Until Thu 15 Jan. Collaborating artists Bogacz & Coyle present a large video projection onto the gallery window in this new show at this new gallery.

THE SOUTHSIDE GALLERY 5 58 Ratcliffe Terrace. 667 I966.

Mon- Sat I0am-—6pm (closed 34

Dec—5 Jan).

Christmas Show Until Sat 31 Jan.

A festive selection of paintings and

prints by various artists.


33 Cockburn Street. 633 6300. Daily I Iam~~-6pm.

Welcome Back Until Sun 21 Dec. Stills welcomes back four of the 37 artists who contributed to Zonmnap. Scotland first pavilion at the Venice Biennale. Beagles & Ramsay present I lnrm/ist'tl Dreams. a poster of unrealisable artists' projects in the visual style of Leonardo da Vinei. Katy Dove presents a short digital film You and Dan Norton's RAMS/tack is one of six internet-specific works which is presented in an installation setting. LAST CHANCE TO SEE. Dane Watkins Until Sat I3 Dec. Dane Watkins’ digital installation entitled Target Art which presents artist‘s software about audience profiling in contemporary culture. Watkins will be in the gallery on Sat I3 Dec at 3pm to talk about his work.


3I l.ismore Crescent. Parsons Green. 630 3344. Closed 30 I)ec~7 Jan. Proudfoot Until Fri 1‘) Dec. Collaborative group from Estonia. ; Proudfoot. present a new installation made especially for the Tag Team lixperiment. entitled A Bird in the House.

Karen Loughridge Until Fri 6 Feb. Iidinburgh artist Karen Loughridge shows work frotn her recent residency in Iceland.

1 1 Dec 2003—8 Jan 2004 THE LIST 1 1 1