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LADIES’ PLASTIC RAINHATS ‘God, this weather is so pissy it's driving me mad,” I happened to mention to a friend the other day. 'No no. you're wrong, this is right: the weather is only interesting when it is in transit. in a state of change. Do you get me?'. she said. I got her all right. the way I got the clap when l was old enough to know better. It seems that for some people rain is about the need to be free. At this time of year the rain is merely a prelude to the sleet and snow that is soon to follow. The original plastic rain hat (left) is perfect for all extreme conditions. It makes one wonder why they have been discarded by everyone but puss-stained old adies. The rain and wind visor is undoubtedly the Cult of the year. Never has something so utilitarian and cool ever slipped through the net. but there are good people reclaiming it: Sadie Frost was recently seen out in one. as was Zoe Ball. or maybe it was Penelope Keith and Felicity Kendall, I forget. (Paul Dale) I Retro plastic rain hats are currently retailing at about l5p at all good charity shops.

10 THE LIST 11 Dec 2003 8 .Jan 700.:

1 The Office

TV David Brent and company bow out for the very last time over two moving and, no doubt, socially awkward episodes. See Watch it this

Issue, page 121 BBC1.

2 The Lord of the Rings

Film Peter Jackson’s quest is finally over as his Tolkien adaptation reaches a somewhat epic conclusion with The Return of the King. See Big Picture, page 8 and Film, page 34 General release.

3 Kings of Leon

Music The Followill clan have come a long way from playing in a Tennessee Pentecostal church. It’s rock, but not as we know it. See Music, page 57 Carling Academy, Glasgow.

4 Hogmanay

City Life Whether you’re celebrating the dawn of a new year in east or west, there’s plenty to get you excited. See Glasgow Life, page 116 and the Edinburgh Hogmanay supplement. Various venues, Glasgow and Edinburgh.

5 Degas and the Italians in Pafis

Art The great impressionist Edgar is joined on the walls by a bunch of Italian artists heavily influenced by his ability to capture contemporary life. See Art, page 102 Royal Scottish Academy Building, Edinburgh.

6 Touching the Void

Film Kevin Macdonald’s docudrama about climber Joe Simpson will have you on the edge of your seat and staring into the precipice. See Film, page 32 Selected release.

7 Belle 8: Sebatian

Music Scotland’s favourite indie superstars celebrate Christmas in their inimitable fashion. Support comes from the excellent Franz Ferdinand. See Music, page 55 Usher Hall, Edinburgh.

8 Scottish Ballet

Dance Ashley Page concludes an eventful 2003 as Scottish Ballet’s new boss with a dark interpretation of The Nutcracker. See Theatre, page 75 Theatre Royal, Glasgow; Festival Theatre, Edinburgh.

9 Eddie lzzard

Comedy The funniest transvestite on the globe powders his nose and gets lippy with that peculiar brand of unmissable nonsense. See Comedy, page 83 SECC, Glasgow.

10 Mark Ronson

Clubs A night of dance, hip hop and rock from the producer, musician, and DJ. ‘Ooh Wee' indeed. See Clubs, page 91 Strathclyde Students Union, Glasgow.