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VI saw you in King 'l'uts. I still love you to bits Jenni. I.ove Phil. [.7484/l

VI saw you in a white i-shirt. matehing hair euts and the eutest smile I've ever seen. ('Al.l. Mlil? [7484/2

VI saw you and have some- thing to pill in yott? At the gay bar. gay bar. Blonde - looks (ierman? [7484/3

VI saw you you were in the \'ieky. I)id you...would

you. . . You're wieked? [7484/4 VI saw you band member show me your gold member Blaeklriars 29th November. .Me eurly. [7484/5

VI saw you tall. sexy road workman. busy on Argyle St outside one-stop everything lot” a pound 3pm Mon 24th. (‘all me? [7484/(i

VI saw you Jamie in Brel. llow eool - we still laugh as mueh as we did 8 years ago xxx. [7484/7

VI saw you blaek t-shirt jeans. boyish haireut. lovely eoat. With a theatre erowd at the Iron. We love you. we want to marry you. [7484/8

VI saw you Jamie Mel) in Brel - 3(l/l l/(B. let's talk and sort things out - please‘.’ have x. [7484/9

VI saw you leana (' in Brel - words eannot explain how good it is to see my old ['ni friend. I love you Jamie. [7484/l()

VI saw you in Soeial on

l5/l l/(l3. You were Andy. you said I was an Iinglish rose. Do you want to see me again to talk abotit odd shaped balls'.’? [7484/l I

VI saw you the man with the look. Me woman. me not Jane. me Irish. with eurly al'ro? Will you he the eltoeolate-maker. [7484/l2

VI saw you behind the bar in Big Blue. You're weren't their for a wltile but now you're baek. thank the Lord. [7484/l VI saw you shaking that arse. shaking that arse. Your lanny looked real. You naughty eap- lain. [7484/l3

VI saw you with knee high boots and a belt in Illytltswootl Square. You asked if I wanted some business? The answers .\'()?? [7484/14

VI saw you eurly Paul in 'l'inderbox...I'm tall. dark and handsome and love your latte art??? [7484/l5

VI saw you Jaekie-legs in the lii/l-ous? 'I'he Inp-lioppinest dude in Mary hill. [7484/Io VI saw you David. in (turns. Australia. May '03. Are you baek in (Ilasgow yet'.’ Do you laney a night out at (’latties'.’ Kiss. kiss? [.7484/l7


140 THE LIST '

tilti, /‘.)(;.‘, I), \J(I'l /[,[)u

tel: 08702 430 935 - WWW.SPEEDDATER.CO.UK

VI saw you at 'I‘inderbox with all your think pods 8; eameras. (iod you were eute? May I eall you again'.’ [.7484/l 8

VI saw you out shopping for eostumes, want to dress me'.’ I'll be your love mangle it you spin my rollers. (iarrhh. [7/484/1‘) VI saw you (I; you were lab & kinky. Brown hair & red eoat. Smiling at my jokes. We must meet for luneh more often. Mmmm noodle soup. [7484/30

VI saw you Simon the answer's yes - what was the question'.’ [7484/2l

VI saw you in the Iron

3/l l/(l3 drinking martini with your l'riends. l’retty elassy. l was too shy to speak so I looked on in admiration. Would you l'aney a drink sometime‘.".".’ [7484/22

VI saw you in Mosquito. You: red top + denims. with friend. Me: speeey guy in eorner. I like in style. [.7484/23

VI saw you lead singer with l)esalvo. I've been having sex dreams about you? [7484/24 VI saw you reading the List whilst your computer was "down". and then you disap- peared (ill to Prague for a proper skive. Ilope you had fun. I)on'l l'orget. your ol‘liee land your bar) needs you? [.7484/25

VI saw you at Kinky All'o - you l'oxy pieee of white trash in yellow A(71)(' eap? I-"aney set- ting ol'l' some lirew'orks over New Year'.’ [7484/26

VI saw you (‘olin l'rom \Vishaw. Art School. l5/I l/(B. My phone's dried out but the bars in (ilasgow never will. (let in toueh it you l‘aney a 'I'()I’ ['I’. [.7484/27

V I saw you girl lrotn Selkirk working in ()l'l'shore. (iod you line. will you be mine. please let it he some little. [7484/28

V I saw you (inasher/lasher before I went abroad. I miss your soil blaek fur and eute wee paws. Would love to know how you're doing. [7484/2‘)

VI saw you ya wee radge Mike deeeeee. l)eee ya think I ean borrow some of your lip gloss. See it in Sub ('lub [7484/30

VI saw you brother dearest getting angry at ma on the phone. Turns out it might just be you and me now. What else eould we need'.’ love you. Tamara [7484/3l

VI saw you Sigourney looky likey in eute little white sports- ear driving around West lind? Pull up to my bumper anytime baby? See you in Big Blue x {7484/33

VI saw you at [fnderworld 15th November. You: tall. dark. and with group ol' l’riends. Me: light blue t-shirt also with friends. l’layed eye tennis but I left without saying hello. Wanna try again‘.’ [7484/33

VI saw you Kid Koala gig (0‘ (‘ottiers You: llat eap. stripy jumper and a eheeky smile. Me: red hair. green dress. I’aney a game of bingo sometime? [7484/34

VI saw you ('heryll. blond and bubbly. in the Pewter. If only we'd listened to your (ierman answer. we'd still have lost. [7/484/35


VI saw you headphones Stella-drinking guy in the I’eartree - what do you listen to'.’ Please tell... [7484/36

VI saw you lots in the I-‘ilmhouse. dark-haired. pale and interesting. 'in-a-band' barman. and now I don't. Where are you'.’ You know we are destined for friendship. From the blonde who always talks to you. [7/484/37 VI saw you I)iseo Dave (0‘ Booty'ltishous l lh/l l i being a diva (as usual). Love ya? XXX [7484/38

VI saw you holding your friend's hair while she was regurgitating into the llower pot. Niee? [7484/39

VI saw you on the 1.20pm bus from Dundee. You took my breath away when you threw up everywhere. I think I love you. [.7484/4l)

VI saw you lover. one year on and still living in squalor but I eouldn't be happier. Love you lots. me xx [7484/41

VI saw you in your mustard shirt giving it all that in the Apartment. Thanks for the List invites. love from your favourite peanuts xxx [7484/42

VI saw you baby. shakin' your ass. I want you Lenny. spankin' my ass? l.ove Suzee Q xxx [.7484/43

VI saw you wearing l'utTy boots (the l'ur was on the inside) at the 'I'raverse. Make me warm on the outside. Mah ha ha. [.7484/44

VI saw you eriminal type A. with yr ball 'n' ehain and yr suit with arrows. Need a 'get out of jail l'ree' eard'.".’ ()r a eake with a lile innit'.’ [.7/484/45

VI saw you ('harlie's Angels at the 'I'raverse. Miss I-inanee Staropramen. Miss Vin Rouge and Miss Salsa I‘iesta. . .You roek the end ol the bar?? [7484/46

VI saw you l)elores. lim~ee. May. Minnie. Malaboo. Viekaroo. Jay-cloth and Jean from the seheme working at the 'I'rav. Is it Star o'eloek'.’ [.7484/47

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