VI saw you Karen - she works in a library. yeah yeah! (‘ame to visit you bill you weren't there. l.o\‘e Katty.[.'/484/48

Vl saw you in the Walkabout. Yott are a 4th year. mayhe called Iimma. with a little hit of green on your nose. Me...lit! [7484/49 VI saw you You stopped tne! I couldn't move! (‘an I have my breath hack'.’ You. . .dark hair (a ()pal. Me...foreyer in love xx [7484/50

VI saw you hlonde hair. hlue eyes. Me. orange hair. had skin. llaye heen thinking of me too‘.’ lidinhurgh No. 26 bus (London Rd) 5.50. 24/l l/03. [7484/5l VI saw you I first saw your hlue eyes. then I saw your beautiful smile then I saw my love for you. You're Lucy. I'm (lreg S - same titne next week. [7484/52

VI saw you gorgeous oy er a cup of tea and camels. I was 'hored' hut not of\ er of you. [7484/53

VI saw you at .\Iasa last Wednesday night. You were on the door with hlondc hair. Take me for a drink and I'll tnake it worth your while! [7484/54

VI saw you in 'I'wigs. you sexy (‘anadian making sandwiches. I love your styles. [7484/55

VI saw you wltilst l was ascending the stairs in perhaps the most original fashion you'd eyer seen in the (‘ity ('afe! [7484/56

VI saw you l)aye. mysterious Scottish than at llenry's (‘ellar Sat 2‘) Nov. When are you com- ing to Sweden to see me‘.’ Banana [7484/57

VI saw you attractiye I’rench waitress at the Bad Ass on Rose Street. J'ai youlu demander y'otre numero mais etais trop titnide. [7484/58

VI saw you with your unwashed hair. You reminded the of party hoy - when are you going to dattce the KliB;\l)l for me‘.’ X [7484/5‘)

VI saw you in the Walkahottt after the rugby world cup Iinal...l was going to swap my knickers printed with the St. (ieorge cross for your Alissic lIag hill the exchange neyer happened. .'s have a drink - bring your flag! [7484/60

VI saw you as cttte as a Finnish girl can. We danced to Jan all night and had a great time. [just want to send my loye o\'er xmas time. [7484/6l VI sawyou at Mood 22/1 1.] was on stage with glasses on. your were below with your tnate. . .l)rink sometime'.’ [.'/484/62

VI saw you sending I saw yous to 2 different women. You'd better watch out. I might tell your girlfriend! [7484/63 VI saw you Jamie. Suz. Asia. Dan. Na/ and Josh getting hat- tered and being wicked.

I saw you pulling your panties ottt from your arse and won- dered if you needed a tooth pick'.’ [.7484/64

VI saw you Shona. Becky and Sarah getting funky in the ('ity ('afe. Don't leave it so long next time. honeys xx [7484/65

VI saw you in the (‘ity' har. We exchanged plans for a ren- dez-yous in the jungle attd also arranged your wedding!!! I’.S. linjoy ('osta Rica. [7484/66 VI saw you tnotherfunkin' fryer with your ruhher lips! Ding dong! .\le. Blonde (0 1)] Bootn on Wed. Lets see if your reputation's true. hig hoy. [7484/67

VI saw you You were the girl with the great ass in [ill] on 'l'hursday! Happy Birthday for Friday! [7484/68

VI saw you silly girl in hltte. Yott didn't know which was lingland play ed. In fact you didn't know anything - not eyen Johnny's surname... [7484/69 VI saw you delighted with the rughy...You'\'e got a hadger face and a hadger tnttllet. l.o\'e me please! (i... [7484/70

VI saw you man in top with red stripes and ['S badge and hrown hair in l’eartree 22/] l at l lptn. l.o\‘c you. [7484/7]

VI saw you Bernice working in 'l'esco South ('lerk St. I think you're gorgeous! You want to go out for a drink sometime'.’ [7484/72

VI saw you Mr Bryson. l"lN.-\l.l.Y checking your email hetween making stoyies at the liruittnarket. See it under the mistletoe'.".".’ I’.S. ('lean that damn pinny. [7484/73

VI saw you gorgeous woman with red scarf in Princes Street (iardens on the ice rink. Who was that lucky woman holding your hand'.’ ()h it was me! You promised to catch the if I fell.

I did and you has-e. [7484/74 VI saw you in lispionage leay'ing early on little l.ou's hirthday. You missed the tall one and I dancing. .\Iuch fun was had. [7484/75

VI saw you walking to work on 'l'hurso Street. 03/! 2. 8.50am. We hoth looked hack at one another.....and we'ye done this hefore. liancy a tnore inti- mate third meeting'.’ [7484/76 VI saw you tonight! .-\t the Jackall and Hyde puh! You hottght 2 glasses of chardonnay. red nails. heatttiful laugh. .\le - scryed you all night and failed to understand your accent!! Low to meet up'.".".’ I would and buy you a whole hottle of wine! I hope you're single; I hope you come hack to the har; I hope you read this! Mr. Barntan [7484/77

VI saw you smiling ahoot like a wee hitch. you're well gettin it. gen up likes.Y()[' ARli (‘l.:\l.\llil) R:\l)(}lli [7484/78

VI saw you AIR N7. l-‘light from Auckland to London. October 6: Me in centre with shayed head. you in aisle. llayc made eye contact a few times in lidinhurgh. Fancy a drink‘.’ [7484/7‘)

Vl saw you at the Earshot/Weird Attractors gig at the Bongo (‘luh 27/l I. You are an attractiy e hrunette who

w an ed al the when you left. Kicking myself for not coming oyer. l‘ancy meeting up for another gig'.’ [7484/80

VI saw you at Dogmanay from the porthole of my time machine httt was too shy to come otll and say hello. Belated Happy New Year!!!! [7484/81 VI saw you serying ice cream in ['(i(‘ I‘ountainpark. You - luyyly. .\Ie - white snow patrol t shirt attd hrow n jacket. 'l'offee and mint choc chip please. In one tuh'.’ Yes please. [7484/82 VI saw you lane in l’riye. Friday night. You arriy ed with 3 other guys - one a yery fttnny (‘hinese guy. He girl long dark hair with red top. danced with you most of night hut molding my shadow! [7484/83 VI saw you nice gtty with a cool orange watch (0 Starhucks. 26/10. We had a nice random chat - tip for a coffee together sometime again'.’ II [7484/84 VI saw you You said I was corrosive in corduroy. hut sadly no reply... Is it time to hang the jacket up'.’ [7484/85

VI saw you Not 1801. lunchtime. outside ll.\l\'. St James ('entre. You. skinny girl with long. rust red hair; He suit hoy with hlack cromhie. l‘ancy an expensiy e night out'.’ [7484/86

VI saw you Hey sexy hoo- hear! We're in the sun in him. You're acting like an angel - I can't heliey L‘ [his is real. I lose you!! [7484/87

VI saw you red stripy t-shirt hoy tl’lanct ()ut 'l'hurs 20th Not I - me hlue t-shirt. You smiled. I smiled hut I think you were \Vilh someone...hope ttol. [7484/88

VI saw you lookittg so line. standing tall. You know who I atn. Your kiss left me with [ill- gles that'll last forey er! [7484/8‘)

VI saw you with your long hlondc hair. If I ant right. he is too tall for you. You know what I mean‘.’ He he .\ [7484/00

VI saw you hig. had hiker hoy. Keep drinking the ('oke.

I saw you at the charity model auditions. You might haye stum- hled. htil I would loye to hay e a drink some time!! [7484/‘)l

VI saw you ('hris in the 'l't'ayerse Bar. (io on. shimmie round the pillar! [7484/92

VI saw you at the Basement. top of Broughton Rd. l.eith. You. hlondc. not short. sexy. I. 46 on 21/1 I. l atn the rasta - lcl's hook up!!! [7484/93

Personal RBI SEW waver I Stereotype first footer.

'l'all. dark. etc. (lump of coal optional) seeks female counter- part tinm. 30-35. NS) for les- the period and beyond. [Box Nttmher: l’/484/l t

6’2“, tall, dark and hand- some male, early thirties. Naughty httt nice. seeking no strings fttn with passionate. sen- sual. independent female. l’hoto please. mine itt return.

(Box Number: P/484/2)

I Fit attractive man 33: 5"). ha/el eyes. darkish hair. exciting joh. ()w-n home. cre- atiye. succesful and good man- ners. smoker. no ties. Wlfl'.\I I" 25-36 for pleasant com ersation. fttn times and a happy life. I’hoto appreciated and returned. (Box No: l’/482/2I

I Slim attractive Glasgow fetnale 33 w itlt a positiye attitude. ()pen-minded open-hearted. (iS()ll. likes music Ill()\ ies with like minded male for fun times and socialis- ing (Box Numher: l’/484/3i

Clubs & Activities

Learn secrets of Speed Dating Total Success!! 2- hour seminar] workshops. lidinhurgh: l‘)th Noyemher. ()y er—Seas llottse. I00 l’rinces Sll'L‘CI. (iliisgtmi 2—l[li .NtH L‘lnlk‘l'. Yttlc's. l54 \V. (ieorge SII'L‘L‘I. Also! 'llandwriting Analysis for l"un': Iidinhttrgh 3rd l)ecemlk‘r. starts 7.30pm. L'l2.

Tel: 0131 466 0265. www.relationship

\f‘. QJ female seeks titale

W CARING FEMALE, seeks soulmate. l‘riendly. honest female. 3‘). 5ft4. tnediutn httild. l)ark hair [k lilttc eyes. di\ot'ccd. \\'l.'l‘.\l someone special k caring for fttn. friendship .& mayhe more. ('all the on 00067 563557 [k enter II) no.

l8(ll 20‘)

W BLACK AFRICAN lady, short hair. smoker. mum of 2. likes staying in. sometimes going out for driyes. Wlfl".\l someone for good company [k possihle relationship. ('all toe on 00067 563557 & enter II) no. ll675l30

V PROFESSIONAL MUSICIAN, 24, 5'6". curly l‘cddislt liitii. liluL‘ C) L‘\. originally from Nortltcrn Ireland. liy ing in (ilasgow. loycs dancing. music. concerts. keep lit (k hit of hosing! ('all lite on (l‘)()67 56.3557 & enter II) no. 3|8| I42

W CUDDLY FEMALE, 5' with hrow n hair & hlue eyes with (}S()ll. yery huhth personality enjoys socialising. Looking for a tnale for friendship is companionship. mayhe tnore. (‘all the on 09067 56.3557 & L‘nIL‘l' ll) no. l8582225

W BUBBLY FEMALE, 5'7", dark hair. hlue eyes. likes puhs. cluhs. foothall. looking for similar person for fun. friendship & romance. ('all me on [)‘)()67 563557 [y enter ll) no.l8706425

tau/z: ROMANTIC WALKS Female, 26. 5")". long hair. likes haying a good laugh. WIII‘M tnale for friendship. possihlc l'L‘lllllUllslllp. ('all me on ()‘)()67 563557 & enter II) no. l882il425

BLONDE FEMALE 5'4", \ery outgoing. enjoys dancing. history. going lo the cinema. eating ottt & tnecting people. Looking for someone special. ('all me on 09067 563557 [V enter II) no. 18478225

CHATTY female, 5'5", hlond hair. medium httild. likes walking. talking. cinema. theatre (k more. WIII'M tnale for companionship. good conyet‘sation & good times. ('all the on 00067 563557 tk enter II) no. l‘)2()6‘)‘)

BRUNETTE GIRL 5'7", hltte eyes. huhhly. likes most Iliings in life [k would like to share the same interests with a guy. leading to a possihle relationship. (‘all the on 09067 563557 [Y enter ll) no. l()()786() HAPPY FEMALE 5'7", hlottde. slim. \ery laidhack. likes poliIL‘ people. Enjoys going to lllL‘ cinetna. lllL‘illl'k‘. [l';t\ cl. L‘IL‘. ('all me on 09067 563557 [k enter ll) no. l846l225

W EASYGOING LADY. 5'5". hlondc. hltte eyes. medium huild. single mother. Looking for someone for fun. possihle relationship. ('all me on 00067 563557 & enter II) no.

1 1847422

GLAGOW FEMALE 31, likes haying fun. a few drinks. dancing with friends. eating out. cinema. Wlfl'.\l ntale to share good times with. ('all the on 09067 56.3557 [Y L'nIL‘i‘ ll) no. I847()225 STRAWBERRY BLONDE female, 5‘4". medium huild. hltte eyes. linjoys going to dances. cinema. foothall. going ottt [k socialising. ('all the on 00067 563557 ts enter II) no. 3l08l42

male seeks fetttale

54YR OLD MALE 5'7", enjoys cosy nights in. music. art & much more. seeks female for friendship. possihle relationship. (ilasgow. ('all me on (I‘)(l67 5llll45 [k L‘nlt‘l' ll) no. 404680!)

"‘7?" LANARKSHIRE MALE, 36, 5'l I". slittt httild. \ery lit. likes stimulating com ersation [k haying ftttt. ('all the on 00067 563557 «k enter II) no. 18720425

“Cili f3 .Ia" ." 73". THE LIST 141