76 Richard Jobson

filmmaker, presenter, former punk rocker

Sometimes it seems like Richard Jobson has already used up his nine lives and yet he still stinks among us. Yeah. you know the story: punk god with the band The Skids. TV presenter. writer. producer and finally director. To be fair. old Jobbie should really be dead by now. preferably face down in his own vomit in the Chelsea Hotel. but if he has to shoot all our rock'n'roll dreams down there is no cooler way to do it than with an impressive directorial film debut about a young man's coming of maturity in the Edinburgh of the 70s. 80s and 90s The film was. of course. the still to be released Sixteen Years of Alcohol. Jobson looked pleased as punch with the critical and public recognition he recieved at this year's Edinburgh Film Festival and why not? Jobson is currently working on an underground kung fu flick in Glasgow called The Purifiers. (PD)

75 Rosalind Nashashibi artist

In terms of media exposure. Rosalind Nashashibi was almost anonymous until she became the third Glasgow- based artist to win the Beck‘s Futures award. Her 16mm films of imgages ranging from elderly ladies rummaging for bargains at a jumble sale to the low-level human dramas unfolding in an urban neighbourhood in the West Bank. were quietly observational. combining sound and images to great effect. In May she unveiled newly commissioned work as part of the Fruitmarket Gallery’s Visions for the

Futures programme. completed a commission for Zenomap. which was shown during the opening week of the Venice Biennale as part of Scotland's inaugural pavilion. and had a solo show in Dublin. Next year is already looking to be equally as busy. (HM)

74 Gary Lightbody

rock musician

After ages fannying about with his (admittedly excellent) Reindeer Section side project. 2003 saw singer, songwriter. guitarist and all-round gregarious frontman Gary Lightbody returning to his main band. Snow Patrol. and a bloody glorious return it was too. Now signed to a major label.

18 THE US? l 1 Dec 2003—8 Jan 2004


the ex-pat lrish bunch took a rnassrve leap forward with their third album. The Final Straw. spawning a Radro One Record of the Week single in the process. Live. Snow Patrol can properly be described as awesome these days. and Lightbody is finally fulfilling both his own and his band's scattershot genius potential. (DJr

73 Andy Cannon

theatrical creative director

Hurray for Wee Stories! It's been a big old year for it and Andy Cannon. its creative director. deserves recognition. He has succeeded in taking its small- scale tale-telling format and transforming it onto the larger stages of Scotland. Its reworking of the mythical tale of Arthur offered wrde audiences an enthralling story world that encompassed cereal boxes. giant Pre-Raphaelrte projections. haunting live music. stories and cheeky banter. Thousands of Scotland's children have been given one of the best starts in the world of theatre thanks to Andy and his merry men. (RH)

72 Scott Harrison

world beating boxer

When it came to international sporting achievements. Scotland were a face full of second pri7es for much of 2003. One notable exception was

Carrrbuslang—bor'n Harrison. who confidently recaptured his WBO feathenverght title from Mexrcan Manuel Medina in front of a capacity home crowd in November In doing so. he made history as the only Briton to regain that title after a sore mismatch With Medina earlier in the year. Harrison's style runs contrary to much of the overblown rax/mata/z and tomfoolery international boxrng seems to exude. Frudrte and sophisticated with no little cunning and flair. he rs a Scottish sporting icon to applaud. lMRj

71 Patrick Harvie

environmentalist and gay rights campaigner

Han/re was elected as Green MSP for Glasgow in May 2003. Previously working for PHACE Scotland. he now uses hrs time at the Scottish Parliament to carnpargn for green issues as well as lesbian and gay reform including the recognition of same sex civil partnerships. He rs involved in several cross party groups in the Scottish Parliament and rs convenor on the human rights as well as sexual health groups. Not afraid of controversy. he has spoken out on many issues and has already made his stamp in Scottish politics. lJHl

70 Peter Multan

director, actor

It's been another great year for the diminutive renaissance man from Peterhead. In 2002 it seemed like the publicity tour for The Magda/one Sister's. the second trlrn he directed. was never going to end. The man was everywhere. railing against those merciless nuns. There were murmurs that. after the movre scooped several international festival awards. Multan would have to think again before he

returned to hrs original craft of acting. Then he went and blew us all away with hrs tightly wound. mean-faced turn as Les the bargerrran in David Macken/re's adaptation of Young Adam. Also lookout for hrm in an unlikely romantic lead role in Emily Young's superior Kiss of Life. released early in the new Year. rPDr

69 Roddy Woomble

rock musician

He may not look rt or it realise rt himself. but this year Roddy Woomble has become a bena frde rock hero. Hrs band |dlev¢rld have matured from underground bratty pop punkers into a beautifully strong songwriting outfit set for mainstream success. They've suryrved the departure of a founding member. gained two extras and continued to improve both live and on record. This year fans were treated to stormrng festival appearances in which the band added to their ever- growrng fanbase. And the (juretly spoken and lovrngly drshevelled \N’oomble made 10.000 Rolling Stones tans smile by struggling With one arm rn his coat onstage and still

managing to look cool. lCPl