59 Maggie & Allan Joy

club promoters

btlrnhurgh s; Jot. has; to t)



gay nrgh rn Seotrand. r'ea<:h=ng ten

years; of party treats :n 2003. '\'.'e felt none of the n‘trsre '.'.e l:s;terre<l to was;

herng eateresr for

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a forrr‘:.la that


so ‘.'.e| they haxe


runnrng Mrngrn' antl \.‘.'rgg.t:~ arxr r‘a'.

Just openerl a hart

58 Brian Cox



Cox rs; s;<:r

l lollyr.'.<:o<l at the n‘on‘ent. N

he an the ‘ortheon‘rng fr..'"s;


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.‘.e (:ea‘lrl (lo It <;urs;e.‘.-;;~s;."' ifs;

l(;(1\}<1‘.\ \I..;r.:...tr's

ot (the. s;

starrrrrg H'art Prt‘. ‘\()\\ll’\'( Ht. (it,

it 3\ V (il'(l‘ tot" :r‘- "".-i '

(tur‘ gra'r‘es; of the seas: ":

'.'."|| ren‘e'r‘rw \Ixx'r;

btrxker. 'r.'t(1- r"a"

the ‘.'.'or|<l (#5 wt,

orte (foes; Xi“

than the syn?" twat-4-

")v\';‘ r X ' ' I N . r l

57 Martin Boyce


9001s} ‘.'.as; f7 touresl fl‘e ;‘ a? l'a'f‘x.

rlj.'s;topran r:'a‘.(:r'ot.rrtr 0? her: tr;


':"av‘ 7"lv\ftE'TfIi'ltjéllKlf3t17‘fl!‘

(‘(:ll’. sat).


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I'l's; s; ::e ’2‘ Tl‘t:

eahrhr-Ts. 31,"-i;~;‘.illt}\ll‘ltfééif‘tl ita. hen. ailrootmw‘n‘osternrsl fl<1f3itlll.'.'.l‘r(l"r 'r~. s;"o.'.'e<l aong wrtl‘. Text haserl

"rs; :nferviatronal stantlrng strlr further.


trott‘. Hon‘e antl Pans. Harsrng

:l a hrt at the l yon

lirenr‘ale. :rgarr‘. re<:oht':gunng hrs;


s;ho‘.'.'. Amt at Strils; he won

inn; new '2; /\r<:l‘.rl:aiu. (Jan‘phell ano‘


VIE} Photography l’r'ge.

t th/ir

56 Billy Boyd



{)a‘.;<l (E'eg'



rtertorrr‘er. hrs; iele‘.rs;ron anzr

\J(i\,'\.ux;.s>t t


ff ll ( "‘l)(}t tilll‘ ll)? {1 fSll(:(I(}f§fH()fl ()f

no Seottsh theatre rn

l):-::-goat the

;tr.a A? ..as; ..el<,one<lo\. st,- who nau s;-::--::-r‘ hrs; rrk oxer a “t)-(:{ : : .ears; ‘.'.r:l‘. beottrs;h

" es. A (:lexe: antl engagrng


:; host .'l()i(lt)l".

1:": t), ."t; /w‘<;s; tffl()(}‘.'

rx’fl‘itth Hui au<lresrees

'l‘LlTl(I(}f3 l'l f3t.(2ll tllth (if;

:n Peter

attotlrs;h stages; for

l r/ l <>(:lrlrea(l's; Brrtannra Rules. He looks; set to rmpress; Seottrs;h autlrenees agarn next year. (SC)

55 Travis


llr<:-\."\.'e never been seen as; the most Interestrng huneh on the planet. hut th;s year there was; more to say about

lrayrs; than therr well (foeumenterl nree

guy rrrrage. lhey hatl a brush wrth (leath after (lrumnrer Nerf Prrmros;e sumyetl an almost fatal smmmrng poof aeerrlent. f ran llealy spoke out agarns;t the war rn frag anrl went on to

frll hrs; gurtar anthems; wrth some of the

darkest £1ll(l most rarnpantly polltreal lyrres; of the hands; (:areer. A grrttrer untler'helly to the foursome has; been revealed. gryrng then‘ a new lease of lrfe when many thought Coltlplay harl stolen therr thunder. rCPr

54 Molly Innes


()ne of Scotland's most skrlletl performers. lnnes; s;hrnes; rn leatl roles Irke theatre hahel's; Lleetra as well as; rn supports; such as; her (lysfunetronal young unloman rn Green fire/(is. Over tl‘e last (:ouple of years; rt's; harrl to thrnk of an aetress; who has; so eonsrstently rrnpressetl. lnnes; has; sueh presenee that s;he stanrls; out. even 2n relatryely rne<lroere shows. ‘.'.rhrle roles; In such powerful preees as Solemn Mass. rantly young nex'xlyrx'retl opposrte John

rn whreh s;he playetl a

Ka/ek. are truly memorable. l ler role rn the lraxer‘se's; 55kt!) Boys; trrlogy makes; the treket pr‘r(:e \.*./orth\.‘.rhr|e alone. (SC)

53 Chris Van Der Kuyl

gaming guru

A legentl rn UK garnrng. Chrrs; has; had a husy year. After aegurrrng a L()tl(l()ll sturlro fron‘ Barn! l'ntertarnnrent rn January, Vrs; l ntertarnrnent posted a profrt. (lue rn no small part the s;u<:<:es;s; of rts; hrggest game to (late. State of / nre/gentiy. /\\.'Jay from Vrs. ()hrrs; <:olle(:te(l the Seottrsh Young

Entrepreneur Awartl rn June. is; (:harrn‘an of TIGA. (:ontrnues to promote the Seottrs;h gamrng (:ommunrty wrth hrs; work for the Seottrsh Games; Allranee and is yrsrtrng professor rn (lrgrtal entertarnment at the Unrversrty of Ahertay. Dundee. rlD)

52 Boer family


It's; hartl to believe that Boyle Family have never been s;hortlrstetl for the lurner Prr/e. espeerally after therr rneretlrhle exhrhrtron at the Scottrsh Natronal Gallery of Motlern Art rn August. The (lrrvrng force of the operatron. Glasgow-horn Mark Boyle. together Wrth hrs; ere Joan l-lrlls and later therr two (:hrltlren Sehastran and Georgra. have for the past 40 years; sought to present realrly every last (letarl. The earth preees whreh have hatl the four travellrng to over 1000 rantlomly selecterl loeatrons. srrnply reproduce a square of the earth's surface. A hrrllrant suryey hrghlrghtrng therr rrnportant anrl lastrng (:ontrrl)utron to Brrtrs;h art. rl~llvll

" [2-0-6 903:4 .-«~ ours .v‘:\‘-: THE LIST 19