51 Caroline Paterson


Some Cynics said the train that carted Moaning Minnie Rrrrrruth Fowler from Albert Square would Spirit Caroline Paterson into obscurity. But the lassie from Nitshill has carved out a successful career behind the camera since leaving Eastenders five years ago. This year. the multi-talented one added a theatre directing string to her bow. breathing life into John Osbourne's classm: The Entertainer with a well-received production at the Citz. and was tempted back onto the small screen with a role in a powerful BBC drama about drug rehabilitation called. appropriately. Rehab. (SO

50 Gordon Ramsa

celebrity chef y

This year was not an easy one for the former Glasgow Rangers player. as his restaurant in Glasgow Amaryllis suffered a bit of sOphomore slump. But worse. its chef and Ramsay protege David Dempsey tragically died in a bizarre inordent. But Ramsay is no stranger to adversity and seems to thrive on controversy. all of which can sometimes obscure the fact that he is one of the best chefs that this country has ever produced. His empire continues to grow and he plans to open in Edinburgh. as well. iBSi

49 Andrew O'Haqan


As if being one of Granta's ‘20 Best of Young British Novelists' wasn't enough for the sickeningly talented O'Hagan. the Glaswegian found time in 2003 to produce a follow-up novel to the Booker-shortlisted Our Fathers. Loosely based on the tragic life of

20 THE LIST '. 1 Dec 2003 8 .la". 1101).:

megaphorie-voiced Lena Zavaroni. Personality found O'Hagan returning to his abiding obsession with chequered childhoods. It tells the story of a 13~year-old girl. growzng up above a chip shop on the Isle Of Bute. whose singing career fulfils her family's ambition for fame. The book won the American Academy of Arts and Letters' EM Forster award. lBDl

48 May Miles Thomas


There are few people on this list who hear comparison to the great filmmaker Russ Meyer. but Thomas is one of them. This lady is a future force to be reckoned with in Scottish film Having graduated in design from the Glasgow School of Art. Thomas worked for the BBC before setting up Elemental Films in 100:3. The first short film she produced from her own script. The Beautv of the Common Tool. was shortlisted for an Academy Award. By 2000 she had completed her brilliant low budget debut feature. One Life Stand. a digicam--shot naturalistic trawl through the lives of the dispossessed. This year she delivered a dyspeptic chamber drama SO/ldA/f a work that shows she is steeped in the influences of Bill Douglas and O/u. iPDi

47 David Bann

chef and restaurateur

In 2003 David Bann confirmed his status as a leading restaurateur in Edinburgh. Winning one .)f The List Eating 8. Drinking Guide awards for excellence. It was a year for his establishment. Davrd Bann's Vegetarian l’Restaurant. to settle in. havrng only opened in 2002. Bann's vrew on meat free cooking is positive rather than apologetic: it can be delicious as well as good for you. Bann's menus boast a diverse range of dishes With international influences. whether skewers of chaivgrilled beetroot. tomatoes and paneer cheese or Malaysian curry with butternut squash. BS

46 Janet Smith dance director Leeds-born Smith arrived at Scottish Dance Theatre in 1007. The company had a small audience. an even smaller repertoire and it only played in modest venues across Scotland IJUSI as well. as it wasn't really very goodi. Six years on. the company has performed in Greece and Italy in recent months. while playing the Festival Theatre and Theatre Royal at home. Smith has commissioned choreograi)hers from Europe and America and the SDT audience has grown by 441%: in the last year. She's also Just secured S‘im to build a swish new dance studio at their home in Dundee Rep. iKAl

fl" '- _ -' Ins.

45 Emma Richards


Emma Richards' travelogue makes for pretty gripping reading. The Glasgow University graduate was only the second woman to ever undertake the 28.000 mile Around Alone yacht race. Sailing solo. the 28-year-old braved hurricanes. icebergs and a pirate near-miss. before disaster struck: her yacht's main sail split and she had to make mid—race repairs. mounted 80ft on the mast of her yacht. Richards overcame the odds to finish fourth inarrowly missing out on third place). and was the youngest person to ever complete the race. (ME)

44 Simon Gage

director of Edinburgh International Science Festival

He's not Jesus but he can walk on water. Simon Gage conjured up his miracle in April of this year when he set up the competition to traverse the 40 metre of the Commonwealth Pool in specially designed shoes. He won. setting a Guinness world record for a 40 metre sprint at one minute and ten seconds. He also finds time to run the Edinburgh International Scrence Festival. We celebrate him for turning even our unSCientific brains on to the wonders of physics. Next year we'd like the water into wine trick. (RH)