43 Derek Marshall


Gamba. the List Eating & Drinking Guide restaurant of the year in Glasgow, consistently pleases all who visit. Marshall co-owns the basement restaurant with Alan Tomkins. The house speciality is Scotland's most valuable natural resource when it comes to food: fresh. world-renowned fish. Marshall‘s skill at preparing it is sublime and deft. although if something is that good to begin with. it doesn't need much faffing about. His artistry involves knowing when the final proverbial brushstroke needs to be applied. (BS)

42 Edwin Morgan


While some tools bounce around. waxing on about love. actually. the elegant poise of this modest man shines a piercing. tender light on the subject. Love and a Life. published this year. confirms Morgan's greatness as a man and poet. For the first time he has written openly about the loves that have shaped his life. and the city. the space and imagination in which they have happened. A recent lifetime achievement award from the Saltire Society and Scottish Arts COuncil is apt recognition of a man who has given his heart and s0ul to the word. and in 2003 revealed a renewed vigour with moving honesty. (RH)

41 Colin Anderson

games company managing director

Having left DMA Design in 2000 to

set up Denki. Colin Anderson and his team have gone from strength to strength. At the forefront of cross- platforrn gaming software. their simple yet infectious games have been played by millions on mobile phones. handheld consoles and. most successfully. interactive television. Award-winning games such as Denki Blocks and licensed titles such as Hulk and Go.’ Go.’ Beck/ram.I have cemented the company's place in a growing market both here and abroad. Aside from his other business initiatives. Colin picked up the Develop Industry award for Best Emerging Platform Developer in August. (ID)

40 Buqsy Seagull DJ

Few clubs can boast having three going concerns in one country. but Vegas is going strong in Edinburgh. Glasgow and Aberdeen. Add to this forays to London and even New York and yOu have a Club that can compete with the biggest names in the industry. Sitting in their own genre with their big band sOunds. easy listening and even a dash of country. a Vegas night is like no other ~ you'll be grinning from ear to ear. OK. we could have picked any of the Vegas crew. but it's Bugsy's Sideline at Edinburgh's ticket outlet and record shop Ripping Records that helps him out here. IHNI

39 Miles Jupp


BBC Scotland must rue the day it dropped Miles Jupp's alter ego Rupert Donaldson from the national version of the Live Floor Show. It freed up Jupp to become a prince among CBBC's little nippers as Balainory's Archie the Inventor. complete his degree in divinity. garner cult acclaim in the GlastOnbury cabaret tent and stage his first solo festival show. Gentlemen Prefer Brogues. Pompous and side- splitting in equal meaSure. it earned him a Perrier Newcomer nomination. And it was (probably) the first Fringe show to offer free entrance to Iabradors. Righto. (ME)

38 James McFadden


He's been compared to Davrd Beckham (mainly for his variable hairsterS) and Wayne Rooney mow his teammate at Everton). and James McFadden is also known as the Man Who Saved Motherwell Football Club. His transfer to Merseyside for the princely sum of Ft .25m helped drag the Fir Park Club out of their finanCiaI hellhole. On the field. he kept his finest moments for Hampden, scoring a corker against Rangers in the Scottish

I i

Cup semi-final. and the goal that gave Scotland hope against the Dutch. He's quite simply the most gifted Scottish footballer of his generation. With a foul temper to match. (ME)

37 Kevin McKidd


In 2003 Kevrn fvthidd. the actor who always seemed to be playing second fiddle to his Scottish actorly contemporaries livthregor and Carlyle basicallyi finally started getting the recognition he deserves. McKidd disappeared for a while in the early noughties down a cul de sac of TV costumedramas. but it seems that in the last couple of years he has heard those pipes a calling. To star in one Scottish film a year may he commercial surcrde but to make three is sheer lunacy. In 2003 McKidd completed work on Richard Jobson's l6 Years of Alcohol. One Last Chance and Alison Peebles Afterlife. In each film. his performance are immaculate. It seems the ginger 31 -year-old has had himself quite a homecoming party. IPDI

36 Dominic .Hill

8 James Bnninq

theatre directors

These two are the duel artistic directors of Dundee Rep. Brining‘s work at TAG had already marked him out as an outstanding director, with such impressive pieces as The Good Woman of Szechuan in his portfolio. Hill's earlier work at Dundee Rep was followed by Twelfth Night as a season opener in his new and elevated role. These two look like making sparks fly at the Rep. with Hill's supreme literacy and awareness of form sparking nicely off Brining's theatrical flair and sensitivity to nuance. (SC)

35 Robert Carlyle

actor lf Adolf Hitler had been a cockney then Robert Carlyle would have pulled off the masterstroke of his career this year. During the Channel 4 two-parter. Hitler: The Rise of Evil. Carlyle sounded like Den Watt's son. Yet he still succeeded in being very scary. Carlyle seems to revel in getting his subject right (aside from the accent): here he got the spitting speechmaking and the jerky gesticulations spot on. Having already done nasty with a Bond baddie. a cannibal and a scouse psycho. in 2003 Bobby was simply the beast. (BD)

I Dec 2003—8 Jan 200-". THE LIST 21