34 Eddi Reader


Not many rnusrcrans' careers take in post-punk conceptualrsm. number one singles and national poets. but Eddi Reader has never seemed too concerned wrth precedent. The Glasgow-born singer sang backing vocals for the Waterboys before forming Fairground Attraction wrth Marc Nevin. Their debut single. the joyful 'Perfect'. hit the top of the charts. while album First of a Million Kisses went top three. Her subsequent solo career has rnarrred folk and pop. and this year she CRJOYQd a renaissance with Edd/ Reader Sings the Songs of Robert Burns. a potent collection of covers that sold impressrvey and garnered praise from press and public. rJSi

33 Chris Paterson

rugby player

Jonny Wilkinson emerged as the golden boy of the Rugby World Cup. but where Scotland's rnrsty eyes are concerned. Chris Paterson did his (:Ountry equally proud down under. Scoring 71 points during the tournament and playing every rnrnute of Scotland's five games. the 25-year-

22 THE LIST 1'. [)et: £4331“, Ff .la" L},

old was named the Famous Grouse Scotland Player of the World Cup. At a su >sequent awards bash in Sydney. Paterson received the gong for Try of the Year for his Test try against South Africa in June. With it) caps to his name. and the likely successor to Gregor Townsend's hallowed number ten jersey. the Edinburgh Rugby player has the world at his feet. MD

32 Lemon Jelly


In a bla/e of vibrant colours and addictive rrrelodres. Nick l ranglen and Fred Deakrn. aka Lemon Jelly. broke free from the clutches of the hipsters this year to fall into the embrace of the masses. and even managed to make a song about ducks sound cool. 'lhrs duo wrth a flair for the adventurous. such as distributing T-shrrts instead of tickets to concert-goers. now attract a diverse fan base thanks to second I P Lost Horr/ons. which proved that there can be more creativity. intelligence and (l()‘.'.’lll’l§)tli ‘.'.r'ackrness to chilled out electronrca than the typical coffee table fodder. atlSi

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31 Claire Barcla


Following on fron‘ the success of re solo show at doggerftsl‘er' last year. Claire Barclay was one of three artists selected to represent Scotland at this year's Venice Brennale. Best known for her delicate and intriguing sculptural installations. she went on to have her largest solo show to date at Dundee C()riterrrporar'\,' Arts. creating ‘.'.ror'ks that responded to the physical characterrstrcs of the space. Next ".eai'. she's going back to her home to‘.'.'n to work on a propct for l’arsleg. Museu'r‘ 8. Art Gallery. and she can look forward to a Glenfrddrclr Distillery residency in [)uffto\.'.'rr. uJMr

30 David Leddy

organiser, Glasgay!

ln his two years as fOfSIlYéll producer. David I eddy has developed (‘rlasgayl into an internationally acclaimed 1.1 day rnultr arts event. l le has brought world l'(}ll()‘.‘./ll()(i performers such as Drarnanda Galas and Annie Sprrnkre to Glasgow stages. grvrng the lesbian. gay. bisexual and transexual cornmunrtu a chance to see ‘.'.ror‘ld premieres and specially dewsed Glasgay! shows. I eddy's hard work has more than quadrupled audience figures and given the i(}f;i|‘.’£1| a

reputation tltat now does a' i)(?,(‘."il the gia‘, <:orrr."‘.uri'.. 4*."13 8’” ..rr":. Despite the Exrgr-z: .'.:t'-\':.rr:. 1 -- 2’). fif)lltl.’lll(}f3 it: fl-f:‘. we. '.-- r:


29 Dylan Moran

comedian, writer, actor

7:11:1" '\ Té:f‘!(‘-i:."§" :' fittriiql‘, as fir-.9- las’. .i<:"‘-;.-;i‘a'i 1:7 -::‘.~:.-' plan tl‘e (i'ttf3ft [var :9". (W ‘.'t-t; (I<>.'.'qaZ-::_ ‘.‘ir‘: ‘.-;,-.".rv.- :" ."-:: "ail-.- I'rrs .'l(ll"r-;:. ll-z: Mega" .2 1." tra'lblafi'ig; s .t: f" 'iis "a ::t"a ‘Morister' tear. iti"1.";;'rsitelzgie'e'if.

..or|d -..<:a'. t:,f:f~ ,'-.:: :

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celluloid role r'r Hit: A:

made 9(5):? its year. (Bar's-ma. rt "‘7'.

27 Sutherland Hussey

jllf3tli“, ar‘ ()s::ar to grace "'51, architects

lY‘ElY‘II'i-lilérfifl‘ art-ad. trio'w: :. (1.4” 7' - r' ‘8; 1a" is

.rrrdr'tal. "' (1t)"~' \ '2 'i : man.“ “J' -s'.'.::l- r";

aliaftafcr l-Slar «l-‘r' '\ r ' . is“ i. 'n ,i'i'i . f ‘.t‘r'

t'iarara '~r:Mr:' r- (, - ‘r' ' \' :T'~' that

profess-:adasli"i' a r y t : : '1' .' l ,' '-

.ear old Eir' 71(1- alsc '. '.‘ ES..T"e-' ll..:;.~:-_-,,

write and r'-:=::;:'<i :r '."x'l! :~-.-’ -..~:» ' 5-H: "\ .‘.:'..::,..‘.:t :1. "11:"er .t'tal irfiz?"rl':>!‘.

Hooks, He' L3 C ~'-. l\."t '.".:"'\:2' " " ‘lrrer '.' .rf .'..‘::~: . t '1): ess 1' a! r“

28 5\" ....'\::'..if31"‘(‘trf;"i~f::’ ";:"‘ l re-iiVil

actress, writer t "3; a-r:rr‘r:"fr;. Jars :;'x:r‘. ;:;7.e:: fl"

It has tree". f:"(: 're‘ it‘ a j.-;:.r" ' T" :- .-.-.:":: f3fzrl'x; P" ‘.:'

Alrsor‘ Pent/Ir: . /\"<:a::. :ir‘ .‘r '.'-w: Xv '.t'.’°...'-.' ale'ttp; 11' '.“e «es :3‘

a'izl‘.'.rrt<:' "r’~ 1’ -i w ' «r r ' l‘. \l- .' :" A 1' Hist

t)Llf'l?l‘rgl rawzrrx‘. It: cake a 3%.. 1'3: " :3,‘ ‘tia'xif Ni")

frlr'i. ‘.'.":t" 'io rrrorie. a":: .r" <)‘.er‘.'.'rer'r‘r'ir; arrfrrratl‘u,

wmxatrrxrtr leathers-r

aclrezed ti‘-f*."i:ltl"‘ r". r'trrossri‘l- she: do? f;(>'l‘.é: or“: 9‘ 33" ‘.f 5;“. Screen (ll‘;(f f.."red :'. r"? ‘.‘: T” 'r‘. H."

debutfeature/Ufa“ v- site"triwa" excellec‘. slim"? ::a‘7-9:<f "

I/‘Iltll is str! (1.251". rid Marxist,- ti. '. take-

our ‘.'/old for it. :t is a Terrier, raw. (".5" perfect innestrqatzc" r'ito 2H,- lelllll‘, (t‘,’l‘.£lllll.’2f3 (frantic ‘.'.lrr-r‘ .":-.~ those children suffer from l)o‘.'."u Syndrorrre. l’eebles has "rad-e a sirrrple frlrn of (:orrsrdeiabre t‘u’u‘l‘. .i'\:

has also coaxed l>rr.llgr'r'. in».

from tlre great 1 rain»; [)iuit‘a'r. lxr-yi"