26 Alex McLeish

football manager

Big Eck's move into the hot seat at Rangers was not universally welcomed. but he transformed Dick Advocaat‘s struggling side. Five out of six domestic trophies. including a coveted treble in 2002-3. silenced the doubters. At their best his team played a slick passing game. and matched Celtic blow for blow through a gripping title race and the combined drama and farce of the final day shoot-out. Transfer woes. injuries. financial austerity. a difficult European campaign and a rampant Celtic may make this season a different story. but 2003 was the high water mark of his managerial career to date. (KM)

25 Jonathan Saunders


Who would have thought that a 25- year-old from Burnside could re-ignite the passion for London Fashion Week? Not many. but 2003 will be remembered in fashion circles as the year prints were reborn and Jonathan Saunders led the renaissance. A recipient of a Topshop New Generation Award in 2003. the Glasgow School of Art textiles

24 THE LIST 1 1 Dec 2003—8 Jan 200/.

graduate has worked on freelance textile desrgn for Alexander McQueen. Christian LacrOix and Chloe. But it was his own label's spring summer 2004 collection which clinched the plaudits. Bold colours and geometric prints engineered round the body set his work apart from the bland. floaty pastel set. Now based at a studio in Brixton. but still making use of GSA's cutting edge digital print technology. Saunders is setting the tone for worldwide fashion. ‘MEl

24 Ewan McGreqor actor

Just when most self-respecting Scots had written McGregor off as George Lucas' hamster turning forever on the dusty franchise that is Star l'flrrs. McGregor returned to his homeland to

take the lead in David Mackenzie's much touted film adaptation of Alexander Trocchi's Young Ada/n. As Joe. the nihilistic. over-sexed drifter. MacGregor tore the screen apart and Sh()‘.".’(:‘(j what he is really capable of when he is at the top of his form. Hrs audience also got to get another look at his impressive manhood having had its debut in Peter Greenaway's The Pi/lo'.v Book i1000i. lpD‘


club manager

Last year the Bongo Club looked in Jeopardy. Fortunately. it secured a new venue and moved to Moray House a

massive undertaking that has seen the

venue go up in capacity and adopt a far more logical layout. Venue manger Ally Hill was the man who kept the operation running smoothly. Admittedly there were long days and an incredibly late licensing decision iJust in the nick of timer. but it was worth the effort. The larger space works well. retaining an underground vibe but with facilities to match. Some may grumble that it's lost some (ilthleEtiCCi charrn. but hey. the tOilets work. and you can't argue with nights like Headspin and Pogo Vogue. ‘HN:

22 Doug Bell

shopkeeper and author

Doug Bell is the chilli chieftain of Scotland. Lupe Pihtos. the shops that he owns with his partner Rhoda Robertson. are stocked with an ever growing array of hot sauces. seasonal fresh chillis and peppers. as well as a host of dry goods. a unique selection of teguilas plus a cold case with freshly made salsa. hard—to-find Monterey Jack cheese and more. This year. Bell and Robertson published their long—av.'aited travelogue and recipe book. Two Cooks and a Suitcase. the couple's aii‘using tales from Boston in a white Cadillac to the shop's Mayan na'i‘esake —— their neighbour in Mexrco. 43$

21 Grant Morrison

comic writer

Morrison is surer one ot the greatest writers of comics the world has ever seen. The fact that he subverts the most American of media from his Glasgow home is even more delicious. \"Je're talking XMen: taking the series in a warped direction that you'd never have imagined l'y/larve/ would have the balls to folloy'.’ up. Morrison first really made his mark with Zenith. moving on to write the exemplary Batman graphic novel Ark/ram Asy/urn. After taking Animal Man in seriously skewed directions. he put out a tour de force of magic and insanity. The lnvxsib/es. With his work on New X-i‘v/i'en. and the forthcoming ‘."/e.’3. this is one twisted imagination that's providing the most unexpected treats comics have to offer. lHNl


20 Richard Armstrong

music director of Scottish Opera When Richard Armstrong first Joined Scottish Opera in 1903. it was half way through a lacklustre Ring Cycle. which be promptly cancelled. Pulling the plug turned out to be a wise move. Ten years on. Scottish Opera is in increasingly rude health. and has Just corrpleted one of the most critically acclaimed productions of \'l.r’agner's epic ever staged. Armstrong was at the baton for all four operas ~- a monumental 17 hours ll‘. total and was invotyed in the eht re creative process. Buoyed by the Rir‘g's success. Armstrong has agreed to stay at the SC) helm until 200:”). (KA'

l9 Twitch & Wilkes


Optiino is the coolest. 'r‘ost credible club night in the UK. It's the clubs all others wish they were it's far more expansive than elect'oclt‘ish. x.'.'hich it constantly gets lumped In with. Country 8. "Jesterit get lth shed together with house. techno. electro. dub. punk you name it. It's the inusic. not the genre. that does the talking. Bands fight to play there. from the Rapture to the legendary New York act 1 iguid Liguid afrorn whose song Optinto gets its name. Twitcl‘ and Wilkes are the rnasterininds behind this madness. \‘y’ho'd have thought a club on a Sunday could become such a phenomenon. iHNi