6 Fiona Buchanan

foodie and deli owner

You get the impression that there are simply not enough hours in the day for Fiona Buchanan. founder of the Glasgow's Heart Buchanan Fine Food and Wine. Get her talking about just about any element of food. and streams of ideas come forth. But the world also needs doers and here Buchanan excels as well. Her shop leads the way in sourcing fresh and traceable produce. (30 to the supermarket and staff haven't a clue where the ingredients originate. At Heart Buchanan they make a point of knowing. According to the shop's stated philOSOphy: ‘EmphaSIs is placed on provenance because it is a product's origin that influences its quality and taste (ie. salt-marsh lamb. Scottish new potatoes. Uist langoustine. Ma Mackinnon's jams) The geese that Buchanan will sell for the festive season have been raised organically on grass. grain and rosemary in southern Scotland for the shop. Brilliant.

We first became aware of Buchanan when she contributed as a reViewer to Our Eating & Drinking Gtiide a few years ago as she wrapped up her stint working with Nick Nairn and crafted plans to open the shop. This year. we made use of her expertise as a member of our restaurant awards' distinguished judging panel. Her contributions were memorable. And it's not just The List that recognises her talent. Last month she received a Glenfiddich Spirit of Scotland award ~~

28 THE LIST 1 1 Dec 900$ 8 Jan 2011.:

jbining the likes of previous winners Kirsty Wark and former boss Nairn. Always putting the shop and its staff - rather than herself in the limelight. Buchanan accepted the award with humility. She said what keeps her geing is the hope that Scots will eat better. Wouldn't it be nice. she added. if every child in Scotland were able to make a bowl of SOup. Simple. but profound amid politiCians' ramblings On the coontry's diet. (BS)

5 John Kazek

stage actor

One of Scotland's most highly rated actors for some years. Glasgow—born Ka/ek deservedly won this year's Scottish Critics award for his performance in P/trxisure and Pain at the Citizens. But Ka/ek seems to achieve in any role at the moment. Those who saw his Green in theatre Babel's Thebans last Fringe will attest to the power of this actor. And his name has been associated With a succession of legendary Scottish theatre successes over the last decade. At the Traverse alone. his credits include splendid performances in such hits as Passing Places. Perfect Days and A Solemn Mass For a Full Moon in Summer. A self deprecating and likeable man. Ka/ek has reached a career peak over the last year. and there's surely more to come. (SC)

4 Shirley Henderson actress

Shirley. beautiful Shirley. 2003 started in a sea of mediocrity for you. but we

all know you only star in those Harry Potter films for the wedge. The money you make simply allows you to do the work you were born to do. But then. as the year went on and the film projects you have been working on fOr the last few years began to see the light of day. it seemed as though you were everywhere. There were two Alices in Wilbur (Wants to Kill Himself) and American Cousins. there was iiioustachioed Sally in interMission. there was your brilliant turn as Catherine of Bragan/a in the television mini series Char/es // and Ruby the boheiitiaii gallery owner in Alison Peebles' Afterlife (awaiting release).

On top of all this. you have more films awaiting distribution than just about any Scottish actress out there. In the next year or so we should see Henderson in Girl in a Red Dress. Fishy. Yes and Fro/en not bad for a diminutive goddess from Kincardine. It is not difficult to see why this phenomenal actress is getting so much work. though. Henderson is virtually alone among her female peers in the way she is happy to take the kookiest. most difficult of roles in marginal. low budget films and turn them very much into her own. Naturalism plus madness seem for her at least to be the key. (PD)