Re: Top 50 Scottish Films (483)

OK, I know you want to be provoking and I feel deeply uncool at taking the bait nevertheless. any list that manages to leave out Scotland's first Oscar winner (for documentary) Seawards the Great Ships is just silly. Also. to ignore Christopher Young and Iain Sellar's fine film Venus Peter reveals an even stranger sensibility.

And then to top it off, you manage to neglect the entire works of Scotland's finest documentary filmmaker, Murray Grigor. He's lauded to the skies internationally, but clearly hasn't made much of an impact down your way.

Shame on you!

Penny Thomson Edinburgh

I OWE YOU NOTHING Re: Top 50 Scottish Films (483)

I can't believe that you have not included Anthony Neilson's The Debt Collector on the list of top Scottish films.

It's a tense. brilliantly acted. powerfully directed and engrossing film, with first rate performances from actors such as Ken Stott. Francesca Annis and Ian Robertson. Clearly the most underrated Scottish film of all time. Even Billy Connolly's good in it.

Actually it is probably the best Scottish film since Gregory's Girl. It's brilliant.

And Small Faces is in there please!

Keiran Gillespie Collusion Theatre Glasgow


As an artist and storyteller. I am concerned that the Scottish Executive only gives funds to projects for peOple with mental disorders (such as the Projectability Centre in Albion Street. Glasgow). to the exclusion of all other disabled

2 THE LIST 1 1 Dec 2003—8 Jan 2004


React, The List,

14 High Street, Edinburgh EH1 1TE

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at the CCA, 350 Sauchiehall Street, Glasgow 62 3JD

or email

people. and others who would like to express themselves but lack the facilities in their areas. Anyone who can help me and others bring about an arts centre in the East End of Glasgow, please get in touch, because the more arts in Scotland the better and the more people with access to them will enrich our nation and show off our abilities for all to see. Barry Dubber Glasgow


Tramway is a crucial component in Glasgow‘s network of galleries. organisations. events. residencies and studios. For the young artist. studying at the Glasgow School of Art. Tramway glitters with its treasure of an artistic programme, introducing you to the likes of Salla Tykka and Julian Opie. Holding their heads high alongside these are Christine Borland. Douglas Gordon and the Glasgow School of Art MFA. They bear witness to the quality of artistic activity being generated in Glasgow.

We are EmergeD. an artist- run organisation originally set up in Glasgow by two people who came to Glasgow from Australia and England as a result of its excellent visual arts reputation. We would like to raise our voice in opposition to the proposed takeover of Tramway2 by Scottish Ballet. We acknowledge that Scottish Ballet is without suitable facilities and this is a need that has to be addressed. However. to fight against the visual arts by bidding for Tramway2 is to upset the balance of cultural activity from within.

Tramway is a solid and attainable goal. The Project Room and Tramway2 have played host to a large number of our contemporaries. launching their careers within the context of a highly respected venue. It is with this

in mind that. having left the Glasgow School of Art. we have decided to remain in Glasgow. joined by many others with talent and ambition, who have made their way here.

Lucy Gibson and Amy Sales Glasgow

and 52 other signatories from Scotland. England. Denmark and the USA.

SHOCKING CALAMITY Re: Opinion (483) On opening this edition of The List. I was shocked and appalled by the image that l was first greeted with. There is only one place for a picture of the ‘Big Yin' and I do not believe that it is on a List page! However, just as l was seriously contemplating cancelling my subscription, my


It is regrettable that a company which is essential to the Scottish cultural landscape is in danger of losing long term core funding from the Scottish Arts Council. I moved to Glasgow from Singapore 1 1 years ago. Before moving, I did not know much about Scottish theatre but I had heard of 7:84. I was inspired by a society where the government had the self- confidence to fund a political theatre company which may be

critical of its policies.

As much as it is necessary to develop theatre for the young and address issues of future theatre audiences. it is equally important to retain and propel companies like 7:84, which is unique in its origins and has the potential to create radical theatre. Yes. 7:84 has suffered from a lack of dynamic vision recently because of the absence of an artistic director. But with the appointment of Lorenzo Mele. there is much scope for 7:84 to use its histOry and existing infrastructure to create

contemporary political theatre which young people are very much part of.

The creation of a national theatre is a good idea but not an original one. 7:84 offers a distinctiveness in our cultural landscape and safeguards against a homogeneous cultural product.

Josephine Ronan Glasgow

An ILICLII LII'IITI‘; I‘m" tin} tiuczlsii‘iii


opinion was changed by the fantastic Turner Prize opinion piece and accompanying image. Well done.

Julian Lynne



Re: Glasgow bridge unveiled (483)

In our recent news story about the latest plans for a footbridge over the Clyde between the Broomielaw area and Tradeston. we suggested that Glasgow City Council had also been responsible for commissioning the Glasgow Science Centre. In fact it was conceived and conducted by Scottish Enterprise Glasgow. which remains responsible for the day-to-day running of the visit0r attraction. Thanks to Jim Clark at GCC. who spotted our mistake.




Efi sj




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