Q Dracula - Pages from a Virgin’s Diary i ll) 0.... ((iuy Maddin. ('anada. 2002) Wei-Qiang [hang 'l‘ara Biriwhixtle. Dave Moroni. (’indy Marie Small. Jolmny A Wright 75min. (‘ult filmmaker (iuy Madden hax taken Mark (iodden'x Royal Winnipeg Ballet production of the Drum/u myth and given it a thorough cinematic lixting. The rexult ix remarkable. dreamlike and altogether entrancing. See review. page 37. Selected II'I‘WLH'.

Eli tl’(i) .0. (Jon l-‘avreau. l'S. 2003) Will l-‘errell. Jamex (‘aan. lidward Axner. 90min. Buddy tl‘errell) ix a big lilf who. though accepted in hix lily ixh community in the .\'oth l’ole. managex to wreak havoc on a daily baxix. l‘ed tip and conflixed by hix charge. l’apa lilf l Bob .\'ew hart) xendx him to the [S in xearch of hix true identity. llilarioux and puerile Yuletide comedy from the xtar of Sui/leery. (it'nt'ru/ I'(’I('(l\('.

Etre Et Avoir (To Be and to Have) it‘) 0... i.\'icolax l’hilihert. l-‘rance. 2003) (ieorge l.ope/. l0-lmin. l’hilibert'x documentariex are well recognixed for managing to equal the emotional depth normally produced through great fiction. and thix film ix conxidered hix moxt xuccexxful to date. having premiered at lill'l". Ii) lie and In [Itll‘l' documentx one year at (ieorge Lope/x one-room xchool houxe in the remote dairy farming region of Auvergne. I‘i/Ht/tullu'. Iii/in/mreh.

Festen t 15) O... t'l'homax Vinterberg. (iermany. 1998) ltibrnin. Made under the banner of Dogme 95. a chief dictum of which lilmic manifexto ix that the inner liv ex of the characterx muxt juxtify the workingx of the plot. in thix caxe the xtory of a country houxe party given to celebrate the (i0th birthday of rich patriarch Helge lx'lingenfeldt. 'l‘enxionx xurface before long and a dixturbing family xecret ix revealed. ('uim'o A'- l-ilnihouu'. Edinburgh.

The Fighting Temptations il’(i)

0 (Jonathan Lynn. [S 3003) (‘uba (iootllttg Jr. Beyonce. l-‘aith livanx. Melba

.Moore. l.a'lanya \Vaxhington. Ricky Dillard. l-lb‘min. Darrin Hill t(iooding Jr) ix a New York advenixing executive who ix forced to coach the terrible local goxpel choir up in to the regional linalx. l’utrid. patronixing and mildly racixt life lexxon drama. Some nice xinging though. See review. page 30. (iwu'ml I’i'lWUAU.

Finding Nemo it') 0000 (Andrew Stanton/Lee l'nkrich. l'S. 3003) \‘oicex of .Albert Brookx. lillen l)e(}enerex. Alexander (iould. Willem Dafoe. Brad (iarrett. Allixon Janney. l00min. l’ixar'x latext now that they are free from the umbrella of Dixney ix the delightful tale of a little lixh and hix daddy 'x ttllettiptx to Hml him when he getx xeooped out of the water by a human. (in er. funny and better than The Little .llr'rmuirl t‘iuxt ). (immul rc/i'uw.

C3 The Five Obstructions i )5) (Jorge!) l.eth/l.arx \‘on 'l‘rier. Denmark. 2003) 00min. 'l‘heatre documentary directed by l.arx von Trier and Jorgen l.eth. An invextigative film journey in w hich old boy documentarian. l.eth. allowx Trier to xet him rulebook obxtructionx ax he triex to rev ixit and recreate one of hix lit'xl lillltx. 'I‘hc I’t’l'fi'i’l Hmmm /I)('! pvrli'kn' nu'iimnvkv t I967 ). a document on life in Denmark. A laxcinating experiment in a Dogme \ly lee. See review. page if). I’ihnhnuu'. Iii/inhureh.

Freaky Friday it’(i) oo tMark 8 Watch. [-5. 3003) Jatnie l.ec (‘tlrlim l.ltttlx;ty l.ohan. Mark Harmon. Harold (iould. ('had Michael Murray. 97min. So xo verxion of the much loved Jodie lioxter Dixncy vehicle from 1976. Mildly diverting. and ax uxual (‘urtix giy ex it her ttll. See review. page 33. General H'll'UH'.

Good Boy! tl') 0.. tJohn Robert Hoffman. [S 2003) Molly Shannon. l.iam Aiken. Kevin .\'ealon. Brittany Moldowan 87min. [.ikcable talking animalx comedy that ix xuitahle for all agex. See review. page 35. General I't’h'uu'.

Goodbye Lenin! l 15) iw'oti'gang Becker. (iermany. 2003) Daniel Briihl. Katrin Saxx.

Maria Simon. Illinin. (‘harming comedy drama which won the Blue Angel Award at Berlin. Set initially during the dixxolution of GDR in 198‘) when Alex'x mother xlipx into a coma after an almoxt fatal heart attack. She aw akex in 1990 and liaxt Berlin hax already changed conxiderably. Alex ix determined to protect her from any kind of xhock. (irmvt'nor. (i/mgmr.‘ ('umw. Edinburgh. The Grinch (PG) .0. (Ron Howard. [S 3000) Jim ('arrey. Taylor Momxen. Jeffrey 'l’ambor. 105mm. Surprixingly. 'I‘lu' (irimh ix the Jim live action feature to be adapted from the work of the world'x bext- xelling children'x author. Dr Seuxx. And beneath xfx magician Rick Baker'x green coxtume (‘arrey the world'x highext paid comedian w-reckx glorioux havoc on hix cloying .xweet neighbourx. the “boy ianx of Who-ville. Howard layx the book'x moral (‘hrixtmax ix about family not prexentx and the xickly -xweet .xentiment on pretty thick. 'Iin'

Story- 2 got the croxx generational appeal right;

golly goxh lloward'x (irim‘h haxn‘t. ('arrey 'x great though. ('(‘I. lit/inlmrgh: ('(‘I. ( ‘ly'ilclmnk. Groundhog Day ll’(i) 0000 (Harold Ramix. l'S. l‘)‘).‘~) min. Bill Murray. Andie MacDow ell. (’hrix lilliot. 'l‘\' weatherman l’hil ('onncrx (Murray ) lindx himxelf in the back of beyond. trapped in an ex cr-repeating xingle day. l’any ing and babe-chaxing leadx to xerioux romancing ax he goex after hix producer tMacDow ell ). Murray 'x cuddly xarcaxm xtopx the movie from becoming the kind of moralixing muxh that xurroundx xo many of hix ct)ntemporariex. A genuine rarity a Hollywood comedy that ix really funny. (when. lat/inhm'e/i. High Society tl’) O... t('harlex \Valtei'x. lb. “’50) Bing (‘roxhy Grace Kelly. lirank Sinatra. (’clexte Holm. l07min. (‘laxxic muxical entertainment from the M(iM xtudiox. in which a rich bitch playx hard to get w ith a xtring of xuitorx. The plot of Philadelphia Slurv goex out the window. but with xtarx like thexe. xly lc ix everything. (fi'l. (illlvgmi:

index Film

Holes tl’(i) 0... (Andrew Davix. IS. 3003) Sigourney Weaver. Jon \‘oight. 'l'im Blake Nelxon. Shia l.aBeouf. Khleo 'l‘homax. 1 17min. A wrongfully convicted boy ix .xent to a dexert detention catnp where he digx holex and lixtenx to xpooky xtoriex. Bi/arre. epixodic and oddly endearing thix ix one weird Dixney family Hick that excapex from the tlxtlitl eliehex ()l‘ the genre. (il'i'l: (iluxqrm: The Huntsmen it') i't‘heo Attgelopoulox. (ireece/l-‘rance. [977) Mary ('hronopoulou. (ieorgex Danix. Aliki (ieorgouli. Vangelix Ka/an. 180mm. New Year‘x live 1976. a bourgeoix hunting party lindx a warm body in the xnow that openx up a whole political web of accuxation. 'l‘heo .-\ngelopoulo.x' rarely xeen epic wax one of the few lilmx to come out (ireece in the 70.x to really indict the right‘x wrongx ax it were. Part of the 'l‘heo Angelopoulox xeaxon. I’ilmhouxt'. Iz'ililihtujt'h. Ice Age (1') O. i(‘hrix Wedge & ('arlox Saldanha. [S 2002) \‘oicex of John l.egui/atno. (ioran Vixnjic. Jack Black. Slmin. 'l'here'x a faint air of cynicixm in thix xtory of a rnoroxe mammoth. a bumbling xloth and a wily tiger who join forcex. dexpite all their better inxtinctx. to return a human baby to hix father. Ax the planet getx colder. they head in the oppoxite direction of the anitnal migration. to battle xnowdriftx. volcanoex. ice cav ex and predatorx. eventually delivering their charge. The animatorx try dexperately' to make you fall in love with thix unlikely baiid of creaturex. to make you xee the good heartx beneath the froxty exteriorx. but they don't deliver that all important charm. wit. liair and imagination. ('(A (iluwuwx

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