takes you by surprise. ('hihiro travels through a tunnel into another world. where she happens upon a bathhouse for the spirits. After chowing down greedily on some spiked local produce. (’hihiro's parents are transformed into pigs. leaving their suddenly dutiful daughter to seek work in the bathhouse in order to release them. Philosophy. anime and shamanism this is something really stunning that needs to be seen to be believed. ('( 'sI. (ilasumi; Spun ( l8) .0 (Jonas .-\kerlund. LS. 2003) Jason Schwart/man. Mickey Rourke. Brittany Murphy. John l.egui/amo. l’atrick l-‘ugit. Meiia Suy‘ari. l()()min. A three day window into the lives of (‘alifornia crack addicts written by (’reightoii Vero. inspired by Meth-user Will he I.os Santos' experiences Iias little to say. Beyond proyiding an impression of a lifestyle. Spun makes no comment upon. nor proy ides insight into the culture. Furthermore. the film does nothing to flesh out its cast of crazy characters: Jason Schwart/man's college drop-out. John l.egui/aiiio's dealer. Mena Suyari's uptight girlfriend. Mickey Rourke's cook. Brittany Murphy 's polc dancer. l’atrick l‘ugit's nu metal kid or Deborah Harry 's nosy' Iesbiaii neighbour. Worse. there's a nasty misogy nistic streak running through Spun: a naked woman handcuffed lo a bed. a close tip of a girl defecating. a crotch shot of a fat lady as she spills junk food oy er herself. :‘sll .S'pim's got going for it is its gloss and a good (thotigli wastedi cast. Selet‘letl release. Spy Kids 30: Game Over tt'i 0000 (Robert Rodriguel. LS. 2003) Antonio Baiideras. (‘arla (iugino, Alexa Vega. Daryl Sahara. Ricardo Montalbati. Hollatid Taylor. Syly ester Stallone. l()()min. When (‘armen becomes trapped in a sinister Virtual reality Video game. Juni is the only one who can save her from the clutches of the Toy maker (Stallone). an evil games designer. The 3-” effects are both my entiye and liliprCssiVC and the set-pieces are terrific fun. The highlights include a duel between giant robots. ati exciting multi \ehicle speed race and some

bi/arre pogo-frogs. whose tongues shoot out into the audience as they attack. ()tlemi Il'es'rer Hui/es. Iftliiilnujeli.

Stuck on You (12A) 000 (Bobby I"arrelly/l’eter l-‘arrelly. LS. 2003) Matt Damon. (ireg Kinnear. Iiya Merides. Wen Yann Sliili. I’at (‘rawford Brown. I 18min. More wicked sickness from those naughty I‘arrelly brothers. This time conjoined tw ins and showbusiness are in the firing line. You haye been warned. See rey'iew. page 35.(ienenil release.

SWAT ( l3:\l . ((‘lark Johnson. LR. 2003) Samuel l. Jackson. ('olin l‘arrell. Michelle Rodriguel. l.I. (‘ool J. Josh (‘harles. I3tlmin. Turgid police actioner about the l..-\l’l) Special Weapons and Tactics team. (ierteral release.

Tattoo ( ISI .0. (Robert Schweiitke. l"rance/(iermany. 2002i llknur Bahadir. Joe Batiscli. Monika Bleibtreu. .\'adeshda Breiinicke l(ItSmin (iermaii serial killer thriller that has drawn comparisons to l‘incher's Se7eii. Two detectiy‘es. who may or may not be implicit in the crime. investigate a series of gruesome skin fiaying murders. A massiye hit in its homeland. See Interyiew. page 33 and res iew. page 3-1. Seleeletl release.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (I’m 0. (Stew Barron. l'S/Hong Kong. 1990) Judith lloag. lilias Kotcas. Josh l’ais. Raymond Serra. l)ay'id l-‘orman. 93min. Re- released (with restored nunchaka action that was deemed too violent for the delicate l’(i audience in IWU). this is pretty dire low budget chop sockery. but if your child is a retro freak. it may keep him entertained for about ten minutes. See rey'iew page 3-1. (ierierul release

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre ( lxi .O. (Marcus Nispel. LS. 2003i Jessica Biel. Jonathan Tucker. lirica l.eerhsen. Mike \'ogel. Iiric Balfour. Andrew Bryniarski. 98min. Remake of Tobe Hooper's I974 original with more kids. more gore and not a lot of air to breath between the slayings. It's actually a pretty decent remake. if you like this kind of thing. but then any film that is

Un Certain Regard - CANNES FILM FESTIVAL 2003

“A bold, thematically ambitious film" Andrew Pulv “Poetic, heartfelt..." TOTAL FILM “Breathtaking vision..." DAILY MAIL

Ingeborg-a IE) . - The UK Film (canal and soc ritiin withhe‘pmitipa ,- , ms or ur: masons/to in ma Mum Mumv cow Editor 0A cash» .. . Executive hoduccrs PAUL minus outta H.336 . 9" vWiId Norm mm (mm, luv-ted mat u but mi r .



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mir and Make Up Designer WOKIECN SltPEl (o- t' “y w ' to Producer

q. ite Peter Mull - J avid Warner

6 present 3 Baker Street Media I”

": omzzszssa

inspired by this true life horror story is going to look good after the trayesty that was Iii] (iein. Slimi‘t‘ase (inemu. ('otilln'itlee.‘ Slioweuse ('i/iema. Paisley. I’alsley'.

Theo’s Gaze (tbci (.\'ecati Soiiiiiel. Turkey.

3003) 52min. l)ocuiiientary portrait of the great (ireek lilnimaker Theo .-\ngelopoulos. the man behind art house masterw-orks 'I‘lie 'Ii'tii'elli'ng Players and ('lly'sses' ' (iare. I'illlillUlls't’. lit/inliiufieli. Thirteen ( Ib’i ((‘atherine Hardwicke. LS. 2003) Iiyan Rachel Wood. Nikki Reed. Holly Hunter. Jeremy Sisto. 09min. Tracy (Wood) is a nubile Lolita; an apparently innocent child who wants nothing more than to lose the tag of innocent child. She cray'es the riches and glatiiour of a ghetto fabulous lifesty Ie that she is force-fed by the media. ’l'racy's cs entual seducer. how ever. is no Humbert Humbert but liy‘ie (Reid). the most popular girl in sesenth grade who seems to haye it all: nice clothes. tattoos. a rebellious nature and the adoration . -

.‘ I“

Fathers, sons and violins are a potent mi

index Film

x in Together With You

of all her classmates. Tracy buys herself into liy'ie's affection by stealing a purse and sharing the windfall and pretty soon they are inseparable. lis'ie's payback is to help her new friend Tracy turn from innocent child to rebellious teenager. Impressise l'S indie about the angst of lk‘tllg l3. Selet'letl release.

The Time of the Wolf (Le Temps Du Loup) ( ISI 0... (Michael Haiieke. I"raiice/.-\ustria/(iermany. 2003i Isabelle Huppert. lieiitt'ice I)alle. Patrice (‘hereau. Rona llartner. Maurice Bemchou. ()liyier (iourtiiel. 1 10min. llaneke the director of Funny (iames. (‘ode I‘nknown and The Pianist is back with another retnarkable journey into the fundamentally perverse and \‘IUlCIII. When Anna (Huppert) and her family arriye at their holiday home. they find it occupied by strangers. So begins an appalling confrontation. .-\nother gift from one of the most talented directors currently working in Iiurope. (timer). Iz'tllnlmruli.


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