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Timeline (12A) (Richard Donner. USA. 2003) l30min. A group of archaeological students become trapped in the past when they go there to retrieve their professor. General release.

Together with You (PG) me (Chen Kaige. China/South Korea. 2002) Yun Tang. Peiqi Liu. Hong Chen. Zhiwen Wang. Kaige Chen. ll7min. Soon after arriving in the big city. 13-year-old Xiaochun commences music lessons with the reclusive Jiang. However. when his father Liu Cheng discovers that the boy has been distracted by his friendship with attractive neighbour Lili and that his visits to his professor‘s dank. decrepit home have focused more on nostalgia than notation. he arranges for him to study with the stricter and more reputable Yu instead. Xiaochun's disillusionment and fury at his father‘s interference act as a catalyst for the events that follow. Multilayered tearjerker that not only examines the relationships between father and sons but also carries with it a sense of alienation at a cannibalising consumerist world. See review. Page 37.UGC Renfrew Street. Glasgow: UGC. Edinburgh. Together ( IS) om (Lukas Moodysson. Sweden. 2000) Lisa Lindgren. Gustaf Hammarsten. Sam Kessel. 106mm. Set in the mid-70s. Moodysson's follow-up to the highly-rated Show me Love gives a gentle. comic dig in the ribs to the hippy ideal. When Elisabeth (Lindgren) and her children take refuge from a violent husband with her placid brother Goran (Hammarstcn) at his commune. named Together. their lifestyles are not the only ones that end up being reassessed. Importantly. the film eschews both nostalgia for the period and mockery of it. despite the retro soundtrack (Abba. naturally) and embarrassing contemporary clothing. Film/rouse. Edinburgh.

0 Touching the Void ( IS) 00... (Kevin Macdonald. Canada. 2003) Nicholas Aaron. Brendan Mackey. Simon Yates. Joe Simpson. l06min. Brilliant cliff-hanging

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reconstruction feature documentary of the terrible events that overtook mountaineers Joe Simpson and Simon Yates when they tried to climb a Peruvian mountain in 1985. See preview. page 32 and review page 33. Selected release.

The Travelling Players ( 18) (Theo Angelopoulos. Greece. I975) 230min. A true masterpiece by the winner of the I998 Cannes Palme D'Or. As a troupe of travelling players move all over Greece. the political backdrop changes from the outbreak of World War Two to the election of Papagos in I952. Film/rouse. Edinburgh.

Triggermen (15) 0 (John Bradshaw. Canada/US. 2002) Neil Morrissey. Adrian Dunbar. Pete Postlcthwaite. Michael Rapaport. Donnie Wahlberg 96min Excreable fish-out-of-water comedy thriller in which two small time cons from the UK get mixed up in mob business in New York City. About as enjoyable as gruel. See review. page 35. Selected release.

Trilogy: One (15) 0000. (Lucas Belvaux. France/Belgium. 2003) Catherine Frot. Lucas Belvaux. Dominique Blanc. ()rnella Muti. Gilbert Melki. Patrick Descamps. l l lmin. After nearly IS years behind bars. revolutionary terrorist Bruno Le Roux (Belvaux) escapes. He heads straight back to his cell's base in Grenoble. He intends to settle some old scores. regroup his old team and hook up with his ex-lover (Catherine Frot). But things ain't what they Used to be: most of his allies are dead and those that are still alive have settled into a life of middle-class denial. Bruno has to devise a plan but first he needs to shake the vicious cop. Manise. (Melki) from his tail. The beginning of Belvaux's remarkable trilogy of films. whatever you believe to be the truth in this film will not be the truth you believe by the end of the third film. Sheer brilliance. UGC‘ Renfreiv Street. Glasgow; UGC. Edinburgh.

Trilogy: N0 (PG) 0. (Lucas Belvaux. France/Belgium. 2002) ()rnella

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Muti. Francois Morel. Valerie Maircsse. Bernard Mazzinghi. Dominique Blanc. Gilbert Melki. Catherine Frot. Lucas Belvaux. 97min. The first Trilogy film was a

political thriller detailing the hard-bitten story

of escaped left wing terrorist Bruno (Belvaux). In this film Bruno gets to take a back seat as in the foreground is the crazy hysterical relationship of Cécile and Alain Costes (Omella Muti and Francois Morel). Alain and Ce’cile are the couple from the first film who own the log cabin. As we enter their private world we realise how bad these two middle-age petits bourgeoisies are for each other. She is a hot-blooded Italian. and he is a mixed-up hypochondriac. What unravels is a wholly unnecessary but hilarious farce where the incompatibility of the way both these characters communicate embroils them both (but Alain mostly) in a web of madness. slapstick and deceit. UGC Renfrew Street. Glasgow; UGC. Edinburgh. Trilogy: Three ( l5) em (Lucas Belvaux. France/Belgium. 2002) Dominique Blanc. Gilbert Melki. ()rnella Muti. Catherine Frot. Francois Morel. Lucas Belvaux. l23min. The conclusion of Belvaux's remarkable Trilogy focuses on the intimate drama between policeman Pascal (Melki) and his morphine addicted wife Agnés (Blanc). We have. of course. spent a little bit of time with these two before. Pascal is and was the vindictive copper on the trail of Bruno (Belvaux) in the first Trilogy film. and Agnes was and is the woman who offers Bruno protection in the chalet of her neurotic friend Cécile (Muti). This time we focus on the heart breaking reality of a wife who has forced her legally bound husband to forage around the back door of drug dealers for most of their married life. Powerful endgame to a fascinating cinematic experiment. UGC Renfrew Street. Glasgow; UGC. Edinburgh. The Trouble with Girls (PG) see (Peter Tewksbury. USA. I969) Elvis Presley. Marlyn Mason. Nicole Jaffe. Sheree North. Edward Andrews. John C arradine. 105mm. Presley pot boiler from the end of his movie career. Not half as bad as some of his other movies. this involves Presley as the manager of a travelling tent show who has to work out whodiddit when a murder takes place amongt his minions. Who cares. the way he moves his hips down to his fingertips you could tell the King was heaven bound. OFT. Glasgow. The Underground Chamber (PG) (Abhijit Chaudhuri. India. 2002) Biplab Chatterjee. .on Sengupta. Soumitra Chatterjee. l4lmin. Based on a children‘s novel. Chaudhuri‘s debut tells the tale of Aghor Sen (C hatterjee) who had created a secret weapon many moons ago. In the modern day. Dr Bhoonath (Sengupta) discovers Anghor‘s old diary. in which the scientist describes his invention. Young Karitk. the sole inheritor of Aghor house. quickly finds himself the centre of some sinister attention. Inventive slightly surreal sci fi drama that is suitable for children over seven years old. GET. Glasgow:

Unsent Letters (tbc) (Yusuf Kurcenli. Turkey/Hungary. 2003) Turkan Soray. Kadir Inanfir. I 10min. A man who ran away from home 20 years ago returns to see his father on his deathbed. Part of the New Turkish Cinema. Film/muse. Edinburgh.

Van Gogh (l2) (Maurice Pialat. France. I991) Jacques Dutronc. Alexandra London. Gerard Sety. l85min. Less an art history than a look at a painter in his times. this the best of the Van Gogh cinema treatments lets us sit back and watch an entirely convincing Dutronc go about his daily life. A kind of 19th century cinema-verité. it is an altogether remarkable movie experience. Filmhause. Edinburgh.

Voyage to Cythera (l8) (Theo Angelopoulos. Greece/UK/Germany/Italy. I984) tbcmin. Art and life merge as only it can in an Angelopoulos movie. as a director follows an actor to Piraeus. Here the filmmaker is due to meet his father. a resistance fighter returning home to Greece after 32 years in Russia. Filmhouse. Edinburgh.

Waiting for Happiness (tbc) sees (Abderrahmane Sissako. France/Mauritania. 2002) Khatra Ould Abder Kader. Maata Ould Mohamed Abeid. Mohamed Mahmoud ()uld

Mohamed. Nana Diakit. 96min. A young | man called Abdallah (Mohamed Mahmoud Ould Mohamed) is visiting his mother before emigrating to Europe. He has forgotten the local language. doesn't wear traditional robes. and spends his time gazing out of the window and observing the locals. The nomadic Makan (Makanling Dabo). who has mysteriously buried his radio in the sand. is questioned by the police when a body is washed up on the beach. And an elderly handyman Maata (Maata ()uld Mohamed Abeid) connects electricity to a house. assisted by the orphaned youngster Khatra (Khatra Ould Abder Kader). This languorous and richly evocative film skilfully uses its west African coastal town setting to explore 9 themes of exile. displacement and belonging. Film/rouse. Edinburgh.

A Week in the Life of a Man (tbc) (Jerzy Stuhr. Poland. I999) Jerzy Stuhr. i Gosia Dobrowolska. Danuta Szaflarska. Alex é Mozdzynski. liwa Skibinska. 90min. A film telling the story of a significant week in the life of a middle-aged man. As well as his personal life being eventful. as a prosecutor he is faced with three very testing cases. These echo through his own moral dilemmas and reveal to us his true character. Told with elements of comedy and drama. and finally hopeful of some kind of redemption. Part of the Jerry Stuhr season. (IF/I Glasgow. Whale Rider (PG) m (Niko Caro. New Zealand. 2(X)3) Keisha Castle-Hughes. l0Imin. In a small New Zealand coastal village. the Maori peoples claim descent from Paikea. the Whale Rider. a pseudo mythic male elder who was one with the bamacled beasts. The bloodline is supposed to lead to Koro. now an old man. who is worrying that his son Porourangi has only given him a granddaughter. Pai. who cannot carry on the dynasty. Keisha Castle-Hughes (as the chosen one. Pai) and the rest of the cast are delightful. while Caro makes maximum use of her low budget and amateur crew by working within the confines of a real east coast Maori reservation area. Touching and intelligent naturalistic drama for older kids and adults. this has enthralled audiences at film festivals across the world. (ii-“II Glasgmv.

Wilbur (Wants to Kill Himself) (15) .0” (Lone Scherftg. Denmark/C K. 2002) Jamie Sives. Adrian Rawlins. Shirley Henderson. Lisa McKinlay. .‘vlads Mikkelsen. Julia Davis. I l lmin. Two orphaned brothers. Wilbur (Jamie Sives) and Harbour (Adrian Rawlings). run a musty old bookshop I inherited from their father. Single mum Alice (Henderson) walks into the shop one night 1 and interrupts Wilbur's rather ham-listed attempt to hang himself. Subsequently. the mother and her young daughter move in and come to form something like a family unit with the boys. For a time they're a happy enough unit: Alice and Harbour fall in love and Wilbur stops trying to top himself. But yet more tragedy awaits the oddball family. Tender. touching and funny. this beautifully- observed film plays like a feel-good melodrama that contemplates death and despair. The laughs aren‘t always of the out loud variety. but the off-kilter dialogue tickles throughout. Full marks to former Dogme filmmakers Lone Scheriig (Italian for Beginners) and Anders Thomas Jensen

(Mijime) for crossing the geographical divide with this. their first English language film. Selei‘led release.

The Wizard of Oz (Sing-A-Long) (PG) ems (Victor Fleming. US. I939) Judy Garland. Frank Morgan. Ray Bolger. Bert

Lahr. Jack Haley. Margaret Hamilton. Toto. l02min. This hoary old Christmas classic

gets the dreaded singa-long-a treatment.

hence the fact we have not given it a live star rating. Why ruin a good thing‘.’ Melt. witch. melt. GET: Glasgow.

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