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Glasgow Carling

17 Jan 0870 90 33 444

in assoc. with SJM

The Barrowland

13th Annual

St. Patricks Day's Concert

TOUR HOTLINE: 0870 90 33 444


Glasgow Renfrew Ferry

4 Feburary

tour hotline: 0870 90 33 444


64 THE LIST 1 1 Doc 2003—8 Jim 12004

Edinburgh Reid Hall Sat 31 January

tour hotline:

0870 90 33 444

Thursday 18 continued

I Adam Beattie Beanscene. 5 ('ressyyell Lane. 334 6776. 8pm. l-‘ree. Blues/folk guitarist.

I Open Mic Tchai ()y‘na. 42 ()tago I.ane. 357 4524. 8pm. Free. I-‘ortiiightly open session for musicians.

I Jam Session Samuel Dim-s. 67-7] \itlistlale Road. 423 0l07. 8.30pm. Free. Hosted hy Independence.

I Live Music Barlly. 260 ('lyde Street. 0870907 0999. 8pm. £4. Line-up to he conlirmed.

I Live Music Loaded. Liquid Lounge. 94 West Regent Street. 353 6333. |0pm. £3 (£4 on door). \Veekly' showcase of local artists.

I Live Music MacSorleys. 42 Jamaica Street. 248 858l. 9pm. l-iee. Three hands to he continued.

I Live Music 'l'indei‘hox. 189 Bytes Road. 339 3 I08. 9pm. l-‘ree. Acoustic set.


I Terminal Blue The Liquid Room. 9c Victoria Street. 225 2564. 7pm. £thc. Spanish rock Tl‘lillt 'I‘erminal Bltie.

I Eastern Lane, Cayto, Stick Finlays and The Scheme the Venue. I7 21 (’altoii Road. 557 3073. 7.30pm.

9.6 £6.50. 'l’t'uy'cllctl .\|ttsic present [his hill of Scottish indie acts iii association with I’luy' .lluyii' .lluguriiu'. 7711' [fig Issue and llackpen Records. liastei'n l.ane deal in rock. (‘ayto mix tip ey'erything l‘roni punk to techno and classical. the Stick l-‘inlays are a grungy punky trio and the Scheme hate picked tip comparisons to the Doors and the ('oral.

I Full Moon Open Mic ('onimplex. 40 (’oniniercial Street. |.eith. 555 5622. 8pm. l‘rec. Open mic tor anyone l't‘oni poets to hands to solo singers. l5u|l hack- line lguitar. hass amps. drums. mics etcl pi'oy ided and a pre-hooked hand on from around | Ipm. It you yy ant lo hook a slot call l-i'it/ on 07766 l75 749.

I FB Collective and lie/in 20 \Vlti\llcl1lttktcs.4 6 South Bridge. .557

5| l4. 8pm. Free. lirom l8 l)ec \Vhistlehinkies is licensed until 5am and to kick oil the late nighters \y'e haye rap from the l’B (‘ollcctiy‘c and guitar rock trio licho 20 playing a mix of CUVL‘TS and originals. 0 We Believe in Father Christmas III The Bongo ('luh. .\|oray' House. 37 llolyrood Road. 558 7604. 9pm. £3. Noyy hecoiiiing an annual eyent as a selection of qtiality local acts tackle Xmas songs in their oyyit peculiar way. This year it‘s the Zephyrs. Degrassi. Raai‘. the Silyer Pi” and X-Tigers turn to reinterpret a jingling classic. See prey ieyy‘.

I Peter Michael Rowan ('al‘e Royal Bistro Bar. l7 \Vest Register Street. 557 4792. 9pm. l‘ree. See Thu 1 1.


I U840 and The Stranglers ('ly'dc Auditorium. Sli('('. l‘innieston Quay. 0870 040 4000. 7pm. £27.50. Reggae

journey men supported hy old punk lags. Things could he yyoi'se yoti could he at the Sayy Doctors gig.

I The Saw Doctors (‘ailing .'\cademy. l2| liglinton Street. 0905 020 3999/0870 77| 2000. 7.30pm. £46.50. No age restriction. Noy‘elty (‘eltrock Things could he \y’ol'sc yoti c‘oltltl lk‘ til the l'B40 gig.

I Eastern Lane, Kasabian and Pupkin King Tut‘s “ah “ah lltit. 272a St Vincent Street. 22| 5279. 8.30pm. £5. Bcryy ick-oii-'l'yyeed rocks? .\'6. really". it does. ('lieck otit liastern l.aiic il‘ yott don't helieye tis. Kasahian. also heing touted hy .V.|Ili at the moment. are a lutikier proposition.

I Palomino Sice‘n‘Slea/y. ~l31 Sauchiehall Street. 333 9637. 9pm. £3.

I Emberfall, Daedalian and Little Hait Barfly. 260 ('ly'dc Street. 0870907 0999. 8pm. £3. Local hand triple hill.

I Full Tonne Band The l3lli Note (are. 50 60 King Street. 553 I638. 9pm. £3. Blues l'roni Bellshill.

I The Furze MacSorleys. 42 Jamaica Street. 248 858i. 9.30pm. Free. (‘hili Peppers trihute.

I Thunderstruck Samuel Dow‘s. 67 7| Nithsdale Road. 423 0l07. 8.30pm. Free.


I Lee Paterson, Roguestar and Jim \Vhistlehinkies. 4 6 South Bridge. 557 5| 14. 7pm. Free: £3 alter midnight. Stadium si/c rock from Roguestar joined by l"il'e funk rockers Jim.

I Seneka, Chains Undone and Festoon The Liquid Room. 9c Victoria Street. 225 2564. 7pm. £4. Triple hill of local indie and rock.

I Berkeley, Closer, Speaking in Capitals and The Last Great Wilderness ('aledonian Backpackers. 3 Queenst‘erry Street. 476 7224. 8.30pm. £4. Another night of gttitar iiitisic from (ilasgoyy'. l)onega|. lidinhurgli arid the US lTOlll Adortto Records. l’holo ll) required for entry.

Saturday 20


I ballboy and Hoboken King 'l‘ut's \Vah \Vah lltit. 272a St Vincent Street. 22l 5279. 8.30pm. £6. See Thu II.

I The Needles 'l‘lie l3lh Note cure. 50 60 King Street. 553 I638. 9pm. £3. Alhum launch for the Aherdonian indie/ garage coiiiho.

I Freeway Soul, Frankie Samba and Overture St Andrews iii the Square. St Andrew's Square loll Saltmarketi. 548 6020. 8pm. £5. Acoustic sets yy itli a mellow. soull‘ul amhience. Proceeds to (’hildren iii Need.

I Logan, Three Days Born and the Sorrows Barlly. 260 ('Iyde Street. 0870907 0999. 8pm. £4.

I The Red Eyes and The Zips Jaspers. [4 Midland Street. 22] 0726. 9pm. Punk bill.

I The Free Candy Collective liquid Lounge. 94 West Regent Street. 353 6333. 3pm. Free. Acoustic collectiye yy'ho drayy on the hlues. l'olk. soul and rock inlluenccs ol' the \arious members. I Open Stage The llali Bar. lot) \Voodlands Road. 564 1527. 4 8pm. Free. Weekly session for local iiitisiciaiis.

I The Remones The lluli Bar. loo \Voodlands Road. 564 I527. 9pm. l-‘ree. lley -ho. let's go it's a Ramones trihtite. I Jamie Barnes 8: Cochise MacSorleys. 42 Jamaica Street. 248 8581. 6pm. liree. Residency for the hlues yctci‘an.

I ltchycoo Park Samuel Dow’s.

67 7| Nithsdalc Road. 423 0107. 8.30pm. l'TCL‘. Mod and 60s sounds.

I Rainmen Rai'ehii'd. 128 Merrylee Road. 629 1900. 9pm. Free. Rock covers. I Live Music .\'ice'n'Slea/y. 42| Saticliieliall Street. 333 9637. 9pm. Burning Haggis Records night.


I Mute:Media, Healing Abigail, Man of the Hour and Sylvan The Liquid Room. 9c Victoria Street. 225 2564. 6.30pm. £5. .\'ight ol alternatiy‘e rock from four local hands presented by HB Aliye.

I Degrassi and August81 The Venue. 17 2| ('alton Road. 557 3073. 7pm. £5. The critically acclaimed Degrassi lttoyy featuring Boh l-‘airl‘oul. ex- ldleyy'ildl launch their neyy lil’ ol‘ l‘i'isky indie rock.

I Tim Lomas, Crazy Vincent and Stealer \Vliistlehinkies. 4 6 South Bridge. 557 5| l4. 7pm. l‘ree: £3 alter midnight. Indie with a retro slant l‘rom (‘ra/y Vincent and Tllllk‘ rock from Stealer. I Status Quo l'sher ilall. l.otliian Road. 228 l I55. 7.30pm. £26.50. The old three chord rockers hit the road yet again. I Private Jackson, Minnesota Fats, No Minutes of Hate and Eye Candy Radio The Mei-eat. Is West Maitland Street. 225 386i. 8pm. £2.50. Spiky post-punk lrom l’riy'ate Jackson. hlttsey rocking from Minnesota