The verdict Some good old- iashioned animal squashing and decapitating save this one from what is otherwise a smooth, but rather uneventful show. Particularly as the above mentioned acts of violence are carried out by a camp fox in fox- hunting attire - a weird but nevertheless pleasing ironic touch. The original Italian story's fairly draconian message that obedience is best seems to have been taken a bit too literally here. with audience participation encouraged only occasionally and with rigorous control. Some tight performances and Rebecca Minto's multi-purpose set help the piece along. but at times the hanging props clutter the minimalist stage. A case of too many strings attached. and not enough laughs. (Meg Watson)


Carnegie Hall, Dunfermline, until Sat 27 Dec 00

The pitch Over in Fairyland good Fairy Crystal and evil counterpart Dragonara battle over the fate of Mother Goose and her golden egg-producing pet. Our merry widow also has two sons to worry about one intent on marrying the rich sguire's daughter and another who's a bit of an eeiit ned. Mother Goose herself has her vices. but all will be serted in the end. through a leurney of self-discovery. pop song covers and regional jokes.

The verdict Director Tony Roper





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makes what he can of Stuart Thomas' conventional script. All the panto traditions are in it: dancing turns. musical singsongs and plenty of audience interaction, but Take Two's production falls a little flat. Most of the performers appear to be going through the motions. The exception is McNeeley's wickedly well played villain. whose tongue-in-cheek excuse for her behaviour. that she was neglected as a child. adds a bit more flesh to the conventional rogue. The kids loved the fluffy. all dancing. all- guacking Lucy the Goosy (Felicity Drever) and the adults seemed to like the fact Dragonara was exiled to Kirkcaldy. so it can't be all bad.

(Meg Watson)

LITTLE SNOW WHITE Cumbernauld Theatre, until Sat 27 Dec 0000

The pitch Back in the day. before Oil of Clay and face lifts. evil Queen resorts to witchcraft and murder to stop pretty young thing. Snow White. from upstaging her. But she doesn't bank on a posse of midget miners determined to have their fairytale ending and see true love prevail.

The verdict As Simon Sharkey's Lift/e Snow White returns for its second run at the Cumbernauld Theatre. both cast and director have succeeded in pulling off a truly magical combination of inventive storytelling and good old- fashioned panto. Stressing the moral of the Brothers Grimm fairytale. our

(Am: c SMITH & @ERARD KELLY in y

5 Dec 03 - ' 18 Jan 04


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’Just purrfect'

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Tue 10- Sat 28 Feb

The Princess and the Goblin at The Lyceum, Edinburgh

lively narrators lead us through Snow White's story of the dangers of vanin and the redemptive powers of love and friendship. Definitely for a yOunger crowd. a hearty dose of buffoonery


hit musical with classic hits such

as Do You Really

Want to Hurt Me?

and Karma Chameleon

Tue 27 - Sat 31 Jan

Starring Simon Callow Mon 5 - Sat 10 Apr

Christmas shows Theatre

from storytellers Bob (Robert Jack) and Dug (Harry Ward) and plenty of interaction meant this show enchanted from ‘once upon a time' to “happily ever after'. (Corrie Mills)


Tue3-Sat 7Feb

Starring Elaine C 5 Andy Gray

Mon 19 Apr . Sat 1 May

1 1 Dec 2003—8 Jan 200-1 THE LIST 79