Music Box Sat 20 Dec. 7pm. £10 (£8).

This popular entertainer is joined on stage by the cream of Scottish variety entertainment performing songs fortn musicals. operettas' and a few Scots songs too.


121 Renlield Street. 332 1846. II’. W('. was]

Pinocchio l'ntil Sat 31 Jan (not Mon. (‘hristtiias day or New Year’s Day). Wed & Thu 1.30pm & 7.30pm; l’ri 7.30pm: Sat 2pm & 7.30pm; Sitti 2pm K; (i.30pm: Tue 7.30pm; 12th Dec & 18th Dec 10am & 7.30pm. £1 |~£l3 (£950 £10). That naughty little puppet who can’t help btit tell a few porkies is the tiiaiii man iii this year's annual patito. with The ls'rankies. I)erek Lord. Alison Douglas. Christian. (iarry Hollywood and a host of others. RAMSHORN THEATRE

‘)8 Ingram Street. 552 348‘). IP. W('. WA. WA A]

Old Time Music Hall Thu 1) Sat l3 l)ec. 8pm. £10 (£5) front 558 2558. The (‘elebrated (iaslight (‘iaieties recreate the larger-than-life characters and yibrancy of the music halls.


2 Sattchieliall Street. 353 8000. IP. H. WC. WA]

Swan Lake Mon 5 l-‘ri ‘) Jan. Tchaikovsky’s classic ballet.


100 Renfrew Street. 332 5057. Ill. W('. WA]

Avoidance Tactics - No 1 Thru to 25 l'ntil Fri 12 Dec. 7.30pm. £6 (£4). An exploration itito procrainnation and ey‘asion from the BA ((‘onteniporary Theatre Practice) fourth year students. directed by Donna Rutherford. Sleeping Beauty Mon 15 Sat 20 Dec. Mon sliri 7.30pm; Sat 10am. £8 (£5). Panto brought into the 21st century in the Kingdom of lsles where the King and Queen are battling for the right to their retirement SA(iA tour bttt the cy'il wizard Badfinger has other ideas. Alternatiye panto friy'olities for young arid old alike.

RUCHILL COMMUNITY CENTRE Pure Thu 1 1 Dec. 7.30pm. £3 (£1) from 552 ()234. Royston-based young people's theatre company Toottspeak‘ marks its relaunch with a specially cottitiitssioncd show.


l"inniestori Quay. 0870 0404000. |P. we. WA]

Babes in the Wood Hi )2 Sun 28 Dec (riot Mon 15. Mon 22. Thu 25). lpm & 7pm; 13 Dec. 14 Dec. 20 Dec. 2| Dec. 27 Dec & 28 Dec 2pm & 7pm: 1‘) Dec 10.30am it 7pm: 23 Dec 7pm: 24 Dec & 2() Dec 5pm. £l3.50 (£10.50): family ticket £45. The Stage School ()1. Scotland \‘ettttlt’e deep into the woods in the Sli('("s first panto outing.


405 (‘tiniberland Street. (iorbals. 42‘) ()275.

Sinbad the Sailor t'niil Sat 13 Dec. 7.30pm (Sat tnat 2.30pm). £4 (£3.50). The swashbuckling sailor froin the Middle Tiast comes under the scope here as part of the traditional l'estiye ftiti.


282 Hope Street. 332 ‘)(l()(). Ill. \\'(‘. WA]

The Nutcracker Tue 30 Dec Sat lt) Jan. £3.50 £33. See pi‘cyiew page 75.


25 Albert l)ri\c. 0845 330 3501. IT‘T. W(’. WA]

Pure Fri 12 & Sat 13 Dec. 7.30pm. £4 (£2). See (ilasgow. Ruchill (’onimttnity ('cntre.


(i3 'l'rongate. 552 42(i7.

Cinderella l'ntil Sat 3 Jan (not Stiii. Tliti). 26 Dec & 2 Jan 7.30pm: 12 Dec. 15 Dec. l7 I)ec. lb’ Dec. 2‘) [)cc (Q 30 Dec 2pm & 7.30pm: to Dec 10.30am (8; 2pm: 13 Dec. 20 Dec. 23 Dec. 27 Dec & 3 Jan 2pm. 5pm & 8pm: 1‘) Dec 5pm & 8pm; 24 Dec & 31 Dec 2pm & 5pm. £0.50 £l2.5() (£6.50 £71 £35 family

ticket). The wonderful l’orbes Mason presents another anarchic take on the patito format. written especially for the Tron.

Arctic Circle t'tiiil Thu 1 l l)ec. 8pm. £3. Sally Thottipsott directs this dey‘ised piece working with Users of Roy'ston Stress ('entrc based around their experiences.


Lady well Way. .\ltisselbtirgh. (i(i5 2240. ]P. 11. 'IT W('. WA]

Cinderella l'ntil Sat 3 Jan (not Sun

14 Tue lb. Sttti 21. Thti 25 l-‘ri 20. Thu

l HT 2). ll l)ec. l7 1)ec. TS l)ec «N 3ls1 l)ec 2.30pm; 12 Dec 7.30pm; 13 Dec. 1‘) Dec. 20 Dec. 22 Dec 24 Dec. 27 Dec. 2‘) Dec 30 l)ec & 3 Jan 2.30pm ck 7.30pm. £12 (£7.50; fatnin ticket £37). (‘lassic tale about ('inders and her ugly sisters packed with slapstick humour. pop sotigs. outrageous costumes and audience participation.


33a Morningside Road. 220 434‘). ll’. ll] Cinderella Wed l7 Tue 23 Dec. 7pm: Sat 2.30pm ck 7pm: Sun 2.30pm.

£(i £5.50. iidinbttrgh People's 'l‘heatre performs the pantomime classic. ('inderella.


Runga Rung Thu 1 Jan. 5.15pm. liree. This Bolly wood street theatre spectacular rolls into town to close the new year celebrations. (iather itt Hunter Square. Sce prey iew in The link Iidinbtirgh llogttianay supplement.


l3 2‘) Nicolson Street. 52‘) ()000. I”. W('. WA]

The Nutcracker Wed 17 Sat 27 Dec (not Stilt 21. Thu 25 iii 2m. 17 Dec 7.30pm: 18 Dec 1.30pm & 7.30pm: 1‘) Dec 7.30pm: 20 Dec 2.30pm k 7.30pm: 23 Dec 2.30pm ck 7.30pm; 24 Dec 2.30pm; 27 Dec 2.30pm it 7.30pm.

£ l 2.50 £32. Sec (ilasgow. Theatre Royal.

listings Theatre & Dance



Nothing This polished social satire from the 503 by Henry Green is here adapted to good effect by Andrea Hart at the Citizens'. Strong performances and arch humour all round. Citizens Theatre. G/asgow. until Sat 20 Dec.

The Resistable Rise of Arturo Ui This timely revival of Brecht's political agit prop black comedy is beautifully performed and realised. Stephen Ventura is a superb lead in a play that reminds us that political ills are resistab/e. Citizens" Theatre. Glasgow. unti/ Sat 20 Dec.

Jack and the Beanstalk Splendid traditional panto from the King‘s crew. with fun and frights for the kids and a little light double entendre for adults from Andy Gray. Allen Stewart. and the gang. King '8 Theatre. Edinl‘x/rgh, unti/ Sat 18 Jan.

Thursday 18 s...;;;ftt-i;i.'.;“”1“"‘eaten.“ .

Nothing Nothing

Arturo Ui Arturo L’i Sec l'olk

Bobin lltiod Sleeping Beatity Pinocchio Sec (‘lasstcal

Sec (‘lasstcal

('Indcrclla (‘iiidetella Cinderella Cinderella

Snow White

Sleeping Beauty



Fridale Saturday 20 ' Sunday 21 Monday 22 Tuesday 23


Arturo lii

Sleeping Beauty


See ('lassical


Snow White

Sleeping Beauty


This grid includes theatre and dance performances at Glasgow and Edinburgh’s main theatres. More information, including events at smaller venues, can be found in the listings above and over the page. Performances shown in brackets are free or reduced price previews.

Snow White Snow White

Sleeping Beauty Sleeping: Beauty



('intleiella ('tntlctella

Boxing Day Christmas Day]

See over for Theatre Guide: Christmas Day to Thu 8 Jan R

Citizens Main

_ Citizens Circle Citizens Stalls Cottier CilmorehillCiZ King’s Paisley Arts Pavilion

. Ramshom

' Theatre Royal

: tramway

' Tion

' Brunton


(‘tndctella ('tntletclla

The Nutcracker The Nutcracker l-‘anie Fame (‘uttin‘ a Rug ('uttin' a Rug

.\lolly Whuppic


The Nutcracker

Princess tk the (ioliltn Princess & the (iohltn T’ttttct'ss t\' the (iohlltt ('uttin' a Rug

.\lolly W huppie


l-"ame Fumc

('uttin' a Rug

.\lol|y Whtippte


The Nutcracker

(‘intlerclla (‘tiitlciella

The Nutcracker The Nutcracker

Jack t\‘ the Beanstalk Jack i\' the Beanstalk Jack & tlte Beanstalk Jack tk the Beanstalk Jat k .\ the Beanstalk .lack .\ the Beanstalk

Paine l-‘ame

Princess k the (iohlin l’iinccss .\ tlic ( itilillll l’iinccss .\ the (iohltti

.\lolly \\ huppie Holly W huppie

Church Hill Festival Th King’s Playhouse Royal Lyceum ' haversel haverse 2

'1)t»q .- .‘ ~1 THE LIST 81