You’ll be spoilt for clubbing choice on NEW YEAR’S EVE,

so here’s a round-up of

the best nights on. Words: Kenny Hodgart and Henry Northmore

dinburgh might be the place to be for getting rained on in the street with 2()().()()() others. but Glasgow has plenty to offer indoors. It‘s tricky getting this one right. but luckily we can give a few pointers. The Sub - Club is usually responsible for a decent shindig or two. and Harri and Domenic are at home on Jamaica Street this year. where they'll be raising a smile or two down in the . vaults. They have a secret live stage act in tow. and going on past experience that should be one tasty surprise.

If it‘s no-messin‘. dirty ol‘ deep house you‘re after. proceedings at Mas could be just the ticket. The mighty Slam and tough funkster DJ Q are joined by Master H. one of the classiest house DJs around. This one will go with a bang. And some other noises too. Without doubt the biggest Hogmanay dance " party is the one at Archaos. where Colours are positively largin‘ it. with the music split over five levels. There’s one room full of old skool rave and dance. a couple for the house and techno crowd. a room of trance and a VIP area playing R&B and urban sounds for the bling set.

At the other end of the commercial barometer. ()ptimo makes it a fifth year in a row at the Art School. where they‘ll be ripping it up in fine style. Twitch and Johnny are aided and abetted by Midnight Mike. the Bug. Sister Motivator and DJ Mingo-go. Looking elsewhere. if you‘re spotted looking extravagantly wasted some time on 3 January. chances are you spent New Year at the Soundhaus. And as you might not remember anything. you were in the company of the Chakra DJs and disco wags X-Factor.

Edinburgh is officially party central come Hogmanay. but if being jostled in the cold by several thousand merry drunkards ain‘t your thing there are plenty of quality clubs on offer. The biggest have to be the official Colours/Hed Kandi party. Big Splash and Vegas (see our Hogmanay supplement for more inforimttion).

If you don‘t fancy the official route Progression at the Liquid Room. where legendary cainer (and mean DJ) Jon Carter heads the line-up. He‘s sure to have his missus (Sarah Cox) in tow alongside local legend Kev Wright. the Progression crew and guests. More house as K-Klass joins Huggy for a new year special down Berlin and round (‘abat‘et

90 THE LIST 1 1 Dec 2003—8 Jan 2004


The bells. an. i

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Jon Carter takes Progression through to 2004

Voltaire way L'ltragroove are in charge as they say ‘no guest l)Js. no clueless tourists ~just honest party vibes with great music'.

lleadspin are going to christen the inaugural NYli for the all new Bongo (‘lub with the residents mixing up the best in house. funk and hip hop treats. Keeping it underground but in a very different direction [)ogma and l‘reakl.abjoin forces

for their Dogmanay new year party with their

mighty fine residents roster and

techno and other freakiness. The Venue goes down the eclectic route with a massive l)J line-up from Manga. Sublime. Rogue State.

and Low (iravity so there‘s bound to be summit that rings your bell amongst that lot. The Honeycomb also offers a varied bill with some real quality in the shape of Martyn .lenga. Joseph Malik. Neil Anthony. [M Kid. Dolphin Boy. Believe and Nast P. The cream of the crop when it comes to local talent.

If you fancy something a bit different then go for Disco Inferno at ligo. the last ever night for the non- stop disco get down. And what a night to go out on.

See listings for more details.

(‘ymbol putting in a live set of

liunkeymagic. ()bscene. Mischief


Clubs editor, Henry Northmore, takes a sweaty run through

his highest clubbing moments

of 2003

Tim Wright

It's been a great year for clubbing in Scotland with places like Cabaret Voltaire opening. the Bongo moving and the Arches still going as strong as ever. Even the Old Town fire couldn't stop us in the long run.

As for a personal highlight it has to be back in February. a triple threat night of club action. After checking with the promoters concerned I found it was possible to catch it all if I kept on my toes and got my timing just right (thank God Edinburgh's a small city). Heading first to catch the mysterious Bays at the Cab. a live act who have never released a single record or CD but have still managed to close the dance stage at Glastonbury. OK. they didn't set the world alight with their funked up ambient noodlings but they sure got you in the mood for some tougher delights.

Probably my favourite club of all time has to be Sativa. a legendary night of all out freakery and techno beats. So nice to see Sativae Records putting on a new (if short lived) night. Resident Dave Tarrida was on hand tearing Ego a new asshole with his fucked up take on techno abstraction and glitch beats, followed by a live set from a pensive Tim Wright (aka Tube Jerk) coaxing squealing rhythms from his banks of technology. Mechanical. yet with a beating human heart. metallic yet tempered. never forced. yet harshly intense.

Finally onto Manga at the Honeycomb, for the fourth night in its marathon seventh birthday celebrations. And what a way to end as Andy C. head man at the indisputable RAM records. ripped it up with monster drum & bass sounds as only befits Scotland's premier jungle shindig. Well worth writing off the rest of the weekend for.